Student Hall of Fame: Class Clowns and Hilarious Moments

By Aileen D

As a student, you are expected to sit still in the classroom, listen to the teacher’s discussion, and ace the exams, which makes student life boring and tough.

Some students do excel in this—they listen attentively to the teachers, do every homework assigned to them, and do well on exams.

However, not all students are good at it. That’s where the jokester and pranksters come in!

These kids deserve an A + for being the kings of wit. If there was an award for the biggest goofball then they’d certainly win it!

Filling a classroom with plastic balls and faking your ID are some of the kooky ideas you’ll find in these creative youngsters!

Jaffar From Lion King

This naughty student covertly changed his name during school picture day, and no one even one noticed it.

Then, the names on the pictures were printed on the ID cards, and again, nobody noticed it or even bothered to double-check the details on the picture. Genius!

Image Courtesy of universityfox

So, when the official school ID was given, this guy’s name says he is “Jaffar Fromaladdin”. We don’t know how he comes up with this name, but for sure everybody who loves Disney movies will remember this guy named Jaffar from Aladdin. 

Does he look like him? You be the judge.

But Do You Like to Move it?

The topic for this activity is all about action words or verbs. Here, the student is asked to complete the sentences with verbs related to what he/she likes to do with family and friends.

Image Courtesy of ifunny

The student answered most charmingly from the lyrics of the music “I Like to Move It”. Well, maybe what the student needs to hit the arcade up later and play a game of Dance Dance Revolution!

Pure Genius

Teachers usually do locker checks to see if students are bringing something in school which could be potentially dangerous that they may have hidden in their lockers.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Normally, teachers would find books, papers, and almost anything school-related. So, imagine how this teacher got the shock of his/her academe life when she opens this particular locker and sees a cute, miniature dinosaur tea party with a working chandelier.

Now we wonder where this student got these..

Perhaps they’re planning on selling them?

This or That?

Less than or more than is a topic in math that compares two values. It uses the symbol “<” for less than and the symbol “>” for more than.

Image Courtesy of imggur

However, in the instruction, students were asked to write the symbol for less than and more than in this activity. For this particular student, he was comprehending the instructions in a different way.

Well, they did say to write “or”, right after all.

Game of Thrones?

It’s a graduation tradition to put messages on top of the student’s cap, and since it has a wide space for display, then why not use it to convey a message.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

For sure, this student knows the harsh reality of college tuition. Many of these college students take out loans to pay for tuition fees and are swamped in debt for the years to come. She surely knows how to express a message interestingly.

She surely made Daenerys Targaryen proud. All she’s missing is the white wig.

Life Goals

This kid has a different set of life goals in mind.

Judging from the handwriting and the answers, we could say that this young student is a boy.

Image Courtesy of pleated-jeans

Usually, children are asked what they want to do in the future. Normally, children would answer that they want to be a doctor, teacher, pilot, scientist, astronaut, and so much more. However, with this young kid, his answers were quite straight to the point and quite different from what a kid would generally answer.

Well, at least he’s just getting a head start.

Bottle Curtain

Some students decided to put a prank on their teacher by collecting plastic bottles and making a little “room” around the teacher’s desk.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

We are not sure why these students made this, but to everyone’s amazement, the teacher loved the mini-room. It’s like a special and separate space for the teacher which divides them from the class.

Maybe they can ever turn this into a business. Or it would make a neat corona protection room shield.

Genius at Play

From the looks of the paper, one could say that this is done by a grade school pupil or an elementary student.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

The student was pretty confident in his/her answers on questions 4 to 6. However, in the 7th question, the student is quite unsure what to answer, judging from the eraser marks. In the end, the pupil came up with a very smart answer, which the teacher didn’t like.

Pretty witty kid too. He’s gonna grow up to a great comedian!

He Gets a Pass

Math exams can be tough, and this particular one is no exemption for this student.

