35+ Strange Statues Michelangelo Would Probably Disapprove Of

By Jishnu B

The capacity of human beings to create a wide range of artistic expressions is truly remarkable! Sculpting links to the divine among the vast array of creative expressions. Many religions believe that humanity was formed by a higher power using clay and stone, lending inherent sacredness to this art form. Consequently, sculptors often view their craft as a manifestation of the divine and may even commit solely to sculpting, forsaking other artistic endeavors.

The most famous example of this was the celebrated Renaissance artist Michelangelo. Despite being an expert painter, he was more focused on making sculptures as he believed it was the closest he could be to god. The pope back then had to pester him for months before he begrudgingly painted the majestic ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. However, the sculptures we will unveil today veer away from divinity and lean towards a more unsettling realm. Please proceed with caution, as they might leave an indelible impression, possibly lingering in your thoughts tonight.

Red Gollum

With great artistic powers comes great responsibility; therefore, this sculptor took on the heavy burden of giving everyone in the neighborhood nightmares. Who needs monsters under the bed when this humongous, crimson creation can give even adults a good cry with just one menacing gaze?

Image Credit: aldulea

This sculpture appears to be a larger, fiendish version of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, coated in the flames of the underworld. Even during daylight hours, it’s enough to send shivers down your spine – one can only imagine the horrors that lurk when darkness falls.


Look at this bald man standing beside this grotesque statue. He must have missed out on The Last of Us game or series. You won’t believe it, but we’ve encountered vegans who renounced mushrooms and abandoned their vegan ways after being exposed to the show.

Image Credit: yashedpotatoes

If we had stumbled upon this while being wheeled to the ICU, we would have questioned if we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the fiery depths of the underworld! Kudos to this brave soul for keeping a straight face in the face of such eerie art.

Nightmare Fuel

Seeing a doughy fellow like that kneeling on the street is just kneadlessly provocative. We have some burning questions: Did he lose a bet? Did he anger the Thai mafia? We might never know, but one thing’s for sure, the Pillsbury Doughboy’s street credibility has taken a severe hit.

Image Credit: schoonerw

How this set of sculptures eerily resembles the infamous movie, The Human Centipede, sends shivers down our spines. Those who have dared to watch the film know all too well that it leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Trust us; it’s best to spare yourself the horror and resist the temptation to look it up.

Ronald McDonald

Art thrives on the ability to capture the subtle tapestry of human emotions and immortalize them in tangible form. The manufacturer of this statue has achieved just that, skillfully encapsulating the profound trauma experienced by those who have survived the horrors of war.

Image Credit: haley7

The idea of a clown as a fast-food mascot has always baffled us; we have yet to find him appetizing. This statute, in particular, gave us an uncomfortable feeling. Who would have thought we’d praise Ronald McDonald’s statue for its artistic merit?

Ugly Dog

A few minutes ago, we staunchly believed that no dog could ever be ugly. Alas, we reluctantly concede that this particular dog statue is undeniably atrocious. To make matters worse, it served as the mascot for a pet store. The irony is truly repulsive. 

Image Credit: minisimy

We can’t help but wonder if that pet store ever managed to find forever homes for any puppies. If we encountered that monstrosity nearby, we’d pack our bags and relocate to a different state! This poor statue looks like it went into a crippling depression after Disney rejected it for One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

A Sunken Giant

If Russell Crowe were to portray Zeus on the big screen, it would resemble this statue. We must also commend the sculptor for their commitment to authenticity. Even in this low-quality photo, you can easily see the rough texture of his foot.

Image Credit: unquestionablysober

We’re all aware of what a philandering scoundrel Zeus is. If his wife Hera had decided to punish him for his countless affairs by partially burying him, he would likely shamelessly sport a grin like this. Furthermore, if we stay true to the canonical character of Zeus, this could be his authentic expression.


