These Pictures Prove That Saving Money Can’t Be Worth The Peace Of Mind Of Living Alone

By Kiko M

We all have had to share our home with someone at some point. Maybe it was your dorm room during college or your apartment after you moved out of your parent’s house. Or maybe you had to share your bedroom and common areas of the house with your siblings. Either way, we all know the pain of cleaning our home and organizing all the little details, only to have someone who never helps around the house go and destroy all of our hard work. We know, it sucks. But the pictures you are about to see will show you that the experiences you have been through were actually pretty mild in comparison to some other people’s experiences with roommates. Hopefully, this article will make you feel better if you still have to share your home with someone else.

The Dish Hoarder

This is one of the worse types of roommate out there. They accumulate their dirty dishes in the sink to the point where you can’t get tap water or wash your own dishes without having to move their disgusting plates full of mushy food from the week before.

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This roommate in particular really stands out, though. It’s not enough that they filled the two sides of the kitchen sink with dishes, and took up all the counter with more dishes, they also left a dirty garbage can in the sink. Guess someone forgot to take out the trash.

The Forgetful Cook

Moving out of our parents’ house usually means learning how to cook and experimenting with different recipes and appliances. And while cooking can be a lot of fun, cleaning up after we are done is very boring, especially after eating our tasty meal and feeling so lazy that we feel like we deserve a nap.

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But this roommate took their laziness to the next level. This food has been left on the kitchen counter for so long that not only did it grow mold, we can’t even recognize what they originally cooked in the slow-cooker — which is equally moldy, by the way.

The Messy Gamer

To judge by this picture, we’ll guess this person was sleeping, eating, and playing on the couch. That is the only thing that would explain why there’s food, bottles, cups, plates, and boxes strewn all around it. That, or probably there was a binge night with the bros.

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This person should take ten minutes of their day to clean up and apologize to the other person living there. The sofa does look very comfortable, but it would be even better if both roommates were able to enjoy it and play video games together. 

The Conspiracy Theory Fan

After reading this roommate’s note, you might even think they are being considerate: they wait until the other person goes to sleep and doesn’t need WiFi anymore to turn it off, and is also taking care of their health. Sweet, right?

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Except that they did this without consulting the other roommate and what’s more, they do not have any concrete proof for what they are suggesting. Besides, how can they even know if their roommate is asleep in a different room? Yikes.

The One Who Never Takes Out The Trash

Doing house chores is never really fun, especially if that chore is taking out the trash from the bathroom. But this is not an excuse to not do it. And more importantly: this is not an excuse to throw used toilet paper on the floor.

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Not only this is extremely unhygienic, but it will also take twice as long to clean up since they will have to pick up each piece of paper instead of a single trash bag. But obviously this roommate doesn’t care, they seem like the type of person who will just wait for someone else to be fed up with the dirt and do the job themselves.

The Roommate Gang

Moving in with someone you barely know is obviously a dangerous thing to do. We like to believe that the bad things we see on the news won’t happen to us, but the truth is we can all be tricked by dishonest people. It can happen to absolutely anyone.

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Brian and Jessica seem to pull this trick often. They probably accept only honest and trusting roommates, gain their trust, and before you know it, they try to take advantage of you. This is why you should always speak with the previous tenant before moving into a new place. 

The One With Explosive Food

Some foods are known to explode in the microwave. This happens because the microwave boils the water inside the food, creating steam, which explodes when there is a protective layer around it. It is also for this reason that Tupperware should never be heated in the microwave with the lid on.

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That being said, sometimes we forget or simply get distracted, and cause a food explosion inside our microwave. It’s okay, it happens. However, it isn’t okay to just leave the smelly mess for your roommate to find later when they want to heat up their own food.

The Sink Hoarder – Part II

This seems to be a pattern. Why is it that so many people think it’s acceptable to leave the entire sink and counter area full of dirty dishes? And even worse: if you look closely, you will see they used spatulas and other items that are probably the only of their kind in their kitchen.

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It’s bad enough that someone would leave their mess and dishes scattered around the kitchen, but it’s just absurd that they would leave objects that the other roommate might need dirty in the sink, like it is their job to wash them before using. “Wash before you go” is a motto that should be enforced in this home.

The Trash Hoarder

Hoarders seem to be taking a lot of space on this list. Whether it’s dirty dishes or simply garbage, these people are just spreading their mess around their shared space, not caring about the other person living in that home.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/kokobecks

At least this trash is not in the bathroom like the other one we saw, but this is still gross. These are many take-out bags, and we all know what happens when we leave food out for days. We feel sorry for the poor roommate who found this mess, hopefully the bugs hadn’t shown up yet.

The Beauty Products Addict

The more we look at this picture, the more nervous we get. There are so many things out of place and there are way too many products to fit in the drawers and countertop. The only clear space in the entire bathroom is the sink area, so that at least whoever lives there can brush their teeth.

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Can you imagine living with someone quite as disorganized as this? Unless both roommates are equally messy and don’t mind sharing their products, there is no way a chaos like this could be tolerated. Even the floors are covered with discarded things!