The instructions said to label the axes (plural of axis), which probably means the x and y-axis in the graph.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

We aren’t sure if the student knows the answer or just felt like being funny. Either way, the outcome is an intelligent and funny move for the student.

Plus, the student did draw some nice-looking axes.

Sam, is That You?

Someone from the school printed a bunch of this life-sized face picture and began sticking them behind the glass part of the doors in the school.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The picture looks pretty realistic and at the same time creepy. If someone turned a corner and saw this picture staring back, that person would probably go back for a run in the opposite direction.

The face just looks like exactly how the students feel after a long and exhausting day at school. Let’s hope the kid doesn’t see this and gets freaked out by his own face.

Where’s Bill At?

Students really like to play jokes on each other, to their teachers, and even to school administrators.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Like this particular picture where a pole has a notice to Post No Bills. The bills referred to this notice is referring to flyers, but, this particular student took it in a different direction by posting pictures of famous people with the name Bill.

After all, that’s a dashing picture of Bill Murray!

Bomb’s Away!

By looking at the picture, we could say that the exam is all about solid, liquid, and gas. This topic is usually discussed in elementary science.

Image Courtesy of boredpanda

During the first few questions, this student has answered it flawlessly. However, upon reaching the last question, this specific pupil has a rather extraordinary answer.

When asked for something that has gaseous form, the student answered fart, which is scientifically correct. But, by the looks of it, the teacher was looking for a more appropriate answer.

Well, it technically is a gas…

School of Laughs

Students love to have fun on almost anything under the sun, and this is no exception. After noticing the sign above the entrance to their high school building for years, some students in their senior years realized that their school’s name has the letters “L”, “O”, and “L” in it, though not beside each other.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

So what they did, they removed the other letters while keeping these three letters and thereby changing the name of the school to LOL High School, I wonder what the classes are? Meme 101? How to photoshop president’s heads on animals? That could make for an actual funny school!

Afro Jack

Graphing calculators are students’ best bud, especially during math class. But for this specific student, it’s more than that.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Almost all of us has written out messages, shot down spaceships, and even played games with our graphic calculator.

This student took it one step further and drew out a picture-perfect photo of their math professor. Who would know that graphic calculators could create images?

One thing for sure, though, this talented student has a potential career path in comedy arts.

Eye See you

Especially with a lot of projects and assignments piling up or if you’re a student juggling both work and school, it’s hard to stay awake in class.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Thus, this one student has thought of a clever idea so that his teacher will not catch him taking a nap.

He cut out a picture with open eyes and placed it in his eyelids. This way he can sleep soundly in class without getting caught by his teacher.

We thought we saw him blink!


During this exam, students are asked to illustrate a plant cell and distinguish its most important parts.

Image Courtesy of boredpanda

This particular student has a different comprehension of a plant cell. Instead of drawing a plant’s cell, this student drew a plant inside a prison cell. Plus, what’s even funnier is that this pupil even identified the parts of the prison cell.

Well, this child deserves to have extra points for at least following the directions! Good job kiddo.

Sleeping Beauty

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This is another take of students giving in to the urge to sleep in class. We are presuming that attendance is important in this lecture class. So, by attending the lecture even just to sleep is much better than not showing up in class at all.

It may not look remarkably comfortable, but this might be this student’s best shot to finally get some deserved sleep. We just wish we could see the professor’s reaction when he passes by. Eeeps!

Live From ESPN

Sportscasters make the game more fun and exhilarating for the audience. These group of ambitious youngsters set their very own ESPN SportsCenter game cast to broadcast their school’s basketball game.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

They even went all out by wearing suits and ties and even have headsets on. These guys look like professional sportscasters in the school gymnasium.

Hopefully, one team actually won this game! Because we’d surely be distracted by this setup. Nice one, guys!

But Did You Say Post Its?

There is this tradition among senior high school students to put one last final prank on staff and faculty that will surely make them memorable for these people.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

So, this prank, brought by senior students, should not come as a surprise for the administration. What they did was they broke into the office and placed sticky notes to all four sides of the wall including the desk, bookshelf, window, and even the printer.

