The Best Way to Maintain Healthy Body Weight

By Jo Arazi

For those who want to lose weight, diet is not the only option. The reason is that dieting creates a temporary eating pattern; therefore, the results are temporary. There have been cases where people gain the weight they lost when they revert to their old ways of eating.

So what is the best strategy to maintain healthy body weight? The best way is to create a new routine. Here are a few ways to make it work:


By exercising regularly, you’ll build muscle strength while burning calories. This way, you get to feel and look good while shedding weight. Activities like walking your dog, cycling to work, or school can make a huge difference.

Reduce your screen time

People who are always in front of a screen have a higher chance of being overweight. To avoid this, reduce how much time you spend playing games, watching TV and using phones, tablets or computers. Exercise daily and try to sleep for a minimum of six hours.

Pay attention to portion distortion

Eating big portions can only lead to only one thing, weight gain. Taking sugary beverages like juice drinks, energy drinks, and sodas also contributes to weight gain. Go for smaller portions and drink lots of water. If you don’t want water, go for low-fat milk as an alternative to soda.

Eat five portions of veggies and fruits every day

Vegetables and fruits are more than just minerals and vitamins. They are also filled with fiber, which means you’ll feel full pretty quickly. When you’re full, you are less likely to eat more.