Off The Rails: 30+ Wild And Wacky Scenes Spotted At The Subway

By Jishnu B December 28, 2023

Hey there, subway thrill-seekers! Prepare to embark on a wild ride through the quirkiest corners of the underground world. In this wacky wonderland, the mundane meets the bizarre in a symphony of subway oddities that promises laughs and sighs.

Picture this: a fashion statement drenched in Bernie Cheney’s face and tees boldly declaring, “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing.” But wait, there’s more – meet the virtual reality voyager turning the subway into a portal to alternate dimensions and decode the mystery behind the “Facebitters Club” sweatshirt. 

As you descend into the depths of the urban jungle, you will witness a peculiar parade of strange and hilarious phenomena that could only unfold in the subterranean realm of the subway.  All aboard the laughter express!

Devilish Diva

In a burst of flamboyance, an individual took the subway by storm, donning a devil costume made of leather that could rival any Broadway production. Complete with a matching red purse, this campy commuter turned a typical ride into a fashion spectacle. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over, humans – the subway’s got a leather-clad devil bringing sassy style and a touch of mischief to the express lane! Who knew hell could look so fabulous? Passengers couldn’t help but appreciate the audacity of the leather-wearing devil on her way to paint the town red!

Adulting Expert

Next, we have yet another passenger who stands out for his attire. This one, however, made a bold statement with his T-shirt. Emblazoned with the word “Adulting,” accompanied by a one-star rating, the man’s sentiments about being a grown-up were clear. He literally wore his feelings on his sleeve!

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

The subway is clearly a canvas for humorous self-reflection. Passengers shared knowing glances and perhaps saw a bit of their own adulting struggles in the candid commentary. In a world often filled with formalities, this T-shirt-wielding sage reminded people to embrace life with a dash of humor.

Far from Bikini Bottom

As the subway doors slid open, a trio of peculiar characters stepped in. As everyone looked around trying to find a passenger who had an inkling of who exactly they were, a little kid mumbled the answer to his mom. PS: everyone else got it wrong!

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Only fans of Spongebob could identify the creatures. After what felt like an eternity, word spread around that they were Anchovies. Seeing as they are typically nerdy and often know more than most people, they just shook their heads at the passengers’ ignorance of their species!

Paws and Backpacks

As the subway doors slid open, revealing the hustle within, another quirky tableau unfolded before our eyes. A man, not content with the typical routine of walking his dog, took his furry friend on a subway adventure of a different kind. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

In a specially designed backpack, the canine peered outside, eyes wide with a mix of curiosity and joy. The quirky duo navigated the subway’s twists and turns, proving that in the realm of urban transportation, even our four-legged friends can enjoy a novel and snug commute.

Peacock Pals

This man navigated the subway with an unexpected sidekick—a peacock. These majestic birds are not easy to come by, so this was a really strange sight. As he strolled through the bustling platforms, people couldn’t help but wonder how this odd pairing came to be.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Who needs a pet carrier when you’ve got a subway ticket and a rare bird as your travel buddy? The subway, already a hub of diverse characters, now boasts a feathered co-passenger, proving that in the city, even birds can have a preferred mode of transport. PS: it’s not flying!

The Hoodie Cat Whisperer

In the next one, a woman, seemingly oblivious to the hubbub around her, sat casually on her seat. Nestled within the cozy confines of her hoodie, a cat had made itself at home, its tail peeking out, adding a touch of feline flair to her attire.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Passersby couldn’t help but sneak glances at this harmonious coexistence as the woman and her hoodie-dwelling companion embodied a serene charm amidst the chaos. The rhythmic purring of the contented cat and the woman’s unperturbed demeanor turned a mundane subway ride into a delightful feline fashion showcase. 

The Dog and the Miniature Donkey Ride

The subway played host to a peculiar pairing that turned heads and sparked smiles. Amidst the rush, a dog took a seat – not on a bench, but atop a small toy donkey. Check out the canine commuter, perched regally on its steed, surveying the subway landscape with an air of canine nobility.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

It was a scene that blurred the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary. As passengers exchanged amused glances, the four-legged commuter, and its miniature mount became a source of entertainment, proving that in the fast-paced world of subway travel, a dash of whimsy can turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable journey.

Feline Commuters

In the depths of the chaos that is the subway, you can always count on spotting a unique sight that warms hearts and raises eyebrows alike. An intrepid observer spotted a heart-melting scene featuring a man feeding a small cat with meticulous care. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Picture this: a tiny feline perched comfortably in a warm shawl, lapping up milk while the subway rumbles on its tracks. It’s an unexpected blend of tenderness and urban hustle that created a moment that left passengers smiling in sheer delight.