The Forgetful Roommate

We have all been guilty of forgetting to put the food back in the fridge. But judging by how much time it must have taken for the butter to melt this much, we would guess this roommate does this often. Almost the entire content of the packaging is spilled on the counter.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/marisaspeaks

The liquid butter is spreading in the kitchen, and will soon drip on the floor if no one stops it. This picture was probably taken by the other roommate to keep evidence of the mess and use it as an argument in their next discussion.

The Roommate Who Thinks They’re Clever

There is a rule that whoever finishes eating from a dish has to wash it after, which is why this person probably thought it would be clever to leave a little bit of rice in the tray so that it wouldn’t be considered finished.

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These ten grains of rice are clearly not enough even as a side dish. In fact, they probably wouldn’t even fill up the spoon that was left in the tray. And if we were to guess, this dish probably stayed in the fridge untouched for another few weeks until the other roommate got sick of looking at it and cleaned it for their own peace of mind.

The Bottle Collector

Some people collect stamps, others collect war memorabilia. But this person is special: they collect old plastic bottles and cups. And if you pay attention, you will notice that this picture is actually way more disgusting than it seems at first sight.

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Some of the soda bottles are filled with a random liquid, there’s over ten used cups around the room, the take-out bags are from different restaurants, and there is a bottle of mustard sitting on the floor. We wonder how long it took for this person to create this chaotic environment.

The Dishwasher Fan

This roommate tried. You can see they even opened the dishwasher and probably had the intention to clean the dishes. But something happened before they could put all the dishes inside the machine, and something tells us this happens frequently.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/Coalbus

There are dishes on top of the stove, on top of the counter, on top of other dishes. There are plastic bags and random products just making the counter look even more visually polluted. It must be really hard to live with someone who does not mind living like this.

The Life-Hacker

Instead of cleaning the tray and being able to use the oven again, this person decided it would make more sense to use the oven as storage space. We understand that some apartments are small and sometimes there isn’t enough storage available, but this is not the way to do it.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/aperson33

If all roommates decided that the oven was not being used and could act as an extra storage area, the very least they should do is clean the trays and the door! Besides, leaving plastic bags inside the oven is such a hazard… 

The Crazy Cat Person

Pets are like our children, so it makes sense that sometimes we act a little overprotective. But prohibiting someone else’s pet to leave the room or even worse, not taking care of your own pet and then blaming someone else, is just insane.

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Besides, it must be so scary living with someone like that and not knowing if they would do anything to hurt your pet as revenge for something it did not even do. Just like regular parents, some pet parents can only see the positive traits of their pets and blame all the bad things on their peers.

The Indiscreet Ninja

This person somehow thought that they could get away with eating their roommate’s chocolate fudge without anyone noticing the spot where they stuck their finger. They might as well have eaten the whole thing, because we highly doubt the owner of the fudge will eat the rest.

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This is so infuriating and disgusting. Not only did the roommate stick their dirty finger inside someone else’s food, they also left it there as if nothing had happened and as if their roommate could just eat around his mess.

The Can Hoarder

At this point we can all agree that hoarders are some of the worst people to live with. They take up all the space in the house and don’t even feel bad about it, which means they probably don’t feel bad about other annoying things they might do.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/JRmeijer

If someone is okay with keeping over twenty cans of soda around their own room, can you imagine what kind of organization standards they follow for the rest of the house? We would love to see pictures of this person’s kitchen and bathroom.

The Drain Clogger

What is more disgusting than a sink filled with someone else’s mushy food clogging the drain? Close to nothing. The only thing that could possibly be considered worse than looking at this is having to remove all the mushy food from the sink so that you can do your own dishes.

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It should be a basic rule in every household to scrape off all the leftover food from the plates into the trash before placing them in the sink. This would avoid the uncomfortable (and probably frequent) moment of unclogging the drain and would also stop attracting bugs to your house.

The Lazy Dishwasher

At first we thought this sign was a little bit bossy and exaggerated. But then we consider how bad the situation might have been for this person to make a sign (with illustrations!) explaining to their roommate why they shouldn’t just leave dirty dishes in the sink.

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Sometimes something that is common knowledge for us is not actual common sense for everyone else, and passive-aggressive signs might be the only way to fix a problem that should not even exist in the first place. We’re gagging over here.

The Sociopath Roommate

We know the years spent in college can be a stressful time. Besides, it really isn’t cool to have someone go through your things without permission. But you know what’s even less cool? Trying to poison your roommate because your papers have been slightly moved!

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This student doesn’t even know how his papers got moved. It could have been the wind! But it is terrifying to think that the person sleeping on the other side of the room could be plotting to kill you because of something so small. Imagine what they would have done if the papers had been moved more than just “slightly”?

The Petty Roommate

Passive-aggressiveness seems to be a common theme when it comes to different people’s go-to methods of dealing with roommates. Can you imagine being away for ten days and coming back to a smelly trash simply because someone decided to be this petty and childish? 