Great artists often incorporate life lessons and profound meanings in their artwork. Therefore, judging by the name of this bizarre statue, we will avoid assuming that this is just a very intense version of human Jenga (we failed miserably).

Image Credit: bonaducci

The statue known as Karma stands tall in the vibrant city of New Orleans, where festivities, fairs, and revelry abound. Now, picture a tipsy tourist stumbling upon this peculiar monument. Oh, the comedic potential!

Long Neck

No, we don’t believe this man is channeling his inner giraffe (at least, we hope not). But as die-hard Naruto fans, this statue unleashes a whirlwind of intense PTSD/Nostalgia. If you’ve witnessed the legendary anime, you’ll surely remember Orochimaru’s spine-chilling long-neck jutsu, a creepy attack that haunts our dreams.

Image Credit: Jack_Of_Blades_

Although the sculptor may have been a Naruto fan, we are not sure if Orochimaru inspired it. However, the theme of this artwork is self-criticism and hatred. Notice how the man is yelling at himself. It’s like they are scolding themselves. We all had those days.

Banana on Wheels

Banana peels are the ultimate sacrificial lambs of romance movies. It’s a classic trope that never fails to evoke laughter and set the stage for love to blossom. We can all recall countless romcom moments where the heroine’s graceful slip on a banana peel conveniently led her straight into the hero’s waiting arms.

Image Credit: altonbrownfan

This banana peel has grown tired of being an uncredited cliché in other people’s love lives. Who enjoys being stepped on to ignite someone else’s romantic escapades? If fate insists on a slippery encounter on the cold pavement, they might as well do it on their terms.

Forest Cult

As certified couch potatoes, we have no interest in hiking or going outside. Unless it’s an extreme emergency involving snacks or pizza delivery, we prefer to stay firmly planted on our cozy throne. Therefore, our concerned peers and family often tell us to “go outside and touch the grass.”

Image Credit: paralemptor

After laying eyes on this photo, we decided to take the advice of our peers and go outside. We’re taking it a step further and leaving this planet altogether. We refuse to reside in a world where such a bizarre sight exists in the wild.

“Life is about Balance”

When we named this listicle “45 Bizarre Sculptures That Will Keep Anyone Up At Night,” we weren’t joking around. It kept us up at night too, and a significant portion of the blame rests on this abominable sculpture from Australia.

Image Credit: Snarfy_Shnarf

This statue had the potential to be a true vision of elegance if only it hadn’t taken a tumble and ended up in an upside-down position. As they say, “Life is all about balance,” but it seems the sculptor took that phrase too literally.

Indianapolis Public Library

Residents of Indianapolis must be pretty brave! It’s remarkable how they managed to keep their pants dry while strolling past this peculiar public library (although we can’t guarantee there weren’t a few accidental wettings). And the mystery deepens even further as to why the Slender Man has taken up the duty of guarding books.

Image Credit: DukeMaximum

Usually, libraries honor literary figures like Shakespeare with great busts. However, as survivors of the 2010-Slender-Man-craze, we can confidently declare that there is nothing literary about this enigmatic entity. Slender Man is the embodiment of pure nightmares. The library better have the best horror, or else someone might sue them.

Horror Transformers

While we often hear about legal cases involving plagiarism and royalty disputes in artistic properties, it’s high time the justice system addressed another pressing issue: artworks that threaten public well-being! Thanks to these terrifying creations, we’ve become experts at avoiding going outside during Halloween.

Image Credit: Legatus_Loki

Even the promise of chocolates couldn’t lure us outside for fear of encountering a determined bunny costume-wearer ready to frighten us. So you can imagine the havoc this car would wreak on our delicate hearts. It’s like stumbling upon the unreleased horror sequel of the Transformers franchise in the park.

Ice King  

We’re left with so many questions, and we’re not sure if we’re brave enough to seek the answers. All we want is to sit down with the sculptor of this statue and share a glass of whiskey, hoping it will help us make sense of their artistic choice.

