40+ People That Made Stone Sculptures Come Alive

By Jo Arazi

In most cases, when you come across a sculpture, it often looks solemn, glorious, or oftentimes majestic. This comes to the fore when the sculpture is depicting a very famous person. For this reason, most people tend to respect statues by staying composed when they want to take a picture with the monument. We don’t think you’ll be holding such an opinion anymore. You may find it hard to believe that these pictures can become something else or pass off other meaning than intended when you have a very creative person at the helm of affairs. When you let your imagination run wild, and you let your creative sideshow, you can bring the most lifeless statue to life with enough comedic relief to brighten your day.

Did You Touch My Brother?

In truth, sibling rivalry exists in many families, whether parents admit it or not. We are sure that you would like nothing better than to ship your brother off to an unknown island so you can have some much-needed privacy.

Image source: reddit.com/Frododingus

As annoying as siblings are, you can’t help but love them. You can always count on that they’ve got your back any time, any day, anywhere. The beauty of an older sibling is that you’re sure they’ll deal with anyone that messes with you.

Not so fast

Working in corporate means that you are bombarded with several important assignments or projects with looming deadlines. Unfortunately, the stakes are so high that you can’t risk not turning in your work on time. Else, you’ll have to face your grumpy no-nonsense boss who’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to berate you.

Image source: reddit.com/doinsumthin

In the bid to get things done on time, try not to get on the wrong side of the law, or you’ll have to pay up big time. If you do, be sure that there’s an officer right around the corner waiting to get you.

Not Discreet Enough

Although taking bribes or kickbacks is against the law in almost – if not all – nations of the world. Unfortunately, a lot of people still engage in this practice. People do it with different goals in mind and one of which is to get favor.

Image source: justmemes.com

As you all know, bribery is illegal; it’s often done discreetly with a prayer that you don’t get caught. Unfortunately, this man wasn’t discreet enough as he was caught while trying to drop a few notes into the hands of another.  

Get in Tow

Taking your kids shopping or for an outing can be a daunting task, and most mothers don’t look forward to it. It becomes worse when you have 5 kids to keep an eye on, or you’ll feel really at fault if something happens to one of them.

Image source: devabdulsalamReport

One thing about kids is that they will always be kids, and you can do little to nothing about it. What happens when they see their friends? They stop to say hello or, in this case, try to dance the tango.

Time for a shave

Having body odor is terrible, and if you don’t bathe yourself in a bottle of perfume, there is every chance people will reject your hugs. This is one of the reasons why you should take your personal hygiene seriously.

Image source: SirJukesALotReport

Your armpits is one spot that traps a lot of sweat, especially if you have hair growing there. In other to ensure it stays clean, get yourself a razor and shave the entire region clean. Even the statue is getting on board with better hygiene practices.

Ready, Set, Go

If you love dancing and you can dance, then the entire world is your stage. You shouldn’t be shy or restricted from showing off your impressive dance moves. The beauty of dancing is that it also connects you with others like you.

Image source: newsbomb.gr

These women were lucky to meet their fellow dancers in the least expected place – a museum. He has all but given up as he has been waiting for someone to join him in his intricate dance routine, and his new friends didn’t hesitate.

Out of The Way

Cyclists can sometimes be very annoying, especially when there are lots of them on the road. However, it has several advantages like keeping the earth green, making you fit, reducing pollution, and more. Still, that doesn’t make them less annoying.

Image source: reddit.com/varnecr

Now, imagine encountering a unicyclist on the sidewalk with hands swaying left and right without a care in the world. This man will forever remember such an encounter and will be on the lookout for them after getting a slap in the face.

Mind a selfie?

There’s nothing as fulfilling and joyous as meeting your hero or your favorite celebrity. In moments like this, not only are you happy, you will try to preserve the moment. You will ensure it is etched in the annals of time forever.

Image source: thechive.com

What do you do? After gushing about them and telling them how much of a fan you are, you ask for an autograph. Next, if you’ve made a good impression, you can go further and ask them for a picture.

Missed you much

It’s not easy to leave your loved ones for a long time, especially if you are traveling overseas. Even though we have several ways to keep in touch digitally, nothing beats the real deal, which is seeing them in person.

Image source: thejjreport

After such an extended period, you can imagine the joy of having the one you love in your arms. It’s a moment of bliss that you’ll cherish for a long time, but still, you should be wary as someone may be after your luggage.

It’s Mine

There’s nothing as traumatic as fighting for the custody of a child. However, some people go the extra mile to show they love their child. They try their best to prove to the judge or the authorities that the child should stay with them.