Good luck finding those books that you need to grade, teachers!

Recipe for Mason

As they say, one of the most memorable years in school is in high school, and a good way to remember these years is through a yearbook.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

For this reason, most high school students spend days agonizing on what to wear and what quote to put under their picture that would represent them. Mason Goodman looks pretty handsome in his coat and tie. But what makes him different from the rest of his batch is the senior quote he chose.

He chooses a pancake recipe as a quote in the yearbook. Well, his classmates and batchmates would feel hungry reading his quote and would even be inspired to make a yummy and fluffy pancake, thanks to Mason.

Not Pleased

One cannot choose his/her name. This specific professor ended up with an ill-fated name to post as a door sign, as students continually change it into something funny. Students add the letters “O” and “R” to

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Dr. Hedgehog’s name, making it the name of a small, prickly animal. Students find it funny that they cannot hold themselves from adding these two extra letters on the door sign. Dr Hedgeh should just get used to it as this is not going to stop soon.

Sorry, prof.

Just Being Real

Honesty is indeed the best policy. Well, this student is good proof of that.

This particular student got an extra point for answering the question honestly, even though this is not exactly what the teacher wants.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

We do not have any idea what the program in question 5 refers, but it sure is a complicated one.

So, instead of stressing to answer the question, this student just answered it truthfully, allowing this student to earn an extra point for his/her honesty.

The Papercut Finder Bottle

Most of us get cuts without even realizing it, and students are not exempted from it. Usually, when we hold something we put antibacterial gels in our hands to make it clean and kill those nasty germs.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Well, these silly students have pointed out another good use of these antibacterial gels which is finding cuts and scratches on your hands that you haven’t even known. So, when you apply this gel, you will be reminded of the cut you made earlier on in the day.

Creative but Painful!

One calculus professor arrived in his office one morning to find this note posted on his door. One of his students were not happy with how the exams went and wanted to vent out his frustration regarding the exam to this particular professor.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

We should give credit to this student as he/she indeed made a good point. These math tests usually have problems with a lot of unrelated facts that make everything more complicated and hard to solve.

But this kid took his answer to a whole another level. Perhaps he’s also a budding poet?

Winning at Life

The main point of hide and seek is not to be found, well this group of students have done it perfectly. Kudos to them!

Image Courtesy of universityfox

A faculty member has called the University police one night, as a bunch of students were playing hide and seek late night. However, the police did not find them.

We think the police officers have missed the main point of the game. Looks like the students won the game over from the University Police.

Engineer Only Zone

When hardworking students are inside the classroom, they seem to act like animals inside the cage. By the looks of these 2 guys through the caged window, it seems like that is the case here.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

So a student put a sign in the door pointing out this funny scenario. It is indeed true that engineers spend a lot of time working seriously.

Make sure not to make any sudden sounds or movements. Just throw a cold pizza at them and let them code away.

The Ghost Cheeto

Students will find anything to entertain themselves, especially when they feel bored in class. So, when these bunch of students noticed a hole in the floor and could see the students below, they use it to entertain themselves.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

With the use of a piece of yarn and Cheetos, they lowered their offering into the hole. We wonder what was the young woman’s reaction when she finally noticed the offering from above.

We just think that Cheeto might be a day or two old..

Congratulations Chad

This particular student wanted a graduation photo but which is impossible since he graduated from an online college.

He badly wanted a grad photo, so he bought himself a grad gown and cap. When his diploma arrived from the postal office, he wore his gown and cap and asked the mailman to pose as he gave his certificate to him.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The mailman kindly obliged, and this man got what he wanted, a graduation photo in an unusual way.

That would’ve made a sick yearbook picture, Chad!

Rapper’s Start

Usually in school, it is quite common to have writing tasks that are pretty challenging and tough.

