The Need For Dietary Supplements During COVID-19

By Shane R

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Over the course of 2020, there has been a high-demand for dietary supplements. Of course, the start of 2020 brought on the fad that people wanted to shed some weight. But, as the year has progressed through a pandemic, the need for dietary supplements has become greater and greater. With health and wellness being a top priority for individuals across the country, leading healthier lives is the now of 2020.

Ultimately, how does this apply to you? The information below can help you decide what dietary supplement is important for you in this day and age. You can then digging on our own for what dietary supplement is imperative for you in the 21st Century.

Immunity Building

With COVID-19 affecting the immune system, many consumers want a dietary product that strengthens their bodies. A report from the trading corporation Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) found that 57% of consumers were most concerned about their immune system during the pandemic. It is information like this that is proving how conscious our world is with health and wellness.

Vitamins & Minerals

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Other dietary supplements that are coming of the shelves quickly are vitamins and minerals. In March 2020, vitamins and minerals were being sold at the highest clip of the year because people were stocking up. Now, individuals are adding vitamins and minerals to a normal regimen to stay happy and healthy. It seems like it only takes a crisis like a pandemic for people to turn a 180 and work towards the healthiest of lifestyles. Hopefully, this trend will stick post-pandemic to help grow a world of wellness.