The best exercise to gain muscle in little time

By David S

It can be frustrating when you continue to spend valuable time in the gym, and yet you don’t gain any significant muscle mass. This is an aspect of exercising many gym-goers still don’t understand. You might not want to get the typical bodybuilder physique, but you still want to have a little more muscle than what you currently have.

Luckily, gaining muscle quickly isn’t impossible. You just need a few tips to get you started, and you are good to go. Just add a few basic knowledge together, you are assured of getting the muscle mass you desire


The building or adding of new muscles involves damaging the fibers you have in the first place. You will have to work your body harder with heavy resistance training, and weight lifting will need to be an essential part of your training regime.

The usual method of building muscle involves dividing your training into four days. Every day you focus on specific parts of the body, doing 16 sets of four types of exercise.

Another method referred to as hypertrophy training is better at breaking down existing muscles. Using this method requires that you know of the adaptive capabilities of your body. Not knowing of your body’s adaptive abilities could lead to a loss in the strength of the exercise regime to cause any trouble for your muscles. Hypertrophy training is broken down into five days, which you could dedicate between 4-8 weeks on different training phases.



When trying to build up muscles, food is also an essential element not to be left out. You will need to take more than the usual calorie required to maintain your body mass. A lot of calorie intake is necessary to generate the muscle you seek. The amount of calories needed is that needed for your basic metabolic rate plus an extra 200-400 calories.


A diet rich in high protein content is also important, as protein is the primary class of food required for muscle building. You will need 0.7g of protein per pound of weight.


Taking creatine increases the amount of ATP available during training and helps in boosting your performance in high-intensity workouts. It also promotes the growth of muscle.


Adequate rest is another essential part of muscle building. Rest is needed for muscle growth as insulin required for growth is mainly released when asleep. Sleep is also necessary to rest your hard-working muscle to prevent them from being overworked.