Just One Man And His Signs of Wisdom

By Luisa K

In today’s world, we all feel as though we need to stand up for something. There’s so much going on in the world right now, and quite often, we feel that we want to express ourselves or challenge things that have become social norms. This is why this guy is a genius! He is known simply as “Dude with Sign” on Instagram (@DudeWithSign) and has gathered an astonishing 7.6 million followers all from posting pictures of himself with signs. Dude with Sign, also known as Seth, believes that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Seth often heads out into public areas, holding up signs with messages and statements that most of us are probably already thinking but not saying. There’s nothing particularly special about his signs. They’re just pieces of cardboard with messages written in standard black marker pens. Yet, that hasn’t stopped “Dude with Sign” from making a huge impact!

If I Invite You, Don’t Ask Who Is Coming

Isn’t it enough to get invited to a cool party or event? We think so! So why do so many people insist on asking who’s going to said event? It’s as though they are weighing up whether or not to attend, depending on who else you’ve invited. Why don’t they just show up and find out for their selves?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Surely they’d complain if they weren’t invited or wonder why they weren’t on the guest list. Can’t they just be happy that you kindly asked them to come in the first place? It almost sounds like they’re wary of your judgment or might be worried that you’ve invited a serial killer to hand out the punch!

Stop Starting Videos with “So a lot of People Have Been Asking”

When YouTube first started and people began filming vlogs, we didn’t really know what to expect, and let’s be honest, we were all new to the game then, no matter whether we were the ones filming the vlogs or watching them.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Fast forward to now, and we’re so tired of hearing vloggers starting their videos with “So a lot of people have been asking.” It leads us to wonder whether people have been asking at all. Why can’t these vloggers just admit that they had an idea to share something or show us a new product instead of claiming that it’s what everyone has been asking for!

We Don’t Need Stories for Every App

Social media stories first started off on Instagram. This felt right for this particular platform because, as we all know, Instagram is all about consuming visually pleasing content in fast, short bursts. That’s why, whenever we wanted to watch people’s stories, we’d head over to the ‘Gram.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

It wasn’t too long though before the other social media platforms followed suit and added stories to their networks too. Not only are stories now overwhelming and everywhere, but it can also be confusing when someone asks if you’ve watched their stories. We’re like, “Where exactly?”

There’s no “X” in Espresso

The bane of our lives is when people mispronounce everyday words, items, and places! Surely most people have heard the word “espresso” mentioned millions of times already, so why do they insist on added an “X” to a word that doesn’t have an “X” in it?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Considering that most people who order espressos prefer to sit, leisurely enjoying their coffee, sometimes spending an hour over the same little cup, there is nothing “express” about an “espresso!” It’s not a fast form of coffee! Why can’t people just listen and pronounce names properly?!

Home Alone is the Best Christmas Movie

This one is so obvious that it probably didn’t need a sign. The ‘Home Alone’ series is an essential part of Christmas, but in our opinion, the first and original ‘Home Alone’ is a forever favorite. We don’t know what it is that makes the film such a hit, but it sure is a holiday classic!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Despite the fact that the film was released over 30 years ago, it just isn’t Christmas if you don’t watch it at least once every Christmas! Watching ‘Home Alone’ each year is such a Christmas staple that we actually wonder what people watched before the film was released!

Not Everyone Needs a Podcast

One thing is for sure, our lives have forever been changed since the creation of podcasts. We can listen to interviews, documentaries, vlogs, and other amazing content while on the go without having to be glued to a screen. They definitely make long drives much less tedious!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

But it also feels as though everyone and their cat has a podcast these days! It seems as though there are so many podcasters out there now that it’s more of a challenge to find somebody who doesn’t have a podcast! We’re not trying to stop people from setting up their own casts, but we would like to hear “Subscribe to my podcast and listen to my latest episode now” a little less frequently!

