Social Distancing: Benefits and What is it Really

By Kiko M

Social distancing is an introvert’s dream. Or, it can be a sign of an apocalyptic future. Imagine wearing bubble suits on earth a few months from now. You won’t be able to give your lover a kiss or your child a pat on the head. Okay, maybe we’re thinking too far ahead here but we’re heading towards that direction. But all is well. As long as we observe social distancing in large spaces, we should all be fine. Containment through contact is common nowadays and to avoid spreading the virus we must take necessary precautions. It can be uncomfortable to uphold this but drastic times call for distance.

Image Courtesy Of wvir

“The virus can only travel about 3-4 feet, and so by staying six feet away from people you reduce the risk that you could acquire the infection,” said Dr Bala Hota, Associate Chief Medical Officer at Rush University Medical Center. “You know we’re in a situation where there could be community transmission of this virus so this is the time to put that in place.”

Come Together From a Distance

Now might be the best time to stay in touch with your relatives more. If you’re worried about infecting them, then keep a general distance. Other ways where you can interact act with them is by also creating fun games through Skype or video call. Maybe you can even cook a dish together and eat online face to face. By reducing our movement in restaurants and public spaces, fewer people will be affected.