Avian Commute

In a surreal twist of urban wildlife, someone stumbled upon a scene that left jaws dropping. A man engrossed in the digital world with his smartphone sat with an unexpected companion in his hand – an eagle. Yes, you read that right. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

The majestic bird, sitting nonchalantly, surveyed the subway scene as the man multitasked between navigating his device and being a perch for this feathered fellow. It was a bizarre blend of urban life and nature, proving that the subway isn’t just a human domain but a realm where the unexpected takes flight! 

Monalisa Look-alike

As the passengers of this ride made themselves comfortable, a surreal sight caught their attention—a woman with an uncanny resemblance to the famous Mona Lisa painting. Subtly spotting that enigmatic smile, she seemed to carry an air of mystery, as if the subway had become her modern-day canvas.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Passengers, in their rush from point A to B, couldn’t help but do double-takes, questioning whether they had stumbled upon a living, breathing masterpiece. The ride turned into an unexpected art gallery, leaving people pondering the whims of chance that brought the Monalisa look-alike to their commute!

Canine Comfort

The person who shared this spotted a heartwarming scene unfolding as a fluffy dog found its haven on a man’s lap. You would think the subway, usually a cacophony of sounds, had suddenly turned tranquil as the contented canine lay comfortably, seemingly unfazed by the urban whirlwind. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Passengers couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the furry commuter, turning their attention away from the daily grind to appreciate the simple joy of companionship in the most unexpected places. It’s often the little things that capture our interest most, and this picture is the perfect example of that. 

Time-Traveling Commuter

In a surreal twist filled with historical flair, the subway played host to a commuter who seemed to have stepped out of medieval times. A man dressed in impeccable gentleman’s medieval attire navigated the tunnels with an air of timeless elegance. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Amidst the sea of contemporary commuters, he stood out like a time traveler traversing the urban pulse. The subway was the stage for this unexpected encounter with the past that made passengers a sudden audience to an era where chivalry and the rush hour became fast friends.

Bunny Escapade

As the subway escalator carried passengers up and down, a man and his unique companion, a rabbit casually perched in his arms, captured everyone’s attention. The rabbit, seemingly in tune with the urban vibe, added a touch of whimsy by donning some sunglasses. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Passersby couldn’t help but chuckle at the stylish bunny, wondering if they had stumbled into a parallel universe where even rabbits embraced subway fashion. The subway ride became a brief escape into the extraordinary, leaving smiles and laughter in the wake of this sunglasses-wearing, hop-along adventure.

Regal Roarer

In the midst of the subway’s diverse cast of characters, an intriguing sight featuring a man confidently donning a lion mask paired with a formal suit and shirt unfolded. This enigmatic commuter brought a touch of the wild to the urban jungle and regal air to the ride.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Passengers exchanged curious glances, contemplating the reason for the lion mask and why it seemed to blend seamlessly with the sophistication of a business suit. Seeing as several of them are wearing masks, could it be that this was a kind of mask as well?

Mustard Marvel

As the subway cars jostled along the tracks, a burst of flamboyance graced the scene—a woman adorned in mustard-colored clothes with a bold, busy design print. But that wasn’t all; she elevated her fashion game with a unique accessory—an eye-catching necklace crafted from a stack of toys.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Homer and the rest of the Simpsons were the main characters on the peculiar piece of jewelry. The subway’s mundane rhythm was disrupted by her vibrant presence, which turned the commute into a runway for self-expression. Passengers couldn’t help but be captivated by the kaleidoscope of colors!

Spirited Subway Spirit

In a subway car that could easily double as a scene from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, an adventurous soul transformed into No Face. Sitting amidst the regular commuters, the No Face impersonator recreated an iconic scene from the movie. Passengers exchanged glances, half expecting the spirit world to materialize at the next station. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Forget the regular subway; this No Face commuter is headed straight to the Spirit World Express—next stop, Wonderland! The subway ride turned into a whimsical adventure, as No Face’s presence added a touch of magic that transformed the mundane commute.