$1000 Phones Should Not Shatter So Easily

Well said! Technology has definitely come a long way since we were all carrying around brick phones in the 80s and early 90s. Still, on the other hand, a trusty brick phone or the later Nokia 3310 were practically waterproof, shatterproof and possibly bulletproof! Ok, we’re not sure about them being bulletproof proof, but you get our point – they were super strong and durable!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

While our new Smartphones may have ultra-high-resolution screens and fantastic camera features, they shatter so easily! As if the initial $1000 fee for purchasing the phone wasn’t enough, costs for repairing the phone screen are almost just as much!

Liking My Message is Not a Response

It’s great that social media instant messaging allows us to share GIFs, react with emojis and express ourselves through emoticons, but there’s also a downside. It’s all too easy for people to reply with a simple “thumbs up” or by liking our messages!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

We may be living in a more social media savvy world, but we still like to receive real responses to our messages every now and then, people! This can be even more annoying when we included a question in our first message and the recipient simply “likes” our message. Like, can you please make it clearer what your answer was?

2021 Will Be Our Year

Remember what a tumultuous, long, and uncertain year 2020 was? As the year drew to a close, we were all making travel plans and adventurous predictions for the year 2021, believing that we’d have our freedom back and feel safe to go about our everyday lives in the way we lived pre Covid times.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Millions of people worldwide saw out last year and welcomed the New Year with joy, believing that 2021 would be our year. Then January hit, and it was just like a repeat of the year before. Businesses closed, social distancing, and restrictions were still the order of the day. It was like watching a rerun of a really, really bad TV show!

Stop Posting Your Home Workouts

Home workouts are a convenient and affordable way to get fit and find the time to do some exercise. We really can’t fault home workouts at all, and therefore we are not telling you to stop doing them; just please stop sharing them on social media!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Working out at home has become the new normal since the pandemic hit in 2020. Whereas gym-goers used to share their gym pictures with us whenever they went to work out, everyone is now sharing snaps of their home workouts. Is that because you believe that if you didn’t share a picture, it didn’t happen?

Stop Posting Old Travel Pics

Ever since certain social media platforms installed the “Memories” feature, we are constantly reminded of where we were and what we were doing on this day last year, 2 years ago, or even several years ago. This was a fun way to reminisce until we entered the dreaded 2020 lockdown.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Since the pandemic hit and travel has been restricted, some social media users are going crazy over-sharing their old travel pics! We all used to go on holiday. We all miss the good weather. You’re not the only one! Please don’t depress yourselves by dwelling over all your old travel pictures, and more importantly, don’t bomb us with them!

Nice Weather Doesn’t Mean Covid is Over

Every news channel during Covid times: “Do not gather in large crowds. Do not crowd public places. Please only go out for essentials. Stay home, save lives!” Everyone when the weather is nice: “The sun’s out, we’ve got that weekend feeling. That must mean Covid has got the weekend off too.”

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Ok, so this might sound funny but seriously, what were these people thinking? Covid and news about Covid have completely taken over our lives since the world went into lockdown in 2020, yet some citizens seem to believe that Covid can’t affect you if the weather’s nice and you’re in the holiday mood!

I Can’t Wait to Never Use Zoom Again

Swapping regular meetings for Zoom meetings has become the normal thing to do over the last year. Some people love using Zoom; after all, you can’t sit in a regular real-life meeting room wearing a shirt and PJ bottoms!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Then there are people who just hate Zoom. Admittedly, it does have its advantages, but at the same time, we will not miss all those technical issues. We won’t miss the times when we forgot to record a meeting that needed recording or wondering why other meeting participants could see us but not hear us because our microphone wasn’t switched on!

Your Mask Goes Over Your Nose Too

We’d all be lying if we said we enjoyed wearing face masks, as in the ones that protect us against Coronavirus, not the Halloween variety! Yet, we all wear them because they protect us from catching the virus and, more importantly, protect those around us! Wearing a mask is a safety measure, as well as a mark of respect for others!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Implementing mask-wearing was no easy feat. Not only did high volumes of people not want to wear masks, when they did eventually start to wear face coverings, they also weren’t wearing them as directed. What is the point in wearing a Covid mask if it only covers your mouth and not your nose? Dude, virus germs travel up your nose too!

Stop Showing the Whole Movie in the Trailer

Don’t you hate it when you sit down and watch a new movie, only for it to be a complete flop! When we think about how many hours or even days of our lives that we’ve wasted trying to watch movies that have been a complete disappointment, it doesn’t bear thinking about!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Personally, we blame the movie trailers, and it seems that our infamous friend aka @DudeWithSign thinks the same. With movie trailers, they either show the whole movie in the trailer, which ruins the entire plotline or it only shows the best parts of the movie in the trailer, which encourages us to watch the movie and waste a perfectly good two hours of our lives!

Your Emails are Not “Finding Me Well”

Quotes like this remind us of the funny phrases we use sometimes. Sending an email is completely virtual; it doesn’t have to personally go out and find the recipient, not knowing where they live or unaware of their email address!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

When people say, “Your emails are not ‘finding me well,’” usually it means that they keep forgetting to check their spam box to see if your emails have been sent there by mistake, or they’re too lazy to open your emails and respond! Don’t blame email’s navigation skills when you’ve just got an overflowing inbox!

Don’t Send LMAO If You Aren’t Laughing

When we instant message people, there are lots of ways to express funny moments and laughter. First, there was “LOL,” and then there have been other abbreviations, such a “ROFL” and of course, “LMAO.” They’re great for telling the person you’re writing to that you’ve found something funny!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

But in all seriousness, what is it with people overusing these IM abbreviations?! Why does pretty much every message have to end in “LMAO”? Sometimes the situation isn’t even that funny, which means that nobody is laughing, and offline, many of these obsessive “LMAO” users don’t actually laugh that much at all!

Use This Sign to Slide into Someone’s DMs

No matter whether you’re seeking out friendship or a little bit more, thinking up a decent ice-breaker that doesn’t seem intrusive or make you cringe can be difficult. If you’ve never met the person in real life, it can also be difficult to get an idea of who they really are when stalking them online.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

You also don’t want to look like you have been stalking their profile either. We like how our good friend – the guy with the sign here, is helping people to connect with one another by offering up an excuse to slide into someone’s DMs.

Literally, Stop Saying Literally

We can all get a bit repetitive at times when it comes to the words we use on a daily basis, so it’s always good to see people flexing their vocabulary abilities. The word “literally” is a good way to emphasize a point, but some people use it way too much!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Has it become a trend for certain words such as “like” and “literally” to get overused, even in situations where it’s incorrect to use the word in that way? Sure, we’re sick of people literally saying literally in every sentence, and we’re also sick of people using these words out of context!


There are a few words in the English language that cause even some native speakers confusion. They/they’re/their/there is one example, and of course, another similar pronoun that gets brains ticking is “you’re,” which can also be spelled as “your.”

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Getting these wrong and mixed up is such a careless mistake to make! If you’re not sure, how long does it take to look them up online quickly? Once you’ve learned this all-important grammar rule, it’s pretty difficult to get them wrong again.

Keep TikToks on TikTok

TikTok is a lot of fun! Those funny dance videos and dubbed clips sure kept us entertained during the long, mundane days of lockdown. That said, we don’t want to see TikTok videos on every platform. The whole point of going on TikTok is surely to see a content style completely unique to their platform?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

There are also a large majority of social media users who don’t like TikTok, yet they’re forced to see it every time they log in to any other social media platform! We don’t know whose idea this was but thanks anyway; you’ve just TikTok bombed our feed with voiceovers and goofy dance routines!

Can Everyone Relax On Getting Engaged?