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This person spent extra minutes out of their life going through ten-week old trash, only to annoy their roommate. Whatever it is that the roommate might have done, this action says more about the trash picker than the other person.

The One Whose Bathroom Is a Storage Room

The more we look at this image, the more disgusted we get. There are take-out paper bags placed around the toilet, and trash bags everywhere. This person is also keeping a fan and a small heater in the bathroom, besides all the cleaning supplies inside the sink.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/samanthasunshine

This makes us wonder how this person washes their hands and how they manage to get to the shower with all this junk blocking the way. We truly hope this isn’t the only bathroom in the house, but if it is, their roommate has every right to throw all of these things away.

The One Who Never Takes Out The Trash – Part II

Apparently bad roommates tend to do the same gross things everywhere. Here is another example of someone who did not take out the trash, and instead kept throwing toilet paper on the floor as if that was totally acceptable behavior.

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The most impressive part is that this toilet and the floor look very nice and expensive, which only proves that money does not mean good manners. How long will it take for this person to decide it is time to clean up the floor and take the trash out?

The McNasty Roommate

The most impressive part about this picture is that the stove looks perfectly clean and white and shiny, but somehow only that one burner looks absolutely disgusting. Is this a passive-aggressive move like we’ve seen in other pictures or is it a gross inside joke?

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/Corsaer

Why would they go through the trouble of naming and labeling the stove burner? We would like to believe that the stain just cannot be removed, and the label is just a little light-hearted joke, because no one deserves to live with someone who would leave notes like this only to be petty.

The Bathroom Counter Hoarder

This counter has two sinks, which ought to be a sign that each side can be used by each person. However, it looks like only one of the roommates is using all the counter space to keep all their bathroom products.

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There are so many drawers on this piece of furniture, why don’t they use those? Or are they equally full of products and that’s why this person also needs the countertop to put even more products? Perhaps getting a shelf is in order?

The Junkyard Owner

We have one question: why? This mess must have taken days or even weeks to get to this point, and we wonder why whoever lives there never considered at least taking out the trash instead of just continuing to live in it.

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No one here is Marie Kondo, and we don’t expect people to have perfectly tidy rooms all the time, but this truly looks pathological. How can someone accept to live in the middle of all this junk when all they need to do is take a few minutes to throw it away?

The Dish Keeper

Like we pointed out before, doing the dishes can be boring and sometimes we procrastinate a little before washing all the plates and cutlery we used during the day. But how bad must the situation be for someone to resort to this message on a paper plate?

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest/ebaumsworld

If your roommates are threatening to throw away your dishes and use only paper plates, maybe it’s high time you reconsider your dishwashing habits — for the sake of your health and relationship with the person you share a home with.

The Hair Collector

Sharing a bathroom is annoying. But if we have to do it, we should at least make some effort to keep everything clean and tidy for the other person who also needs to use these shared areas of the house.

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How selfish does someone have to be to think it is acceptable to leave hair, specially this amount of it, spread around the place where other people shower? Not only it is extremely unpleasant and disgusting, this will also clog the drain.

The Mold Keeper

What is the point of having nice matching pots and pans if you are just going to leave them dirty and languishing on the counter while waiting for mold to grow in them? Living with this person must be a nightmare. 

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Something tells us that not only this person is lazy and dirty, they are also extremely selfish. After all, they used four different pots to cook their food and left them all dirty, not allowing their roommates to cook food for themselves.

The Takeout Addict

Some people like to go out to restaurants to eat and others prefer to order in. Both are completely normal things to do, but what is not normal is stacking boxes and bags of food on your bedroom carpet by your bed.

Image Courtesy Of Reddit/Payne113

At least this person made this mess in their own room, not a shared area of the apartment. But let’s face it, if they did this to their own private space, they probably do a lot worse in the areas that aren’t just theirs to deal with.

The Forgetful Cleaner

Spilling beverages happens and it’s no big deal as long as you clean it up. But cleaning it up means getting the paper towel to soak up all the spilled coffee and then getting some more paper towel to properly clean the area.

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Whatever this person did here is definitely not considered cleaning. In fact, it cannot even be considered hiding, since the paper towel and the coffee stains on the wall are clearly visible and probably look worse than what it looked like at first.

The Craigslist Creep

We all know Craigslist is where you can find some of the most atrocious and weird ads on the internet. Sometimes they are so weird we can’t even tell if they are real. But some other times, the ads are just the right amount of weird that we can tell they most definitely are real.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Growmorebees

Like in this case, where this person is basically looking for someone to pay to babysit their kid and clean up after their dog. The roommate will also not be allowed to have people over or keep any of their things in the common areas of the apartment. We wonder if anyone was so desperate that they accepted this deal.

The Irresponsible Roommate

Everyone knows that if someone lends you something, you need to return it in the same conditions you got it. But apparently this person does not think that applies to his roommate’s kitchen appliances. And worse: he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

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If anyone is nice enough to let you use their things, whether it’s kitchen appliances or anything else you might need to borrow, make sure to take care of the person’s things. This is just common sense, but it seems like this reminder is needed.