Safe Exercises For Kids

By Toby T

Do not get engrossed in the current happenings going on that you spend a significant amount of your time doing adult stuff. 

It is a perfect time to enjoy some bonding activities with your kids and have some fun with them. Daily exercises are perfect activities for the moment.

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Some exercises work well for every age, even little children. You can try out these safe exercises with your kids. They are fun to do but also efficient.

Bench Step-Ups

This drill is excellent to stay fit with your kids. All you have to do is to get a low bench. 

Start with your right foot and alternate with your left, up and down the bench. That is simply the routine. When you go for a new set, switch the leg the start with previously.


This round is even more enjoyable than the previous. 

To do this drill, squat down from a standing position with your hands touching the floor. 

Then move straight into a plank position. And go lower for a push up into the plank position yet again.

From that position, hop up back into your initial standing position.

Calf Raises

Hop on the tip of your toes. Go lower in that tiptoe position, hold and go much lower.

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Sit on the ground with bent knees and flat-footed also. Your hands should also be placed flat but behind you.

Then walk forward and backwards in that position. 

Handstands Against A Wall

Do this to find for who last the longest.

Hip Bridges

Lay flat on your back with bent knees and flat feet. Lift your hips gradually. Pause and take counts then take the lips lower again.