Do you ever feel as though you’re having a good day because you’ve managed to pay all your bills on time and you have no moldy food in your fridge? Then you login into social media and see that yet another friend has got engaged, and it just feels like everyone is getting engaged!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Just to clarify, we don’t have a problem with people getting engaged. It’s fantastic news! But for some of us, it can feel like everyone is getting engaged, getting a third mortgage for yet another property, or going bungee jumping to raise money for charity. While we’re here just sitting, wondering whether we can wear our socks for another day before washing them!

Stop Wearing T-shirts of Bands You Don’t Listen to

There are two types of people in this situation: the people who wear t-shirts with bands they don’t listen to on them; and people who are true fans of these bands getting annoyed at seeing non-fans wearing their bands’ t-shirts! This can be frustrating for both parties.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

If you’ve picked up a cute t-shirt with a picture or name of a band on it, a band that you never listen to, then it can get quite irritating when people constantly ask you whether you’re a fan! On the other hand, if you are a real fan of a band and see someone wearing a t-shirt, knowing full well they don’t listen to the band, then you feel like they’re dishonoring your band!

No One is Impressed By Your Loud Engine

There was a time when having a loud , or a noisy engine would insinuate that your car was old. However, it has become somewhat trendy to have a loud, noisy engine in recent years. Some young drivers have even taken the silencers off their brand new $100 000 cars to make them roar when they drive.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

We haven’t quite established why people think this is cool. What’s more is that they really like to show off their loud engines in public places, thinking that they’re impressing us with their noise. No, you’re not impressing us; you’re just disturbing us!

How is Dick Short for Richard?

Unless your name is something short and snappy, such as “Jane” or “John” or “Sam,” chances are that you will have a nickname. Most names sound very similar to their original, longer names when shortened. Even with nicknames like “Loz” which is short for “Lauren”, there is a vague resemblance.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

But how do you get “Dick” from “Richard”? Let’s be honest, this is not the most pleasant nickname, so why hasn’t someone thought up a better-shortened version? In our opinion, “Dick” is an entirely different name and is in no way short for “Richard.”

Don’t Clip Your Nails in Public

When you live in a busy environment and commute regularly, you will, unfortunately, witness some nasty habits from people in public. Some of these gross public habits that we hate to see include: spitting, picking your nose, swearing loudly, scratching, and also, clipping your nails in company!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

In fact, it has become such a normal thing for people to buy a pair of nail clippers from a store only to go then and clip their nails near around people. We’ve seen people clipping their nails on benches, standing up in the street, and even while sat outdoors at restaurants! Just stop it!

Do Not Put Milk Before Cereal

Adding milk to food and drinks really sets people off and causes a huge debate. In Britain, where drinking tea is popular and a big part of British culture, tea-lovers are particular on how tea should be made. Do you add the milk first and the tea second or the other way around?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

The same argument applies to preparing cereal too. Do you add the milk and then the cereal, or should you pour the cereal and then add the milk? It turns out that the correct way to prepare cereal, as well as drinking tea, is to add the milk second. So pour your cereal or tea first, and then add the milk. It’s never milk first!

We Don’t Need a Meeting to Plan for the Meeting

In some countries, where they thrive on organization and love to hold and attend meetings, this would be quite normal. In Sweden, for example, it’s expected that a separate meeting will be held in order to plan for the main meeting that has been scheduled.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

In other countries, this isn’t the way we like to do things. We feel that we work better when we improvise and think on the spot. Often, we come up with better ideas and suggestions this way, and having a separate meeting to plan for another meeting is just going to make us counterproductive!

“Damn that’s Crazy” Means Wrap Up Your Story

Do you have that friend who turns a pretty short and simple story into a lengthy tale that feels as long as a movie or epic novel? While we salute them for their story-telling capabilities, we must admit that we often dread bumping into them in case they have another story to tell us!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Those of us with these kinds of friends often have a classic phrase that we use in the hope that they’ll wrap up their story a little quicker. So for future reference, if we say, “Damn, that’s crazy!” it means wrap up your story. It’s not an invitation to elaborate!