Writing a short story is hard as you are expected to narrate a whole story by using only a few words.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

A teacher asked the class to compose a short story, although it was not clear what the short story should be about. While all the students tried their best to create the best short story, this particular student handed this gem.

It may be funny for us but we can’t imagine how infuriating it will be for this student’s teacher.

Or maybe he likes Slim Shady, that would make a great plot twist.

Connect The Dots

Who doesn’t want to get a 100 mark on a test paper? Well, certainly not this student as he found a good trick to get his teacher to write 100 on his test paper.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

How did he do it? He just simply made a connect the dots puzzle on the upper right corner of the front page of the exam. The teacher unknowingly played along and was tricked to write 100.

Even if he didn’t really get that good of a score, the connect the dots puzzle he made earned him a good mark.

Makeshift Junk Food Backpack

We always have that one classmate who brings loads of snacks to munch on, like chips, cookies, candies – name it and they surely had it.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This guy called “snack pack” has brought enough snacks for the day, as you can see in the image.

The creativity here deserves a grade of A+. Don’t ask me why he got the name though. One thing is for sure though, he won’t be feeling hungry for the rest of the day.

Look at Me!

It is undeniable – the feeling to walk on stage, with a cap and gown, and receive your college diploma. Seeing this will definitely make every parent proud.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

That is exactly what this lad wanted, although he didn’t actually graduate. What this guy did was bought a gown and cap, showed up at a graduation ceremony in a school where he didn’t even attend to and walked with the other graduates.

A very sweet gesture he did for his mom, although he made himself a laughingstock. We hope it was worth it!

Savior of Students

If you have attended college lectures, you definitely know that they are one of the worse parts of college. They are most confusing and boring, and they even have professors who want to make sure that students are taking notes and following through.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The good thing about a laptop is that people in front of you don’t have any idea what you’re typing; thus, this kid was able to continue with his plan. Those sitting behind him knew what was really going on and even commended him for it.

Unfair Deal

Everyone knows that going to college is expensive. Some students even juggle school and work and others take out college loans just to be able to attend college.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

And when you are asked to pay a huge sum of money in a prestigious university, you also would expect to get more privileges in return. Apparently, this particular student thought so too.

Imagine this student’s disappointment when they were only given one-ply toilet paper, which is the worst. Whoever you are, we are with you in this.

2 Player Game

it’s so easy for students to kill time during class or even on breaks which were supposed to be allotted for studying. However, if you are procrastinating over something productive and creative, it does not matter at all.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This is precisely the case for these students who spent their free time making a video game storyboard. From the looks of it, who needs good grades if you have such an amazing imagination.

They’re probably die-hard Pokemon or Dragonball fans!

The Great Escape

Teachers dread the last day of school as they expect students especially the seniors to pull off their best, final prank of the year.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This prank is one for the books. These students would probably get a perfect score or even more for imagination and execution. Just imagine the look on the principal’s face when he arrived in school first thing in the morning.

Waffle Guy

It’s hard to stay focused in class when your stomach is rumbling from hunger. Well, this guy right here knows just how dreadful it is and thinks of a perfect solution to it.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

He brought with him a waffle maker and batter, and cooked waffles while attending class. He handed them out to his classmates to fill their stomachs.

We don’t exactly know if he also gave his teacher a share of his mouth-watering waffles. Let’s just hope they were blueberry flavoured.

Sorry I’m Late

Again, this is another senior prank tradition. The senior class of this high school painted the parking spots of this school’s parking lot.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This smart, young woman painted this parking spot saying “If you’re reading this I’m late.”.

Well, she does make a good point. If someone can still read the note on the parking spot, then it means that the person supposed to park there is still not around, which means that the person is indeed late.


One student was pretty upset after failing an exam. He approached and told his teacher that he was going to let a dinosaur crush that professor’s car for giving him a low grade.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The teacher just shrugged off the warning and just go on, as if nothing happened. However, the teacher got a good laugh as he found a miniature dinosaur on the windshield.