Image source: thechive.com

Funnily enough, some people take things to the extreme, like the fabled bible story where two women were fighting for a child. The above person is the perfect example of what it takes to want a piece of the child.

Bike Accident

Kids will always be kids no matter how much you try to monitor their activities. There are certain things and stages they’ll have to go through, which is like a rite of passage. One of such is scraping their knees while bike riding.

Image source: rephanReport

Like every parent, we worry about our kids, and bears are not exempted too. You can feel the anguish of this mother bear as she carries her little boy in her arms. From the look of things, the boy seems to be loving the attention.

Let Me Take a Selfie

In today’s world, meeting and hanging out with people is never complete without taking the traditional selfie. As luck would have it, almost everyone has a phone that comes with a selfie camera, making it all the more convenient to take all the pictures you want.

Image source: thepunblog.com

We’re sure you are familiar with the law of gravity and the man who discovered it. Yes, you got it right – it was the legendary Albert Einstein. Imagine meeting him and not immortalizing the incredible moment – that’s what selfies are for.


Have you ever been jumped before? If you haven’t, then you’re quite lucky as it is something that’s quite common, especially for High Schoolers. Although we don’t condone bullying or violence of any sort, unfortunately, it happens in most places.

Image source: oly9990Report

This man must have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time as he got jumped again by a set of immobile people. Unfortunately, they came prepared for him, and he’s taking quite the hammering.

Chance Meeting

Love, as they say, knows no bounds, and it transcends all age groups. You never know where you might meet the love of your life – it could be at the mall, during a dance recital, or at the pier.

Image source: basnews.com

Regardless of location, wherever love finds you make sure you don’t lose it and grab it with both hands like this little girl. She’s taking no chances, and there’s no way she’ll lose her new BFF as she seals their bond with a kiss.

Hard to Locate

There are times some concepts may seem difficult to grasp no matter how much you try to explain them. In situations like this, your best bet is to explain it graphically and pray that your friend understands it this time.

Image source: expressdigest

Now, let’s see what we have here. It seems this lady is trying to describe a place for her friend, or she’s asking if he knows the location on the map. From his gesticulations, he looks like someone that knows what he’s talking about.

Let Me Explain

There are certain things in life, and you can be sure they’ll never change as long as you live – taxes and death. Well, we can add a few other things to the list, but there is one we’d like to focus on.

Image source: taringa.net

Begging your wife for forgiveness when she’s mad is also one of them. We’re sure this is something most husbands can relate to. No matter who’s right or wrong, be sure to put your pride aside and offer some logical explanation when you’re in the wrong – or not.


We love superheroes because they are always in the right place at the right time – ready to help and save the day. However, there are times when the tables turn, and then the helper needs help. Who do they call then?

Image source: guilleartReport

In that case, what do you do? It seems here that the friendly neighborhood Spiderman has gotten himself into serious trouble. He’s in a chokehold by an unknown villain, and he might need some saving – are you game?

Brave Snowman

We have heard of several courageous soldiers who performed exploits in the face of grave danger. With no fear for their lives or if the odds are against them, they stood their ground and fought with bravery and conviction.

Image source: mikeroach94Report

Sometimes, you begin to wonder where these people get their courage from? Take the snowman in the above picture as a good example; he’s standing up to a vicious beast and does not care if he goes up in flames.

No choice

As kids, there are several things we absolutely hate doing – like doing the dishes after a family dinner and having to wake up early to go to school every morning. Several other things could also make it on to the list.

Image source: J2point074Report

However, we have enforcers – our parents – who wouldn’t hesitate to drag us by your feet to do the needful. You would think that would end when you are an adult. Well, this man found out the hard way that that isn’t the case, and there is always someone ready to drag you by the feet.

Giant bird

Have you ever heard about the word ornithophobia? Possibly not, but if you haven’t, there’s no problem. Basically, it is the fear of birds, which is often caused by a negative encounter with a bird at some point in your life.

Image source: twitter.com/jrcairo

You might be wondering why people will fear such innocent and beautiful looking creatures. Well, your point is valid, except if the bird is about 6 feet tall and it’s towering over you with its beak in your face.


The Brits are reputed for being orderly, and there’s a general notion that they queue for everything. Even if a Brit is alone, he forms an orderly queue of one. This is quite commendable that such a trait has been instilled since childhood.

Image source: Ren DongReport

From the look of things, it seems this child is learning such a trait and he’s getting quite good at it. In no time, not only will he become a refined gentleman, but he’ll also be as well behaved as can be.