You Can Get the Vaccine Without Posting It

Ok, so we’re all guilty of using social media a bit too much, but what’s with all the over-sharing? Spend a few minutes on social media, and you can quickly find out what your online friends have eaten, drank, whether or not they went to the gym, and of course, if and which vaccine they got!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Valid question: with all of this over-sharing on social media, does anybody need to hire private detectives anymore? Or have they all been put out of business? You can get the vaccine without posting about it or adding a sticker to your profile. Not posting about it doesn’t mean that it won’t be as effective!

People With Thousands of Unread Emails are Psychos

We’ve all had times when our email inbox is overflowing, and as much as we try to keep on top of them and read and reply to all of our emails, we just can’t seem to rattend to them all quickly enough! That said, most of us normal people try not to allow our inboxes to get so out of hand that we have thousands of unread emails.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

People with thousands of unread emails are a different case. Some people get busy and overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox. Then there are others who ignore their emails on purpose so that they end up with thousands of unread emails, possibly to look as though they’re really popular with thousands of people trying to get in touch with them.

Celebrate Women Every Day

This should be obvious! Don’t get us wrong; we love having the opportunity to celebrate women on International Women’s Day on March 8th. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate being a woman and connecting with other women from all over the world.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

However, women should be celebrated every day because guess what? We’re all equal, we all deserve equal rights, and in the twenty-first century, these standards should be seen as normal! All women are amazing! This should be common knowledge without needing a sign as a reminder!

Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Wear Clothes

We get why you might dress your dog up in clothes during the wintertime. Some breeds, in particular, feel the cold more than others and therefore, it’s advisable to wrap them up in sensible, appropriate clothing, such as a fleecy coat to keep them comfortable and warm when out on winter walks.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

But come on, do you really need to dress your dog up in a Gucci jumper or a fairy costume! They serve no purpose and look really uncomfortable. Imagine how you’d feel having to wear silly Halloween costumes day in day out? What’s more is that your pooch wants hugs, playtime, and good food. They don’t know or care if they’re wearing a $300 sweater!

Show Us Your Dog on Zoom

As Zoom meetings quickly replaced regular meetings during the lockdown, we quickly became accustomed to hearing dogs barking and cats playing in the background. The embarrassed owner would hastily apologize for their mischievous pet, so why not just include your dog on the call instead?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

We love seeing dogs on Zoom calls. Let’s be honest, most dogs are better behaved when they’re sat in comfort next to their loving owner, and most normal people love to see other people’s dogs – they’re a member of the family! Zoom calls are just way better when you show us your dog!

Don’t Chew With Your Mouth Open

The majority of us are taught not to chew or talk with our mouths open when we are young. This polite eating habit extends through our school years and into early adulthood. So, why oh why do so many people drop these manners when they grow up?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

It’s not acceptable at any age to display your meal circling around your mouth! It’s even grosser when you’re sat eating at the dinner table with someone who insists on chewing with their mouth open. It’s not nice to look at, and in the end, we have a better idea of what was on the other person’s plate than what was on our own!

No One Cares What Vaccine You Got

First of all, nobody wanted the vaccine. Then when they realized that it was safe and had been adequately tested, there was a big debate over which vaccine was the best. Why are we competitive over a vaccine that could potentially save our lives and the lives of others?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

These discussions over which vaccine you got and which is best or safest only add to the scaremongering that has been happening regarding the Covid vaccine. It’s not important which vaccine you got; the most important thing is that you have been vaccinated. End of!

Let’s Just Keep Working From Home

When the pandemic first hit, some of us were skeptical about working from home, especially if we’d never done so before. Then the advantages of working in our PJs, being able to eat whatever we liked for lunch, and going makeup-free for work really began to kick in.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

So it’s understandable that people started to enjoy working from home and don’t want to go back to the office. It saves so much time if you have a long commute to and from the office, plus it’s better for the planet too. Bring back working from home!