Image Credit: bobanab

There is a saying that inebriated individuals speak their minds, and we are dying to hear the story behind this sculpture. What compelled the artist to depict a naked man standing atop a horse? And why is the horse impaled and missing its limbs?

Just Another Day in Australia

Legend has it that Australia is where the devil himself curates his unique collection of creatures. We won’t dispute that claim, for we’ve come to accept the truth of it. It’s a land of delightful encounters with nature’s mischievous creations.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Australia is known for being home to some of the world’s most terrifying creatures, like tarantulas that can eat toddlers and praying mantises the size of trees—it’s not a destination for the faint of heart! And just when we thought we had seen it all, we stumbled upon this bizarre sculpture on a public street.


Take a moment to appreciate the man in the black t-shirt, whose expression perfectly captures our profound sorrow—we have never felt so connected to a stranger before! Let’s shed a tear together for the tragedy that has befallen this once beautiful place with this abomination in the park.

Image Credit: ButZebrasCantSmell

Behold the eyeball of ultimate tear-inducing power! Its sole purpose is to make everyone in its vicinity weep like onions were served for dessert. This photo was captured from a restaurant unlucky enough to have a front-row seat to this monstrosity.


Life loves to play its little games of imitation, and this lady got a taste of it during her escapades in Switzerland. As fate would have it, she stumbled upon a wood carving that bore an uncanny resemblance to her fabulous self.

Image Credit: Blueskyblonde

Many called her claims bogus and insisted that the statue was made after she arrived. Regardless, one cannot deny the skill and artistry of the sculptor behind this masterpiece. As they say, sculpting is a craft fit for the gods, and this statue is a testament to that.

Doctor Octopus

While we’ve voiced our grievances about various sculptures, this time, we find ourselves at a loss for words regarding the theme and the uncanny resemblance to Doctor Octopus from Spiderman. Instead, the excessive clusters of indents on this golden creation are triggering us.

Image Credit: eindeutscherblick

This sculpture is a nightmare for people with Trypophobia; unfortunately, there’s not much support for them. The sculptor seemed to have had a field day with a spoon, leaving the statue covered in tiny holes. We’re not even sure where this sculpture is, but we’ll avoid that area at all costs.

Eugenio María de Hostos

At first glance, this peculiar sculpture featuring a grown man holding up a group of kids in gravity-defying acrobatic poses may raise some eyebrows. But once you learn its heartwarming backstory, everything falls into place and it makes perfect sense.

Image Credit: amandalikestheworld

Meet the remarkable Puerto Rican educator who not only elevated the literacy rate in the country but also spearheaded its path toward progress. The symbolic image of him lifting these children signifies his tireless efforts to uplift the young generation of Puerto Rico toward a brighter future.


No. Just no. Remember what we said about some art that deserves legal persecution for scaring people? If that law were in order, this bunny would be on death row faster than you can say “carrots.” Who would have thought fluffy little bunnies could inspire such dread?

Image Credit: PizpiTheCat

This artist has undoubtedly left an impression on us—different from what we hoped for! If art is meant to stick with you, this one’s glued to our nightmares forever. We’re now contemplating enrolling in Hogwarts to get our memories wiped clean.

Jar Jar Binks

This peculiar creature may seem like an oddity worthy of criticism to the uninitiated. But for true Star Wars fans, this duck-lizard hybrid holds a special place in our hearts (even if some wish it met an unfortunate fate). May the Force be with them!

Image Credit: kronograf

The owner of this remarkable sculpture has no shame in proudly showcasing their life-sized Jar Jar Binks masterpiece. It takes center stage in their living room. And if it happens to cause someone to faint from overwhelming awe, that’s just an unexpected bonus.

Corn Airplane

We had to pause for a solid ten minutes to catch our breath because we were laughing uncontrollably. No offense to the beloved Midwest, but this epitomizes American Midwestern charm. They’ve gone above and beyond by crafting actual planes out of corn.