The teacher thought the deed was hilarious, but still, it’s not enough to mend that student’s grade.

Sacrificial Lamb

It is quite common to find graffiti, especially in university bathrooms. Although this usually consists of insults, for this picture, it is more on the lighter side.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Someone from the university, with a good sense of humour, wrote a note that reads “Place Sacrifice Here” on the changing table of the family bathroom. It’s a harmless and funny joke that is bound to make a frazzled parent smile as they place their baby on it.

We hope they understand that this is a school and the kids were just being funny.

Star Wars Troll

In some way, one particular student apparently managed to have their name registered as The Great Jar Jar Binks at Portland Community College.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

It was clear that nobody bothered to check the name and address when this was mailed out since it passed the office personnel and into the mailbox.

If this letter is really headed to Jar Jar Binks, it will take some time to reach planet Naboo, where Jar Jar Binks lives.

Cooking Up a Storm

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, for some, they don’t have the luxury of time to even prepare one.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

But fear not, as this guy in the picture has come up with a way to enjoy a hearty meal even when classes are way too early.

Who can ever resist bacon and eggs in the morning? This intelligent guy could even start a business with this and earn a few extra bucks.

The Ground is Lava Get Out!

When teenagers head off to college, one might perceive that they have grown up and matured. However, this picture just shows that it doesn’t necessarily apply to all.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Even when they’re already in college, they still find every opportunity to goof around and play games. Some students from this dorm spread the furniture in the hallway and placed a sign which says “the ground is lava”.

It does look fun trying to get to the end of the hallway without touching the ground. Do you think you could make it?

Spongebob Fan

If you are thinking of how you can make your graduation cap better, then maybe you can take a little inspiration from Spongebob Squarepants.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This student could not fathom that it had taken them how many years to finally reach the end of their college journey. It definitely felt like a thousand years just trying to reach until their graduation day.

So, instead of choosing a cute quote on their cap, they decided to make it utterly realistic. We also have to commend the artwork on the cap too.

Stating the Obvious

Surely, teachers have come across a lot of amusing and funny answers while checking their students’ exam papers. A part of them must have been thankful when a random hilarious answer pulls them out from the boring deed.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This funny answer from a student has certainly done that. Even though the answer of the student is incorrect, for sure the teacher checking this paper would love to give him extra points for being brilliantly sarcastic.

Balloon Room

In a college dorm life, prank wars are an essential part. Some would even go to the extremes just to put a prank on each other, and that only indicates that the fun in pranks could be at one’s own expense.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

For this guy, he came to his room to look for his flash drive which contains his thesis. His friends took the prank to the extreme and hid this guy’s flash drive in one of the balloons. So, just imagine how he managed to quickly pop the balloons to look for his flash drive. Now, you know why this is exhilarating.

Patrick is That You?

Graffiti is common, especially in college bathrooms. This just shows that people get bored even when they are doing serious business inside.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

So, a better way to fight the boredom is to draw something funny for someone else to enjoy.

This particular person doesn’t only have humour, but they also have ann artistic hand, as seen in the picture. This might have been hard to scrub out for the cleaner. We feel her pain!

Trophy Wife

Nobody exactly knows how their college career will go in the future. However, this pretty hilarious girl knew all of it well. She obviously is having a hard time choosing which path to go.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

With her grades not doing well, being a trophy wife is part of her options. But, with her looks on the line, she concluded that she needs to study a bit harder.

Class Pet

Every year, a lot of students have petitioned for a day where they can bring their favourite pets along.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

But unfortunately, this hasn’t been formalized yet. For this particular student though, she has decided to take matters into her hands and secretly brought her furry… wait, hang on… sheep during the lecture.

Well, you may be wondering when was it normal to bring a pet and a sheep for that matter in school? Well, I guess this lady was Mary from the kids’ nursery rhyme “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

Do You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Bag?

