The Best Way To Take A Refreshing Nap

By Shivam B

This story is of a girl and what she did while taking a nap one day in the summer. It was a Friday when she had not yet installed an air conditioner and decided to take a nap. Accidentally, she slipped for minutes, and after waking up, she felt like not had a midday snooze in many years. There was some relaxation to drift into sleep and a distinct lack of guilt. Even though once it crossed her mind that she might not get sleep at night.

What Happened After that?

The girl was so pleased with the pleasurable nap that she did not waste time admonishing herself. A form of activism, rest, is not a new concept, but the present toll of systemic racism and the covid-pandemic has made resting more critical. A founder and activist of the Nap Ministry, Tricia Hersey has dedicated an entire social justice framework to the truth that dreaming, sleep, deep rest, and contemplations are necessary tools for white supremacy and black liberation.

What Is The Situation In Other Countries?

In other countries, like Spain and Italy, they might consider naps as a facet of their culture. In America, nap time looks to expire after primary school, but it resurges again around retirement. But everyone must know that naps are useful for everyone at any point in life.


Final Thoughts

Adults in the age group of 18 to 65 years must sleep for seven to nine years as per the SELF report. Make sure that everyone must keep this aspect in mind.