Your Baby is Not 18 Months, Your Baby is 1

Why is it that we count a baby’s age in months rather than years? If you’ve ever been corrected when you’ve said that a baby is 1, only for the parent to tell you that the baby is, in fact, 18 months old, then you’ll really get this one! Isn’t it the same thing?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

As we get older, we’re more than happy to talk in years rather than months. You don’t hear a 40-year-old telling people that they’re 480 months old because, quite frankly, that sounds ridiculous! We also don’t like to tell people how close we are to the next birthday either and being yet another year older!

Don’t Hold the Door if I’m More than 10ft Away

Those awkward moments with strangers! It’s always nice to see someone holding the door open for you. Obviously, we’d much prefer that rather than having someone slamming the door in our face, but what’s with people holding the door open for you when you’re more than 10 feet away?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

It makes you feel obliged to hurry up and catch the door, so their kind gesture wasn’t in vain. On the other hand, if you’re hanging around outside and not planning on going into the building, what are you supposed to do?

Free Britney

This one’s a short and sweet one! It feels like the mystery and chaos surrounding the “Free Britney” movement has gone on forever, so we can’t imagine how it must feel for Britney herself. How is that a successful, independent woman in her 30s, not to mention a mother of two, has absolutely no control over her own life or the money she’s worked so hard to make?!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Luckily for Britney, her fans haven’t forgotten the joy of seeing a new music video on MTV or being blown away by her dance moves and cool outfits! Britney steered many of us through childhood and adolescence, thanks to her openness about her own struggles, not to mention her hit film ‘Crossroads.’ So, needless to say, we’re not giving up on her any time soon!

Stop Ghosting People

Who invented ghosting people?! Unfortunately, ghosting people happens way too often and not only is it annoying, it can also be hurtful too! It seems that nobody is exempt from being ghosting; after all, we see a lot of these cases among celebrities too! Imagine being outed as an A-list ghoster?!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Why can’t people be more direct, honest, and upfront like the Dude With Sign? When he has something to say, he writes it clearly on a piece of cardboard and stands in the street for all to see! We can’t imagine that he has ghosted many people in his life!

It’s Not an Unpopular Opinion if Everyone Agrees With it

We never get this one either. You often see in newspapers and in the media about “unpopular opinion.” But how is it an unpopular opinion if everyone agrees with it? Who makes the final decision over whether or not the opinion is right, wrong, or unpopular?

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

What the term “unpopular opinion” actually means is that it goes against or contradicts conventional beliefs or manners of doing things. So in that sense, the opinions in question might not actually be unpopular at all; they’re actually unconventional opinions!

Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

What is it with people spending money they don’t have? They go to work all week, often doing a job they don’t like and yet, working very hard. Then, as soon as the weekend comes around, they go and blow all of their hard-earned cash and much more on spontaneous purchases that they don’t need!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Imagine what an impact you would make if you spread this message and people actually listened. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be great for the credit card companies, but it would definitely make the world a better place when you think about how much stress debt causes people!

You Don’t Need a Nuclear Explosion for Your Gender Reveal

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a good baby shower, or gender reveal party, but sometimes they can go a bit over the top! Before baby showers became a thing, parents-to-be and their friends and families would just celebrate their new baby after the birth. Now, there are not only baby showers, but gender reveal parties too!

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

If you get invited to a gender reveal party, you only really attend to find out the gender of the unborn baby. Instead of just drawing the results out of an envelope, people have to go to extremes to make the reveal as dramatic and impressive as possible!

Verifying that I’m Not a Robot is Becoming Too Stressful

Ah, the good old “please verify that you’re not a robot” test! Is it just us, or did they used to be significantly easier than they are now?! When we were first greeted by this online security check, it was just a matter of ticking the box to verify that we weren’t robots.

Credit: Instagram.com/DudeWithSign

Now, they have indeed become quite stressful! The worst part is when you’re asked to select the images with wheels in them. You carefully examine the pictures, looking for all varieties of wheels, and then after all that, the system tells you that you were incorrect! Do you need a special diploma now to complete these tests?!