Plague Doctor in Transit

In a surreal twist of historical fashion, a passenger donned a black plague doctor outfit, complete with the iconic beak mask. As the subway ferried the mysterious medic through tunnels and stations, the commuters wondered whether time travel had brought them an unlikely healer from the past. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Just to be safe from medieval germs – this plague doctor is prescribing laughter and hand sanitizer for all commuters. The subway ride became a theatrical journey, where the medieval metropolis met modern transit in a bizarre dance of historical hilarity. Or maybe it was just another guy without a regular mask!

Granny with a Punch

In a surprising display of granny grit, an elderly woman boarded the subway rocking a pair of brass knuckles. Passengers couldn’t decide if they were witnessing a relic from a bygone era or a senior citizen with a flair for unconventional accessories. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over knitting needles; this granny’s got brass knuckles, and she’s ready to knit a tale of subway adventures like no other! As she confidently held onto the handrail, one thing was clear – this grandma was ready to punch through the monotony of the daily commute with her unique style!

Canine Commute Royalty

As the subway doors opened, a nonchalant scene stole the spotlight—a dog claiming the window seat with an air of regal indifference. Commuters marveled at the canine commuter’s composure, that made it seem as if it had mastered the art of subway sophistication. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

This dog isn’t just commuting; it’s conquering hearts, one window at a time. Unbothered by the urban clamor, the four-legged passenger transformed the train car into a canine kingdom. The only question is, where are his subjects? The train looks completely empty!

Time-Traveling Trooper

Attention, fellow commuters! Mind the gap in the space-time continuum; we’ve got a British soldier reporting for duty on the express! As the subway transported passengers through the tunnels, a man dressed as a historical British soldier stood proudly among the modern-day commuters.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

The clinking of armor subtly harmonized with the subway’s rhythmic hum, creating a symphony of anachronism. Fellow travelers couldn’t help but salute the unexpected guardian of the car as if they had stumbled into a parallel universe where the Tube met the Tudors!

Poultry Passenger

In a strange feat of ‘fowl play,’ a man donned a chicken costume, casually sat on a bench, and embarked on an unusual culinary endeavor. He nonchalantly cut into a whole roast chicken over his lap, blurring the lines between mealtime and commute time. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

But those weren’t the only lines he blurred. Come on, who wears a chicken costume and then proceeds to eat an entire chicken? Passengers exchanged puzzled glances, unsure whether to laugh or request a slice of the impromptu subway feast!

Miniature Equine Explorer

Hold your hayrides – a small, adorable horse was spotted inside the train, charming commuters with its miniature majesty. The pint-sized equine explorer seemed right at home, navigating the urban jungle with a level of grace that defied its compact size. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over, rush hour – the Pony Express is making tracks! As passengers looked at each other with faces that were equally amused and confused, the subway transformed into a mini-stable that proved that when it comes to unconventional commutes, horses are ready to trot into the hearts of city dwellers.

Quackers on the Move

As the subway doors slid open, a woman strolled in, casually carrying a duck inside a see-through backpack. The quacking companion looked around with curiosity, turning heads all around. Clear backpack? Check. Quacking sidekick? Check. Everyone was up for this adorable scene. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

The subway ride became the hottest ticket in town for our ducky debutante. Commuters couldn’t help but marvel at the whimsy of urban pet transport as the woman and her feathered friend effortlessly navigated the train, proving that in the city, even ducks can ride in style. 

Festive Foliage

All aboard the Tannenbaum Express! This Christmas tree proved that the holiday spirit is best spread through subway carol rides! Forget sleigh rides – the subway was the most preferred mode of transport for a man dressed up as a Christmas tree. We wonder what the motivation behind this costume idea was. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Adorned with twinkling lights and festive ornaments, he transformed the subway car into a mobile Christmas pageant. Judging by his demeanor and hunched-over appearance over his phone, he was probably running late to an event where he was set to play the main role: a Christmas tree.

Poster vs. Passenger

In a twist of subway surrealism, a man appeared to be the living embodiment of the poster on the wall behind him. Commuters did double-takes, questioning if they had stumbled upon a real-life ad campaign or a masterful case of unintentional subway camouflage. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Is it life imitating art or art imitating life? This was now the subway’s latest mystery. Was he a doppelgänger or just a commuter with impeccable timing? The ride became an impromptu guessing game of poster or passenger, blurring the lines between art and reality.

Pineapple Parade

As the subway platforms bustled with activity, a woman added a tropical twist to the commute by walking a pineapple on a leash. The exotic fruit, swaying gently as it followed its owner, turned heads and sparked conversations among passengers.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over dogs – we’ve got a pineapple strutting its stuff in the subway. It’s not a pet; it’s a fashion-forward fruit on a leash! Commuters couldn’t help but marvel at the audacity of this fruity fashion statement. We wonder if it got home safe.

