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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: 45 Tattoos People Use To Show Their Love

Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone needs someone in their corner who is always rooting for them. Whether that person is your significant other, a parent, a child, or a pet, it’s important to have at least one person to fill that role in your life. And there are no words that can describe the feeling of having that special someone by your side. Perhaps that’s why so many people get tattoos to show their love for their other half. Sometimes, that means matching tats, while others go for symbology to commemorate someone they’ve lost. Regardless of the design, the emotion remains the same. Check out these sweet, interesting, and creative tats expressing the irreplaceable bonds people have formed. And if you’re thinking of doing the same, maybe one of these will inspire you!

A Budding Artist

Some people are hesitant to get tattoos because they are concerned about the design’s permanence. There’s also the risk that the couple will split up after etching a sign for their spouse. Getting a tattoo for your child, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule.

Image courtesy: sheetmaskcage/reddit

The tattoo pictured above is of a drawing their son created for them. As seen on the left, the son drew a robot and presented it to his parents. The tattoo is especially unforgettable since it keeps the heart-warming memory alive at all times.

Purrfect Tat

Tattoos do not have to be of a human subject; they simply have to be something you love. It goes without saying that pets have found their way into many people’s hearts, so it’s no surprise that some would choose to commemorate that love.

Image courtesy: BigBlueOwl/imgur

The friend this person chose to engrave on their arm was of their cat. It’s a sweet sentiment, but we’re not sure if the cat would appreciate being called “purr evil.” Sorry cat, but it’s true for pretty much every feline!

In Memoriam

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, one of which is to serve as a permanent reminder of something important. They can tattoo their lover’s name or a significant date in the person’s life. It does not, however, have to be simple and uninteresting; you can customize it to your personal preferences.

Image courtesy: Catalogo de Tatuajes para Hombres/pinterest

Here’s someone who went for the conservative memorial tattoo look, but spiced it up to their style. She wanted a tattoo in memory of a loved one who had passed away and whose initial was “G.” To commemorate them in a subtle yet significant way, they included “G” between the angel wings.

Geometric Trash Pandas

Here is a fantastic solution if you’re afraid of having to resent your tattoo after a breakup. It might sound awful to plan for such things, but if you ask anyone with a regrettable tattoo of an ex, they’d probably recommend doing something like this.

Image courtesy: raccoon tattoo/Tatspiration.com

Instead of getting a name or a face, go for an animal you both adore. The fashionable aspect of this tattoo is that it is a geometric type of drawing rather than a traditional drawing. The subtle color differences make the designs perfect when together or apart.


There is a certain connection twins have that can’t be replicated. Spending the majority of your time with someone is a uniquely wonderful experience. Wearing matching clothes, Halloween costumes, backpacks, and experiencing your parents’ adoration are just a few examples of the highlights twins share.

Image courtesy: gubbadubbadoo/reddit

As a result, it’s only natural if the twins or their parents get a tattoo to symbolize their love. Above is a lovely tattoo of a photograph of twins when they were young. We adore the simplistic yet artful design and how well executed it is.

Bob’s Burgers

Relationships are held together by a variety of factors, one of which is having interests in common. Watching shows together strengthens their bond and gives them plenty of topics to talk about. They may even begin to see themselves in the characters after a while.

Source: audreycella/Pinterest

When you and your partner both adore a TV show, it’s acceptable to get tattoos of the characters. In this photo, the pair has a tattoo of the two fan-favorite duo, Bob and Linda, from the popular sitcom Bob’s Burgers.

Love Note

Common interests aren’t just limited to animals and TV shows. Music has a way to bond people that few other media can. We’re not sure if this couple got these tattoos to represent their shared taste in music, or if they are musicians and met through their skills.

Image courtesy: fabcrunch.com

The tattoo is, without a doubt, a unique decision for the pair to have gotten. Looking at each tattoo individually, it’s a lovely drawing. We love how they took this picture with their hands interlocked; it enhances the beauty of the tattoo.

The Perfect Cup of Tea

When it comes to having a matching tattoo with your significant other, creativity knows no bounds. You can draw inspiration from anywhere and everything as long as you and your partner agree. We wouldn’t have guessed that a favorite drink would make for a cute tattoo, but we were wrong…

Image courtesy: thethings.com

As a symbol of their love, the couple in this photo tattooed a mug and a teabag. The addition of a small heart emoji further adds to the design’s cuteness. The beautiful thing about these tattoos is that they look great even if the couple is no longer together.


Flowers have long been associated with a wide range of emotions, from love to grief. Sadly, this person was experiencing the latter, having recently lost a friend. The elegance of this tattoo adds to the poignancy of the friend’s memorial. In any case, it’s a stunning tattoo.

Image courtesy: fabcrunch.com

We adore how creative and realistic the carnation drawing is. The color is vibrant yet simplistic and the shading on the flower and stem adds to the design. The script of their lost friend’s name makes it a beautiful memorial piece.

Loving Stick Figures

Simplicity is always a good choice, but minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring. With the right style and color, even an uncomplicated tattoo can be a work of art. Take this one, for example. Even the premise of cups on a string is basic, the tattoo is not…

Image courtesy: bridesblush.com

The design of the couple proves that sometimes less is more. Although they are simple black stick figures, with the only color appearing on the girl’s dress, the tattoos show a beautiful bond. The whole picture only comes into place when the two hold their tattoos side-by-side. How cute!

In Memoriam Angel

We hate to have a bit of a downer with this one, but the beauty of the tattoo and its meaning were too much to pass up. If you remember, the first image was a tattoo that a parent got to remember their child’s drawing. Here we have another parent showing love for their child…

Image courtesy: Society19.com

Sadly, their child had passed away. In memory, they got a beautiful tattoo of baby footprints surrounded by angel wings and a halo. Such a loss is something that will always stick with a parent, but having a tattoo gives it a little more meaning that can help some overcome the loss.

The Goodest Boy

It’s not surprising for best friends to get tattoos of one another. And, with that said, since dogs are a man’s best friend, we’re not surprised that someone got a tattoo of their BFF. The tattoo artist did a fantastic job drawing the canine in ink.

Image courtesy: SMLolzz/imgur

The dog is surprised that its owner’s tattoo is identical to its face. We are stunned as well; they have captured the dog’s faces to a tee. And, of course, we can’t forget the framed border that makes this pupper’s picture look like a painting.

Together Forever

The pair in the photo below decided to commemorate a favorite photo of themselves with a tattoo on their bodies. It’s actually a sweet concept. Some couples have had countless opportunities to create memories with their spouses, and these memories help to strengthen the relationship.

Image courtesy: Dnhocker/imgur

The wife chose to get a tattoo of a photo of the two of them when they were teenagers. The couple had known each other since they were kids, so they had a tattoo depicting themselves as 17-year-olds. It’s a lovely way of expressing how long they’ve been together.

Wedding Memories

As we just said, some people choose to get a tattoo of their favorite memory. And, what could be more special than one’s wedding day?! But here’s the twist: the person with the tattoo isn’t one of the ones in the photo.

Image courtesy: MoonpiesForMisfits/Reddit

The person in the photo above got a tattoo of their parents’ wedding photo. This joyful memory captures two people very close to them, sharing their love for one another. The minimalist design makes it a fantastic tattoo. The artist deserves special commendation.

Trio Of Brothers

Siblings are prone to fighting, obviously. For some, it’s only a few squabbles here and there, while others are more serious. However, when siblings get along, it’s a special bond no one can replicate. It’s wonderful to see siblings getting tattoos with profound concepts to convey their love.

Image courtesy: Gomping/reddit

Most creative designs we see are intended for two, but this trio of brothers had a great idea for matching tattoos. If you don’t recognize them, the colorful characters are Huey, Dewey, and Louie, three siblings, famously known as the nephews of Donald Duck.

A Touching Memorial

Losing someone you care about, especially a newborn, is sad, and it can drive a parent into deep despair. Someone posted a tattoo they received after their son died while he was young. The tattoo is made up of only two elements, making it both basic and striking.

Image courtesy: zoe5308/Reddit

On one side, there is a cartoon elephant with a little halo, which represents the loss. There is a small handprint on the other side, which serves as a meaningful memorial to their distressing loss. We hope that the individual who had this tattoo would be comforted by it daily.

Conch Baby

Although all shells are special, there is something magical about conch shells. Sure, you can’t actually hear the ocean in them, but it’s fun to pretend. She got the tattoo not only because she enjoys the beach, but also because her mother nicknamed her “conch baby.”

Image courtesy: Chamizard/Reddit

The concept is straightforward, and although it’s only black ink, the artist did a great job of bringing it to life. The lines turn the simple design into a meaningful work of art, looking more like a sketch on a notepad than a tattoo.

Speak And I’ll Listen

For those looking for a tattoo with a hidden message, audio wavelength tattoos are always the finest solution. Only tattoo owners would be able to understand cryptic tattoos. Any message can be hidden behind these tattoos without directly spelling it out.

Image courtesy: Judonidas/reddit

The wavelength component of an audio clip of their mother saying “I love you” was used for the tattoo above. They wrote “Love, mom” underneath it as an explanation. When you learn that the note was written in their mother’s handwriting, the tattoo gets even more touching.

Favorite Moment?

Speaking of parents, here’s another person who wanted to commemorate their caregiver. Remember the person with the tattoo of their parent’s wedding picture? Well, this isn’t as poetic as that one, but it’s just as meaningful. After all, it’s a permanent reminder of the love they share.

Image courtesy: analyticalboness/reddit

The person got a tattoo of their favorite person on the planet: their father. We’re not sure why an image of their father carrying a jug of milk is their favorite, but it’s important to them, and that’s all that matters. However, we agree that it’s pretty cool.

Under The Stars

Although basic patterns seem to be a popular choice for couples, a few simple black lines aren’t enough for some. Couples like this one wanted something complex, unique, and overall, stunning. And there is clearly no limit on their love, as they used their whole arms for this picture!

Image courtesy: the_kon/Reddit

We can’t tell what part we love the most. The mountains, the starry night sky, or the shadows of the couple themselves. As they put their arms beside each other, the figures face each other. Such a great design to signify love.

Perfect Pieces

This tattoo design is a stunning and inspiring notion. When people meet the love of their life, they are often referred to as their “other half.” Well, when you have two halves, you get a whole, which is exactly what they wanted their tattoo to be.

Image courtesy: musely.com

Sure, puzzle pieces that fit together might be cliche, but all that matters is that it’s meaningful to the couple bearing the designs. The contrasting colors are reminiscent of the yin and yang circle, and the heart in the middle is the perfect touch!

Cheeky Kitty

We’re back with another story of a cat-lover who wanted to keep their feline friend with them at all times. As we’re learning from this list, getting a tattoo is one of the grandest ways to say “I love you.” Even if the recipient doesn’t speak human, the sentiment is there.

Image courtesy: drooliespanner/imgur

The tattoo is an exact replica of this person’s cat! The artist paid attention to every detail, giving the drawn cat depth with subtle shading. It’s hard to tell what cats think at the best of times, but we can only hope that this kitty enjoys their likeness.

Slice Of Heaven

Sharing your favorite food with your loved one is just one of the classic romantic moments. We all remember the iconic scene in Lady and the Tramp, where the two dogs share spaghetti. This couple is apparently also a fan of Italian food…

Image courtesy: Tattoo Goo/pinterest

The matching pizza slices are an adorable way to show their love for one another and give a nod to their favorite food. Without a doubt, the tattoo is really lovely; do we need to explain why we adore it?

Peter Pan

Speaking of Disney, here’s an example of two Disney fans who decided to get a tattoo to show their dedication through the characters. They put their love for each other into a meaningful tattoo. One of them got Peter Pan, while the other got Tinkerbell.

Image courtesy: Popsugar/Pinterest

This tattoo pairing has an extra layer that only Disney fans could pick up on. Peter Pan can’t fly without Tinkerbell’s assistance! The concept also represents the foundation of these two’s connections and how they help each other. It’s a stunning tattoo to get.

A Generation Apart

It might be difficult to go forward after the loss of someone close to you. Hence, people come up with a variety of strategies to cope with their grief, one of which is getting tattoos. Memorial tattoos are popular because they let people remember loved ones who have passed away.

Image courtesy: everyday_grey/Reddit

The individual who made this post got a tattoo to match their deceased father. The father had wanted them to have a matching tattoo before he died, but for some undisclosed reason, it never happened. After he passed away, the poster got the tattoo on their father’s birthday. How memorable!

“I Lava You”

We’ve seen a variety of memorial tattoos. Usually, the designs are relatively simplistic and involve the name and/or date associated with the deceased. It does not, however, rule out the use of symbols and metaphors in memorial tattoos. The decision is up to the person wearing the tat.

Image courtesy: ConvexPC/reddit

This person got their stunning tattoo in honor of their mother. The volcano, depicted in warm colors, is a reference to their mother, who used to tell them, “I lava you”. As for the honeycomb, it was for their sister who was known as “Bee.”

The Goodest Boy Part 2

This comes as no surprise after seeing several pet tattoos, but it is still breathtaking. You have to give credit to the tattoo artist for the simple design and amazing similarity. Given the fact that tattoos are relatively permanent, we imagine that individuals would always seek out the best tattoo artists.

Image courtesy: thelionessx/reddit

We can’t decide whether the dog or the tattoo is cuter. It’s impossible not to notice how the tattoo artist paid close attention to the smallest details, such as the fur. They also added extra glitter to the style, which elevates the overall look.

A Mother’s Love

Mothers are the greatest gift anyone can have; their love and caring are incomparable. This person wanted to keep a sweet memory of their favorite person with them at all times. Despite its tragic backstory, this tattoo is nevertheless a stunning piece of linework.

Image courtesy: OneUpper87/imgur

Above is a tattoo of this online user and her mother, who used their favorite photo together as inspiration. Two weeks before their mother died, they got the tattoo. It’s a wonderful way to keep their mother’s memory and unwavering love alive for all time.

A Little Artistic Input

People may have a certain design in mind when they decide to get a tattoo, but some people delegate the task of selecting a design to their tattoo artist. In these situations, the artist assists the customer in bringing any notion they have for them to life.

Image courtesy: Pjohnx/Reddit

Like this person, who didn’t have a specific design in mind. They only had the intention of having a design created that reflected their sensitivity and affection for their dog. The artist was the one who came up with this one-of-a-kind design for them.

Brave Little Kitty

Pets and their owners form such a strong emotional relationship, and the thought of them can pull at one’s heartstrings. When you see how adoring rescue animals are with their new parents, it’s just breathtaking. And this owner took it one step further by getting a tattoo.

Image courtesy: Lucy1967/Reddit

Here is the story of a person who saved a Murdoch kitten who was in distress. Thankfully, even as a blind kitten, the Murdoch weathered the storm and thrived after months of wandering. The backstory sheds some light on the helmet and shield in the tattoo.

Batter Up

Given that tattoos are permanent, people should give their design some thought and consideration before putting ink to skin. There are plenty of people out there who wish they would have given it more than a passing thought. This is especially true if you want to get something to represent a loved one.

Image courtesy: BugKi***Bryce69/imgur

Once you’ve made a decision, there comes the choice of a small image or a portrait. For some, the latter is the way to go, as you can fully represent that person’s interests and personality. Like this person, who got a tattoo of a photo of their father.

Digital Memories

We’ve seen some intricate colorful tattoos, with flowing lines and blended hues. This person wanted some color in their design, but pictures of nature wouldn’t accurately reflect their love for their father. As with all of the tattoos we’ve seen on this list, they got something customized to fit their personality.

Image courtesy: VolleDaniel/Reddit

This tattoo certainly took a lot of time and effort, but the end result was worth it! The individual who shared this picture wanted to commemorate their father, so they chose to show off some of their favorite memories with him. The silhouette of the person and their father makes it all the more memorable.

Two Halves Of One Whole Picture

Most of the parent-child tattoos we’ve seen are ones that someone got to remember a parent that had passed away. This one is certainly lighter, as the image is of a person and their mother. Check out their uniquely creative approach to getting matching designs.

Image courtesy: metalshiflet/imgur

When the designs were complete, the person was so happy they shared them on social media. And we’re glad they did! What a sweet way to show your love for your parent, with two designs that piece together. We particularly adore the tattoo’s brilliance.

Let The Good Times Roll

Let’s have a look at another tattoo with a lot of detail. The artist didn’t lose the distinguishing stylized appearance and leaned into reality while paying close attention to details. We like how creative this design is, and how it depicts the happy times this individual shared with their friend.

Image courtesy: frenchdumb/Reddit

The lovely setting of the tattoo is a tribute to their relationship. After their friend died, the individual who got this tattoo said they got it to remember moments with her friend. Their toast over the fire is a wonderful memory that they cherished and wanted to keep with them forever.

Matching Angels

As with all art, people have distinctive tastes in tattoo designs. Some people are inspired by religious themes and other traditional concepts. This tattoo is dedicated to a loved one, and it is really meaningful and beautiful. The posture and placement of the people in this photograph make it just perfect!

Image courtesy: earthporm.com/pinterest

The couple in this photo opted to get these gorgeous pieces of art tattooed on their shoulders. When separated, they are beautiful stand-alone pieces of art. When standing side by side, though, the tattoo creates the ideal design for a couple to bear.

A Match Made in NAMCO

Even if you’re not a gamer, we’re willing to bet that you know Pac-Man. The game was originally released in 1980 with the eponymous Pac-Man, but two years later, Ms. Pac-Man was released. For almost 40 years, the little yellow circle and his wife have been a staple in arcades.

Image courtesy: ranker.com

We can’t get over how cute and creative this design is. Once again, this couple got tattoos that are cute on their own, but hold a whole new meaning when put side-by-side. We’re not sure if they’re gamers, or just fans of the classics. Either way, we love it!