Image Credit: TheForNoReason

Can you imagine the look on the face of a tourist who made the mistake of booking a flight with this corny airline? They probably looked at that corn-covered plane and thought, “Well, this is how it ends. I guess I’ll never see my family again.”

Horse is Prague

We discovered that sculptors seem to have a grudge against horses. They can’t resist contorting them into bizarre and twisted positions. We’re genuinely intrigued to uncover the inspiration behind this particular statue and what led the sculptor to create such an unconventional masterpiece.

Image Credit: jamalthecat

Talk about living life on the edge! The people of Prague must have unwavering faith in the strength of those flimsy ropes, hanging this grotesque statue like it’s no big deal. And let’s not forget the genius idea of supporting it with a fragile glass roof.

Giant Floating Baby

Despite being lightweights when it comes to alcohol, we can’t help but feel tempted to down the strongest spirits and embark on a tipsy tour of all these bizarre locations. Who needs inhibitions when you have the courage of a slightly intoxicated explorer? Just imagine the stories we’d have to tell the following day!

Image Credit: The-native-cdo

We can’t help but entertain the idea of embarking on a tipsy nighttime adventure to visit this colossal pale baby. It’s the ultimate test of bravery and sobriety or lack thereof. Remember, it’s all fun and games until the baby starts crying!

Project “Seeding”

Motivational speakers on the internet often remind us of the fierce competition we faced even before we were born. They say we’re all winners for triumphing over millions of other sperm. It’s a heartwarming sentiment, but let’s be honest—sometimes, we look at ourselves and wonder if we accidentally took a wrong turn somewhere.

Image Credit: lindabakkeproductions

Maybe the world missed out on a future genius or a fearless leader because you won the race of the sperm. Imagine if your sibling had claimed victory instead; they could be ruling the world while you’re here contemplating life’s mysteries.

Panda Statue

The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is a masterpiece that even the ancient masters would bow down to. From the epic storylines to the lovable characters, mind-blowing action sequences, and the background music that makes your heart do a happy dance, it’s pure cinematic perfection.

Image Credit: tr2k8

Hold on to your bamboo sticks because China unleashed the ultimate crossover: Kung Fu Panda meets Transformers! This larger-than-life panda in a mighty mecha suit is a stroke of genius. We can hear Po’s excitement as he jumps into action alongside his robot buddies.

Mac n Cheese

As it turns out, Italians take their food seriously—very seriously. We learned this the hard way when we innocently shared this photo with our Italian friend. We were swiftly banished from her social media kingdom in seconds, blocked on all fronts.

Image Credit: Skywalker_1881

Aurelia, if you are reading this, we are sorry. We must clarify that we had no hand in creating this rather cheesy statue (pun intended). We realize that using boxed macaroni and cheese instead of traditional Italian pasta may have seemed a little, well, “out of shape.”

Sculpture Park

Now this is what we call a masterpiece! We are overjoyed to share the existence of sculpture parks, where creativity knows no bounds. Look at this majestic stag, a magical creation in Wisconsin’s heart. What’s even more impressive is that talented local artists craft all the sculptures in this park.

Image Credit: EckisReckis

Watch out for this mystical stag! It’s not just a pretty sculpture; it’s a terrifying creature straight out of Wisconsin folklore. Legend has it that the stag lures unsuspecting victims to the water’s edge, only to use its antlers to impale them and drag them under.

Bear Statue

Brace yourselves! This gigantic bear is a master of giving surprise heart attacks to unsuspecting passersby. But fear not, for underneath that heart-stopping exterior lies the cutest, cuddliest creature you’ll ever encounter in the world of bizarre sculptures. We’re willing to risk our lives for a bear hug from this lovable giant.

Image Credit: cocoa2512

Our dreams of a bear hug are shattered as this big, chunky fella won’t fit within the confines of our little human arms. But fear not, for we can still climb upon this majestic beast and give it a playful nose boop.