Segway Silliness

In a feat of youthful acrobatics, a kid decided that a subway handle hoop was the perfect spot for their Segway. Hanging on it like a modern monkey bars master, the subway ride turned into a spectacle of gravity-defying antics. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Who needs a Segway tour when you’ve got a subway swing? With this one act, the young acrobat redefined the term ‘hanging out’ on public transport! Commuters exchanged impressed glances as the Segway-swinging boy showcased a new dimension of subway gymnastics.

Dino Trio

Hold on to your tails! Commuting just got a whole lot more Jurassic! In a prehistoric twist, three grown men boarded the subway wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes designed in a way that made it seem like they were riding on floaty reptiles. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

The subway car transformed into a whimsical Jurassic Express, with laughter echoing through the carriages. Passengers couldn’t help but appreciate the lightheartedness of these dino-riding grown-ups. After a couple of inquiries, it was discovered that they were soccer fans. Would you have guessed?

Pom-Pom Pranksters

In an unexpected burst of team spirit, a group of energetic individuals marched into the subway dressed in vibrant cheerleading costumes, complete with blonde wigs. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and as they spontaneously performed a cheerleading routine, the underground transit transformed into a lively stage. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

With their quirky sunglasses and braided blonde wigs, they effortlessly grabbed everyone’s attention. Sure, the subway is typically full of weirdos, as we have seen, but these guys filled that quota that day. Commuters, initially caught off guard, couldn’t help but join in the laughter and cheer!

Masked Mystery

In the land of subway dreams, this masked mystery takes the cake. Who needs a sleep mask when you’ve got a face mask? The subway nap, redefined! As the train moved from station to station, a woman took an unconventional approach to midday rest.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Seated casually, she put a face mask over her eyes, creating an air of mystery. We get it. Some of us don’t sleep pretty. There’s drool, and sometimes the eyes refuse to close all the way! Sleeping in public is a whole mess! Luckily, we now have a hack!

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

In a quiet corner, a man immersed himself in a book that raised more than a few eyebrows – How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. The sight left fellow commuters stifling laughter and sparked conversations about the peculiar title. It was a literary odyssey.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over bestsellers; this gentleman’s guide to feline firearm etiquette just became the star of the subway’s underground book club. Cats, prepare for a safety talk like no other!  The unexpected book choice turned heads and ignited a ripple of amusement throughout the train car.

Therapist’s Insight

As the subway car ferried its human cargo, a man proudly sported a shirt that humorously proclaimed, “My Therapist Knows Your Name.” The clever play on words turned the subway into an impromptu comedy club, where the witty tee garnered chuckles and knowing smiles from fellow commuters. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

In the symphony of subway attire, the man’s tee hit all the right notes. Therapeutic laughter echoed through the carriages, turning the commute into a comedy express! Wonder what the subject of this statement did to deserve such an ‘honor.’

Tote of Solitude

In a stroke of antisocial brilliance, an individual carried a tote bag with a clear message – “If anyone needs me, don’t.” The subway is clearly a popular platform for passive-aggressive declarations of personal space. With this tote, the woman subtly yet distinctly states that you should leave her alone.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

This tote of solitude just declared the subway car a personal haven. An oasis of quiet in the cacophony of city transit – genius! With each glance, fellow passengers couldn’t help but appreciate the bold statement. In other news, does anyone know where we can get a tote like this? Asking for a friend.

Big Bird’s Subway Soiree

As the subway doors opened, a burst of yellow feathers barged in. Someone wearing a Big Bird costume brought Sesame Street vibes to the underground scene. The platform transformed into a joyous celebration of nostalgia, thanks to Big Bird’s feathered antics.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Who knew transit could be this entertaining and nostalgic? Sesame Street Express, all aboard! Commuters, especially the tiny ones, found themselves swept up in infectious happiness, and the normally mundane commute became an unexpected festival of laughter and fuzzy fun.

Gothic Lap Lounge

In the curious tale of unconventional seating, a woman confidently chose to sit on someone’s lap despite the abundance of available seats in the subway car. Both clad in gothic aesthetics, their eccentric choice of seating added an intriguing layer to the already diverse spectrum of commuters on the train. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

How long do you think it took to wear those shoes? The goth life is clearly not for the faint-hearted. Dressing up alone must take hours! When seats become thrones and laps become cushions – the gothic lap lounge saga unfolds. Subway seating, now with a touch of eccentricity and a hint of drama!