She’s Mine

After fighting for what seems to be an eternity to have his girl, it seems the man had to enlist the help of others to help hold on to her. The mother in question has proven to be stronger than she lets on.

Image source: thechive.com

For him to have requested help from two other people means that he lost the first round of the physical custody fight. From the look of the situation above, it doesn’t look like they’re doing great in this round either.

Take a Look

Striking up a conversation may be a tad difficult for some but for others, it comes naturally to them. Among a long list of topics to talk about with a stranger, you can always search for common ground or things of interest.

Image source: Rold RamCabReport

If that does not work, you can do what everybody does– and that is to discuss the weather, and the conversation will form a life of its own. Or you can try this man’s tactic, show them something interesting on your phone.


The pandemic made us realize the importance of several things we used to take for granted. Examples of such things are human to human interaction, taking a leisurely walk on the streets, and going to the park, just to mention a few.

Image source: newsbomb.gr

For this reason, you can’t blame this man for being a little too happy when he finally had the chance to visit the park – so much so that he wore his mischievous hat and decided to join in the kiddies’ fun.

I’m Sorry

If you don’t have kids, there’s every chance you don’t know what it means for someone to push you to the very limits of your patience. There are times where your patience will be tested and if you aren’t careful, you’ll explode.

Image source: bollywoodpapa.com

However, there are many times when all you’ll want is to make sure that they eat their vegetables and behave right. If that doesn’t work, you’ll just have to listen to lots of “I’m sorry” when you threaten to hammer them.

Kungfu Kick

Seeing two people bicker over something you deem irrelevant can be a little annoying, especially when both parties are not ready to concede. Arguments like these are not only pointless but will end up creating new enemies for you.

Image source: ebaumsworld

This man must have had enough and was tired of the back and forth between these Wall Street gurus. He decided to take matters into his own hands Kung Fu style, hoping it’ll reset their brains to their factory settings. 

My Love

There’s nothing as sweet as meeting the love of your life when you least expect it. This becomes all the more romantic if you have had your own share of heartbreaks and you come across your one true love when you are about to give up on love altogether.

Image source: thepunblog.com

This woman finally found her own silver-haired Greek god, and he is more than perfect in every way. She couldn’t have asked for anything else, and they decided to seal their chance meeting with the fabled true love’s first kiss.

Officer of the Law

The beauty of the law is that no one is above it, and if you find yourself on the wrong side of it – best believe you are going to pay. This is a lesson this man and his friends learned the hard way.

Image source: bollywoodpapa.com

At this point, they know they are in serious trouble, and no amount of pleading will get them out of it. Regardless of how hopeless the situation looks, at least he can explain his way out of it rather than stand there like a statue.

The Lion Kid

If you are a 90s child, there is every chance you must have watched the Disney classic The Lion King. Not only was the cartoon a hit among kids, but there were also several meme-worthy moments this movie gave us.

Image source: thechive.com

The most iconic moment in the cartoon was when Rafiki held out Simba on Pride rock to show him to the animal kingdom below. Well, we can say this is a fair recreation of that moment, but the difference is clear with this one.


One thing about life is that there will always be secrets no matter where you go. Secrets can range from the mundane to “the fate of the world depends on this.” On the other hand, secrets told should always be kept secret.

Image source: ebaumsworld

There’s another saying that the walls have ears, and you never know who might be listening. How about you tell your secrets to someone willing to listen, yet you’re sure they won’t divulge it to anyone. That’s an offer this man couldn’t refuse.

Scary Clowns

Most people love clowns or used to love them. The movie IT made several kids across the world see clowns in another light. Before then, they used to be the life of the party as they infuse some comic relief into an already bubbling atmosphere.

Image source: thepunblog.com

Things aren’t the same anymore, and now we have to play with clowns cautiously. As this kid is about to find out, this McDonald clown is not going to take it easy with any kid that doesn’t eat his chicken nuggets.

Giant Head

When the game Pacman was released 30 years ago, we bet the creators didn’t expect it would be such a massive hit. Not only was the game a kiddies favorite in most arcades, but it also became a vital part of their childhood.

Image source: reddit.comdeliquescentsphene

We believe the game was the inspiration behind the creation of this giant head statue. Like the game of Pacman, it is out to eat anyone who walks carelessly along its path. We hope the woman has extra lives.


Going to the mall can be fun, especially when you are going with friends on the weekend. For several years, various malls across the country keep battling with theft as several items are pilfered, which costs them lots of money.