Shark Statue

Remember that mischievous troublemaker from middle school who loved pulling pranks and causing chaos? Well, imagine if that kid decided to channel their mischief into a career as a sculptor. This artwork is the result—a delightful blend of whimsy, creativity, and a touch of mischief.

Image Credit: 1091drawde

This artist had a devious plan in mind. They strategically placed this terrifying statue underwater, knowing it would make even the bravest divers question their life choices. The water in the photo appears murky, possibly due to the divers’ startled reactions.

Shark Statue 2.0

The mischievous prankster kid from middle school might have found a new passion in the fitness world. His sculpting skills took on a whole new form as he traded his art tools for dumbbells. Now, his clay mix probably hints at protein shake and sweat, giving it a unique and pungent aroma.

Image Credit: villanuevahacienda

The mischievous kid found an outlet for his energy, embracing a style that blends Michelangelo’s classical techniques with a modern twist. The result? A collection of artworks that boast bulging muscles and a captivating blend of strength and artistry. It’s fascinating how creativity can manifest unexpectedly; this muscular artist’s journey is a testament to that.

Creepy Statues

It looks like the Madagascar gang is back for another adventure, but things have taken a spooky turn this time. In this alternate-universe storyline, they might be on a ghost ship somewhere or fighting off zombie lemurs. Our imaginations are running wild!

Image Credit: Wooden-Goat-3525

It’s possible that they stumbled upon a secret underwater society or were abducted by aliens. On the other hand, they might have accidentally joined a college fraternity and experienced the craziest party of their lives. But let’s be honest—even wild animals wouldn’t be able to handle the insanity of a frat party.

A Tree

Welcome to the perplexing world of “The Tree of Confusion.” It’s a real head-scratcher, folks. We have no clue why those random objects are hanging from its branches. But one thing is for sure: this tree has become a beacon of bewilderment for all who stumble upon it.

Image Credit: mikko_kello

Our minds are boggled, and our words stumble in confusion when confronted with this perplexing creation. It’s so bizarre that we can’t even muster a proper critique. One daring online soul proposed it was a UFO that had an unfortunate rendezvous with Earth, while another suggested it was a cow having an identity crisis.


South Korea is a captivating land where tradition and history span thousands of years, accompanied by a culinary scene that could make Europeans green with envy (sorry, not sorry). To truly immerse yourself in the South Korean experience, one must dedicate considerable time to the world of K-pop.

Image Credit: margalit_omri

You can’t miss out on scenic spots like the stunning Jeju island, but to truly experience South Korea, you must visit its bizarre statue parks. Even if that kid could talk, they would still be left speechless by these sights.


We’ve come across some truly bizarre things on this list, so in comparison, this metal pipe word doesn’t seem too bad. We’re not entirely convinced if it qualifies as a sculpture since it’s just a word made of pipes. But hey, if we go by the definition of sculpting, it technically falls under that category.

Image Credit: dedelec

Talk about an unintentional comedy! The intention behind these metal pipe letters was to spell ‘Jax’ for Jacksonville, but with that overly stylish font, it ended up looking more like ‘Lerp.’ Oops! It shows that sometimes even the best-laid plans can take a hilarious turn.


Architects and sculptors sure know how to play visual pranks on us. Take the front entrance of the Taj Mahal, for instance. It’s like a mind-bending optical illusion! As you approach the tomb, it seems to magically drift further away.

Image Credit: tacitmeniscus

In ancient times, there were rumors among the locals that the entrance to the Taj Mahal was cursed, with whispers that the ghost of the old emperor himself was deterring visitors from approaching his beloved’s final resting place. And speaking of mischievous beings, this particular Santa sculpture has been taken a page from that playbook.

Duck Bananas

This is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar things our eyes have ever beheld (and secretly, we can’t help but wonder where we can get our hands on one). The sculptor responsible for this creation must have been in a delightful delirium or blessed with an unorthodox imagination.

