Sit-ups don’t exactly help you lose belly fat. Here’s what helps.

By David S

If you are here, it means you are probably wondering if sit-ups actually work in burring belly fat. Well, the answer is no. Sit-ups are not effective in burning belly fat.

One of the most widely believed myths about workouts is known as spot reduction: people believe that training a particular muscle well enough burns the fats present around that area.

This is not true as studies have shown that instead of your body losing fat around the area of concentration of your exercise, you lose fats from all stores of fat present in your body. This means you lose an equal amount of fat from all over your body.

Sit-ups might not be entirely useless, but the fact remains that when compared to other practical exercises we are going to talk about, later on, it doesn’t do enough to give you the abs you seek.

Another fact is that belly fat is one of the most loved fat stores of the body that your body likes to keep. In order words, it is difficult to lose because your body loves to keep it as it can provide extra “fuels” in times of need.

How can you lose body fat?

The first and probably the most crucial step in losing belly fat is controlling your diet. What you eat has a significant role to play in how much fat is stored in your body.

Exercise is the next step. If you want to burn as much fat as possible, then doing exercise that makes use of a large group of muscle is the most effective way of burning total body fat quickly.

 No, it doesn’t mean running or jogging yourself to death, as they are better exercises that burn belly fat.

High-intensity interval training characterized by short periods of high-intensity exercises followed by short periods of rest would work fine. All these can be done in the training time of 20-30 minutes.

Other exercises you can do to burn belly fat rather than sit up include: