The Journey To Becoming An Early Bird

By Divya G

If you are a night owl and you aspire to become an early bird, there are studies proving that it is possible. Human sleep, along with the wake cycle, is deeply intertwined with one’s biology. It is often noticed that one’s schedule does not match entirely with the Earth’s 24-hour cycle.

Source: @tirachard-kumtanom-112571 / Pexels

However, if you are truly determined to make it happen, then there is no force of nature that can stop you. The master clock that regulates our organisms does not always fit perfectly into a 24-hour cycle. This system, however, does not work on its own, and there are several other influencing factors that impact your sleep cycle. 

There are several folks whose internal clocks can be significantly less or more sensitive to the effect of light. This will highly determine whether one is an early bird or a night owl. If you are willing to be up and ready in the morning, then it is high time that you change your environment settings.

One way to wake up early in the morning is to keep the curtains wide open, so the sunlight can come into your room and wake you up.

Source: @brucemars / Unsplash

Alternatively, the night owl can follow a strict protocol where they get up three hours earlier than usual and then instantly expose themselves to the sunlight; this might help to bring in significant change.

Experts say that it is of great importance to expose oneself to the early-morning light. This helps to make the individual feel less owlish. Over a period of time, this might eventually help to transform one’s schedule.