Image source: osmhealthy.com

However, a fun mall experience can turn into a sour one if you get accused of shoplifting. There is only one way to prove yourself in such an instance, and it may not be pleasant. Well, it’s still better than being sent to jail.

The Right Perspective

One good thing about taking pictures is that you can create a masterpiece by having the appropriate skills. When you time a shot perfectly, use a great camera and take it from the right perspective, you have yourself a gem.

Image source: nolongercreeperReport

This photographer must have planned to take a picture of this Roman emperor alone, but he decided to take things a notch further. By precisely timing the movement of the passers-by, he gave his shot more depth and extra meaning.

That’s Bad

Having a booger in your nose can be very uncomfortable and it’s made even worse if it happens when you are out in public. Not being able to get it out will inadvertently lead to a blocked nose, which in turn will increase your discomfort. 

Image source: thepunblog.com

In that case, what do you do? Several options are available at your disposal, but this man chose an ingenious way to do it. He found a willing accomplice in this statue, and he was able to take care of his business, albeit in a hilarious way.


Have you watched horror movies where tourists go to a remote island and encounter savage tribes? You might wonder if this is real or not or if it can happen to anyone you know – well, it happens more often than not.

Image source: Reddit/truthordare

These tourists found out the hard way when they fell into the trap of this giant-headed monster. Unfortunately, they are about to become her meal, and she is salivating at the thought of having to eat them at a go.

Saving the Baby

The existence of mermaids is a question we haven’t answered as there’s no concrete proof they ever existed. However, we have so many figurines, cartoons, and sculptures of them that you might wonder if they’re hiding their existence from us.

Image source: pinterest/swimmerplayer

One creature we can say with conviction that exists are dolphins as man has cultivated a friendship with them over the years. This mermaid is riding on the wave of two dolphins with another about to dive from her hands into the hands of an eager man.

Uh oh

One thing you cannot discount on the field of play is accidents. They happen when you least expect, and you have to pray that you’re not the one on the receiving end of it. They can range from minor to major.

Image source: collegehumor.com

It all depends on the kind of sport involved. This man must have a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time as he got hit in a very unpleasant place – his stomach. He’s going to be reeling from that for a while.

Tagging Along

Going on adventures and hiking can be so much fun. On another note, it can also be very stressful and require a lot of effort if you are not well prepared. Maybe this was the reason they decided to leave this woman behind. 

Image source: expressdigest

But she was having none of that as she decided to tag along. She took it to a whole new level by physically doing just that. The man with the giant backpack must be wondering why his bag felt so much heavier all of a sudden.


One of the first things your parents warn you about is not to get into a fight with anybody. That also includes running your mouth with adults. However, there are times when you feel you have to say what’s on your mind.

Image source: readsector

The good part about voicing your thoughts is that you’ll feel relieved after having your say, but the consequences after that may be a bit severe. This woman will not need a further reminder about talking back to people twice her size.

Cool Fountain

Visiting exotic places can be cool, and as we mentioned earlier, it is vital to always document these travels for posterity’s sake. However, taking beautiful pictures alone does not cut it. You have to add some extra pizazz to them.

Image source: osmhealthy.com

The man in the above picture is apparently a master thanks to his posing abilities. Also, his perspective skills are top-notch. Not only did he make a man bun look fashionable and trendy, he also gave the entire picture a new swag.


One habit we should inculcate is always to thank our soldiers for their service wherever we see them. Not only does it boost their morale, but they also get to know that they are much appreciated on the home front.

Image source: ebaumsworld

This soldier had this day brightened thanks to this woman who delightedly gave him a high five. He will have a bounce in his step and an extra incentive to protect his country all thanks to the little token of appreciation he received.

Get ready for a Swim

Sometimes all we need is a little push to take that step or to propel us to make a decision that we dread. For this man, who apparently has a fear of water, this woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

Image source: toribonaparteReport

He’s been standing at the edge and has summoned courage a million times to just dive in but to no avail. This woman got tired of his indecisiveness and tried to give him the much-needed push to conquer his fears.

Join the Herd

We won’t advise anyone to try this with real buffalo’s as the end results may not be pleasurable for starters. Herd attacks are responsible for many deaths worldwide, and you’ll know this well if you’ve watched The Lion King.

Image source: Rachael PaulsenReport

These animals are stronger and faster than most humans, and it’s almost pointless to try to outrun them. We think these women are practicing for such a scenario should they ever find themselves in one. We sincerely hope they don’t, though.