The Health Implications Of Diet Sodas And Sugar

By Toby T

The human mouth is mostly at odds with what our systems require. Generally, the average human is keen on taking in something sweet or spicy rather than bitter. In fact, science has proven that having a “sweet tooth” is real. That is, we’re bound to have a craving for sweet foods.

Besides, sweet foods are not entirely bad. That’s because our body system requires some amount of glucose and other complex sugars to function.

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Now, these sweet foods come in different forms and classes. While some are blatantly in chocolates, cakes, and fruits, others come in more subtle forms, like in diet sodas.

Most times, people view diet soda as totally harmless because it contains no calories. They also consider sugars as some form of glucose that the body can always break down. So, they tend to take these foods in excess.

However, there’s little emphasis on the harsh health implications that these foods can have on the human body. In fact, diet soda and sugars are just as potentially dangerous. Several studies over the years have found a close connection between diet sodas and weight gain.

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Moreover, there is a high risk of diabetes with diet soda and sugars. Other studies have found a link between drinking diet sodas and an increase in the propensity to have a stroke, heart problems, dementia, and several other health challenges.

All these go to show the subtle harm in sugars and diet soda. Instead of taking sweet foods in excess, you should consider cutting down on your sugar intake or letting go of artificial sweeteners in your diet.