Cheney Chic

As the subway doors opened, a bold individual stepped in wearing an outfit imprinted with the iconic face of Bernie Cheney. Just like that, the subway platform turned into an unexpected runway for political satire fashion, as the wearer proudly showcased this unconventional ensemble. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over Fashion Week; the Subway just hosted a political runway. Bernie Cheney chic – because who said political humor can’t be a fashion statement? Chuckles and bemused glances followed this political fashionista, but like every model on a runway, he was the epitome of nonchalance.

Facial Expression Tee

Amidst the hustle and chatter of the subway, a man sported a T-shirt that humorously declared, “Despite the look on my face, you’re still talking.” Silent comedy took center stage in the subway car, as fellow passengers couldn’t help but appreciate the candid humor displayed on the tee. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

In the theater of subway expressions, this man’s T-shirt stole the spotlight. Was this a masterpiece in silent communication or just a witty plea for peace? You decide! Like several other instances we’ve seen, this subway ride turned into a chuckle-worthy exploration of the art of expression.

Rat Race Couture

Closing doors revealed a man confidently wearing a rat costume, injecting a whimsical touch into the daily subway commute. Laughter and smiles rippled through the crowd as this rodent adventurer navigated the urban maze with his tail and ears in tow. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Who needs a mousepad when you’ve got a subway car? Is commuting with a quirky costume the new trend? If so, we missed the memo. If you have a bunch of costumes gathering dust somewhere in the deep crevices of your closet, now’s your chance to shine!

Orange Bike On The Train

Seated on a massive orange bike within the subway confines, a man embarked on a two-wheeled odyssey through the urban tunnels. Passengers exchanged intrigued glances as they looked at the unconventional choice of transportation. Pedals meet platforms! This subway cyclist wheeled in in a splash of color. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

This scene turned the train car into a spectacle. Seeing as the subway is one of the most convenient ways to get around in the big city, we kinda understand why this motorist chose to do this. We just wonder how heavy it is because we suspect he had to lift it at some point.

Business Unusual

In a surreal twist of formality, three impeccably dressed men donning formal suits sat around a makeshift office table complete with papers and pens. The subway car transformed into an impromptu boardroom, and the well-dressed trio conducted business during transit. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Move over office spaces – the subway just became the new headquarters for commuting executives. Suits, ties, and business deals, all aboard the express conference room! Who needs a corner office when you have a subway seat with a view?

Existential Fashion

Amidst the sea of subway attire, a man confidently sported a T-shirt that hilariously declared, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” The bold statement turned the subway into a canvas of existential humor as fellow commuters chuckled and nodded in silent agreement. 

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

In the gallery of subway expressions, this man’s tee is a masterpiece of existential fashion. Commuting never looked so stylish! The subway ride became a collective shrug, proving that sometimes, fashion speaks louder than words. On a different note, what does it say about us that so many of us relate to this statement?

Virtual Reality Voyager

As the doors closed, a man immersed in another dimension emerged, wearing a VR headset with a controller in hand. The subway transformed into a portal to alternate realities, and fellow commuters observed with fascination as this virtual reality voyager navigated unseen landscapes.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

All aboard the VR Express! This subway commuter just turned the ride into a virtual adventure. Who needs a train when you can commute through cyberspace? We can’t decide if this is more awesome or scary. Which side do you lean on?

Mascot Melancholy

In the aftermath of a New York Knicks loss, the team’s mascot embarked on a somber descent down the subway stairs. Dressed in defeat, the mascot’s drooping demeanor told the tale of a game gone awry. Behind him, a compassionate commuter extended a consoling hand, offering solace.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

As the mascot took each step, the subway staircase became a metaphorical journey through the highs and lows of sports fandom. In this scene, the defeat isn’t just felt on the court but resonates through the underground tunnels. Oh well, better luck next time!

Facebitters Club

Welcome to the cryptic club of subway style – the Facebitters Club. The sweatshirt says it all and yet leaves commuters biting their curiosity. Random sweatshirt or fashion statement? The commute took a mysterious turn, with the subway ride becoming an unintentional meeting ground for the Facebitters Club.

Image Credit: SubwayCreatures/Facebook

Could it be that she just picked the first thing that went with the stylish pair of camouflage pants she has on? We doubt it. Anyone who has the guts to buy a sweatshirt like this certainly has the guts to wear it out in public, wouldn’t you agree?