Image Credit: arjun_raf

Speaking of duckananas, they bring back memories of the colossal, unattractive duck that our dear grandfather used to raise. That creature was as repulsive as it was unsightly. Whenever you dared to enter its coop searching for eggs, it would emit a piercing quack and launch a full-fledged attack.


It does not matter whether you like their product; their initiatives back in the day were considered revolutionary due to their canned nature. Campbell’s food has a long shelf life. Hence it was a great help during the war and the great depression.

Image Credit: zhack_

The brand is 154 years old and still going strong. Even the chubby pigeon in the picture can’t resist trying to open the can. Although we don’t recommend eating sweet chicken, fear not! We have plenty of cuddles to share.


Remember what we said about some art that deserves legal persecution for scaring people? This sculpture is equivalent to a war crime. It is okay to love Cheetos; we do too. However, do you really have to go far for it?

Image Credit: citizenrelations.canada

We can all relate to the joy of indulging in a tasty snack like Cheetos, whose iconic orange dust tends to coat our fingertips. However, seeing that orange residue on a stone hand somehow makes it a bit more unsettling.

Alan Turing

As much as we love the craftsmanship of this sculpture, we are still reasonably scared of it. This is why we never go trekking or hiking. We might see something like that and die right on the spot from a heart attack. 

Image Credit: malleeman

This sculpture was dedicated to Alan Turing, the father of computer science. The poor guy did not live the best life despite him being one of the smartest people in existence. Making a skinny statue of him and putting it in a swamp is not the best way of honoring him. 

Stag Spirit

Now this is a sculpture that we could trust (it’s partially because of the dog and the bunny). If we saw that sculpture outside of a library, we would have immediately gone inside since we know they have some bomb fantasy collection.

Image Credit: millamber

This is honestly our favorite from this list. It looks like a forest spirit is commanding the creatures around them, despite the urban setting. It is also hilarious because it looks like those dogs are waiting for the stag to throw the lamppost in their hand. 


Taking the overly expensive art course from college seemed to have benefited us a bit. After looking at this column, we can immediately recognize it as a Corinthian column. Out of all the varieties of column, they happen to be our favorite. 

Image Credit: Skywalker_1881

It is mostly due to the intricate floral designs that decorate the top of every Corinthian column. Walking amongst a bunch of Corinthian columns makes me feel like a princess from ancient Greek. However, Stanford seemed to have made a basilisk version of the column. 

The Traveler

We have had a plethora of questionable compositions in this listicle. However, this is the first time we feel genuinely stunned. We have never seen this level of hyperrealism in any sculpture. We were about to sue the Orlando airport for imprisoning a man behind glass panels. 

Image Credit: eisenbergw

However, it took a lot of convincing for us to finally believe that this is just a statue. We are stunned by the level of the sculptors skills. Despite the low quality of the photo, we can literally see this man’s leg hair. No wonder they call it the craft of gods. 


Apologies to whoever made this statue because we can longer give this one a fair judgment after seeing the previous sculpture. It is almost as if we are comparing Adele to Lil Pump or eating carrots after having the best lasagna.

Image Credit: DeviENT_Girl

We have seen people make statues for Cheetos and canned soups. It is only fair to dedicate some love to sausages. We personally think sausages are underrated. They literally repackage the unwanted parts of the animal and mold them to a delicious flavor bomb.


Brace yourselves because we’ve reached the grand finale of bizarre sculptures. If there was a courtroom for art crimes, the sculptor behind this piece would serve a life sentence in Alcatraz. There’s no denying the unsettling nature of an empty void where a child’s head should be.

Image Credit: honeybadger951

Attention, HBO! We have stumbled upon a sculptor with a talent for crafting horrifying creatures. Their designs are so spine-chilling that they could easily be featured in your next hit horror series. We must warn you, though, that encountering their creations late at night may result in sleepless nights and stolen blankets.