Part of a college student’s dilemma is having to choose appropriate garment to wear in school. Thanks to this guy here, he has come up with a perfect solution and that is by wearing a garbage bag.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

It may not be the most fashionable cloth to wear nor would it keep you warm especially in a cold room. However, this will do for the day.

We’re betting that he lost to some sort of dare. What do you think?

Fear Not

When you have finally reached the final year in college, that is the time fear sets in. Within a few months, you will start a new chapter of your life and will be forced to enter the real world outside.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

For this college though, they know exactly what “the real world” really is and that is there are not enough jobs that you can apply. So, no need to fret about it.

We love how this could be an album cover or even the front of a dystopic futuristic society!

Where’s Karen?

Social media platforms and messaging apps are used to keep in touch with family and friends. Well, for this girl, it’s just more than that. After all, we are in 2020.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

After being forced to leave class for unknown reasons, this girl managed to attend class even at home with the use of technology. We have to give credit for this girl’s dedication to her classwork.

She better have a good internet connection!

I am the Walrus

If you have the same problem as this kid who gets distracted easily, then you can understand where this particular student is coming from.

Instead of completing the activity, this kid decided to draw a walrus.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The kid explained though that the walrus has unintentionally made its way on the page, leaving the student and the teacher with no choice. However, the student did apologize for the inconvenience the walrus caused, a very thoughtful move on the kid’s part.

And that’s not a bad drawing for a walrus! Hopefully he got a B for creativity!

Automatic Fail

Usually, it is not the best idea to take the risk during exams.

However, for this witty student, it seems to worked out pretty well. The instructions asked students to provide a good example of risk.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Lo and behold, the student did give a concrete example by simply answering “no”. By looking at the checkmark, the teacher did accept the answer, making us conclude that the risk is worth it all.

This Joke Costs a Leg

We have already aforementioned how costly college could be and how hard it is for students to pay for it.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

ell, this young lady decided to make fun of herself by painting her cap with the price she has to pay for college. She joked around saying that she paid college with her other leg. We sure hope colleges won’t accept body parts as tuition fees these days.

A+ Sign

When served with an opportunity to jest around, naughty students would usually go for it like this student.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

However, when the sign on this door says it is alarmed, it means that a warning or bell will go if once the door is opened after 5 pm. This particular student saw the double meaning and tried to personify the door by creating this comical sign.

The door indeed looks anxious in the drawing though.  


Math exams do really get the best out of students, and this one is no exemption to that.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

This student tried to come up with an acceptable answer, as seen through the eraser marks on the test paper.

However, after many failed attempts, this particular person could just not get it right.

In the end, this student gave up but not completely, as he was able to answer it in a very clever yet hilarious way. For sure this gave a little smile to the teacher, even for just a split second.

Joe the Giraffe

There are two types of students in school—one who is the wallflower and the other one who loves to be the centre of everyone’s attention. We think that this guy in the image belongs to the latter category. He surely goes all out in their character day by donning on a giraffe costume.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

Surely, no one could miss this guy wherever he goes.

So, these are just a compilation of some of the wittiest and funniest moments students have. Everybody knows that school days could be boring, but with these types of students, you’ll definitely look forward to the next day in school. We hope you had fun reading this.

The Mariachi Are A-Coming!

This prank by a bunch of students gave the school one whole hour of musical entertainment.

In 2014, some senior high school students at Santa Barbara High School hired a Mariachi band to trail their principal wherever he goes for one hour.

Image Courtesy of universityfox

The band followed him right from the moment he stepped into his office, getting smiles and funny looks from people he passed by. As you can see from the look of his eyes and his smiles that he isn’t upset about the whole prank and even loved it.

Math Challenged

During this exam, students are being asked to change centimetres into meters. No one exactly knows if the student really knows the answer and did this for fun or that the student doesn’t really know how to do so and just stick with this logical answer.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

Well, if we were the teacher, we would still give credit for this student for still arriving at the correct answer even in an entirely different way.