The Unexplainable Human Affection Towards Material Goods

By Peter C

Sometimes, we value and form intimate relationships with our possessions in the same way we value our relationships with fellow humans. People buy cars, personal items, and other valuable things and give them special names. We do this mostly in appreciation of how important they are to us.

The story of Kyra Sims, a collaborative musician from New York, and her buddy Otto is a perfect one for this article.

Image credits: freestocks / Unsplash

Sims and Otto have been together for years. They have grown together so much that they seem inseparable. Being a musician, Sims has never gone on any tour without her friend Otto. In fact, Sims once described Otto as a reliable friend, a statement that shows how connected both are.   

While Otto might be everything to Sims, Otto is nothing but a French horn to the outside world. Sims is a musician, and that is enough for anyone to imagine how critical the music instrument has been to her career. Sims thought of how to appreciate Otto and bought a case for the instrument. Not only that, Sims went as far as inscribing Otto on the case.

Otto has always been part of her career, including both good and bad times, so it isn’t far-fetched why Sims adores Otto so much. The love is unquantifiable that people have started seeing Otto as Sims’s actual friend.

As humans, it is not out of place to display this level of affection towards things we own. In the actual sense of it, it reveals how loving and appreciative we could be, especially to things that matter most to us.