Traditional Yet Elegant

Some people find the traditional technique to be repetitive. However, if you ask us, it isn’t that horrible if you pay close attention to the nuances. Many traditional tattoos include the person’s name or title, as well as the beginning and end of their lives. Looking at that, it isn’t at all monotonous.

Image courtesy: fabcrunch.com

Here is someone who went for a more traditional approach with their father’s tattoo. The design, on the other hand, was not based on simplicity. Despite its basic concept, the artwork behind the banner is crammed with well-executed details, such as an anatomically correct heart.

To the Moon

This tattoo undoubtedly has a deeper message, but we have no idea what it is. As curious as we are, we’re just as happy to leave that meaning with the person bearing the tattoo. Even without the explanation, we find it fascinating because it is a minimalist tattoo that we adore.

Image courtesy: bridesblush.com

This person honored their late grandfather with this stunning tattoo. We’re sure that, if he were around to see it, the grandfather would have appreciated the artistic design kept in his honor. The attention to detail in the dot work is what distinguishes this tattoo from others. Everything about this is lovely.

Burger & Fries

We saw a couple’s matching tattoo of pizza slices earlier, and we’re back with another one for the foodies and lovers alike. When it comes to food, there are few combos more iconic than a burger and fries, and this couple leaned into the concept.

Image courtesy: ourmindfullife.com

Just hearing about matching burger and fries tattoos might not sound romantic, but looking at the picture, it melts our hearts. The chibi smiles on the meal make it a cutesy design, and the stick figure hands that piece together to form a heart are so creative!

A Whole Circle

Most of the tattoos we’ve seen involve borders and solid lines, but such rigid concepts aren’t for everyone. Like the mother who got a matching heart tattoo with her child, here’s another duo who went for watercolor and broad strokes in their design.

Source: Wouldstudio/Facebook

Rather than contrasting colors, they went for the complete opposite, with one bearing a colorful semi-circle and the other with only black strokes. Put together, they form a beautiful picture of a couple that form a whole and give each other balance.

His Only Steps

As a parent, you must pay special attention to crucial milestones in your children’s life. Parents typically keep track of milestones like their child’s first footprint, handprints, ultrasounds, and other events. After all, these are lovely memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Image courtesy: captnRon13/Reddit

There are joyful and lovely moments, just as there are tragic and sad times. The individual with this tattoo tragically lost their son and had a tattoo of his footprint placed on their skin. “A lost son’s only steps,” they describe the tattoo.

Love Under Lock And Key

Certain objects have long been recognised to go hand in hand, since they can’t function without the other. That’s why such objects are often used as symbols of the bond shared between two people. For example, puzzle piece BFF necklaces! The benefit of such tattoos is that they can be worn alone.

Image courtesy: tattooviral.com/Pinterest

When you look at any of these tattoos individually, you’ll immediately think of the other part of the duo. As a result, they produce a fantastic tattoo concept. Thankfully, the tattoo is done expertly on its own. It gives the impression of being hooked into the skin, making it stand out.

Calvin & Hobbes

A lot of well-known people have already had tattoos like this. The beauty of having a tattoo is that you may choose your own style. It’s also great that people may get designed inspired by a wide range of pop culture influences.

Image courtesy: u/Bonestown/Reddit

These twins choose to get matching Calvin and Hobbes tattoos. If you don’t know who we’re talking about, Calvin and Hobbes was an original newspaper comic from 1985 until 1995. The story revolved around the two titular characters, who served as the idea for the tattoos.


As we said before, flowers have long been a significant symbol in cultures worldwide. While the colors also hold meaning, the species themselves are important on their own. As a result, it’s no wonder that flowers have become popular in tattoo art.

Image courtesy: bridesblush.com

This person picked flowers for their poignant tattoo memorial to their father when they wanted to get a tattoo. The precision with which the flower petals are positioned is stunning. Also, the “Love, Dad” inscribed in the father’s handwriting is a nice touch.

I Love You, I Know

Every tattoo we’ve seen on this list is on the arm, leg, or back. But here we have a couple who wanted something small yet significant: tattoos on their fingers! It’s actually a brilliant idea, as you look at your hands more than you might the back of your shoulder.

Image courtesy: tattoomaze/pinterest

We feel safe in saying that the pair with these designs are fans of the Star Wars franchise. The matching lightsabers are a simple yet distinguished way to show your love for your favorite movie and favorite person. Though, we wonder why one of them has a Sith lightsaber…