40 Times People Should Have Taken An Extra Minute To Think Things Through

By Luisa K

There are many times in our lives when we’re encouraged to be more spontaneous. “Done is better than perfect,” they say. Nike is famous for its motivational tagline, “Just do it!” But what happens when those spontaneous moments end badly? As these people know all too well, there’s a lot to be said for taking your time and checking things twice! When we’re young, we’re always told to be more cautious, think carefully about what we plan to do, and double-check our work before handing it to our teacher. It’s refreshing and hilarious to see that even some adults still make these careless mistakes, many of which have long-lasting consequences! Whether it’s a tattoo typo, an illogical interior design plan, or poorly equated mathematics, here are some perfect examples of when spontaneity wasn’t necessarily a good thing! 

The Not-So-Instagrammable Marble Sink

Marble sinks and surfaces are usually considered classy and luxurious. This interior design style has practically taken over Instagram because people cannot get enough of this ripple appearance. But somehow, this sink doesn’t have the same effect and at first glance. It looks like someone’s done a DIY job.

Image Credit: www.science-a2z.com

Initially, this sink looks as though it needs a good clean. True, it does resemble the typical marble shape and texture, but this picture doesn’t make us want to photograph it and show it off! Under close inspection, the brown marks on the sink are supposed to be there and are a type of marble design, just not a very good one!

A Very Depressing Looking Kindergarten!

We don’t want to sound depressing, but we usually think of graves when we see pictures on plaques on the ground. This is a scene that no parent ever wants to see, even if it was just a bad idea on the side of the teacher.

Image Credit: bohaishibei.com

In actual fact, the kids were taking part in an agricultural lesson where they were learning about growing plants. The teacher positioned each pupil’s picture on the ground to tell them where to stand. Panic over! It’s not the grisly sight of a mass children’s grave!

A Severe Way to Catch a Prankster

Some pranks are funny, and others are not. In the case of pranksters setting off false fire alarms, we get why you’d be peeved and would want to get back on the pesky prankster, but this contraption might not be the best solution! This ghastly contraption was designed to make pranksters think twice before signaling a false fire alarm.

Image Credit: lotustalk.com

As soon as someone presses the fire alarm, the machine grabs hold of their hand until a policeman has arrived at the scene to check the situation and release them. Yet, it makes no sense. Whereas a prankster will have to wait to be released, if there were a real fire, it would be terrifying for the person who set off the alarm who was trying to help!

Maybe that’s Why Toilet Paper is on a Roll?!

Our only explanation for this photo is that the person who designed the bathroom obviously has a good sense of humor! Why else would they position the toilet paper so far away from the toilet? Surely, everyone knows that the toilet paper needs to go next to the toilet?

Image Credit: Changelog/Twitter

The toilet paper is so far away from the toilet that you wouldn’t actually be able to see it if you were sitting on it. Are people who go to the toilet expected to take their toilet paper before using the bathroom, or are they supposed to stand up to get some once they’ve finished?

Reflections Can Be Confusing…

This is hasty behavior at its best! Not only has the passerby mistaken the reflection of a car in the window of the bank for a car parked inside the bank, but they’ve also immediately jumped onto social media to tell the world, or at least their friends, that …they are in fact a little dumb!

Image Credit: horizontimes.com

It’s probably safe to say that most people have grasped the concept of reflections and get how they work by the time they’re about 8 years old. So, to mistake the reflection of a parked car in the parking lot for a car inside the bank is hilarious! Hopefully, they didn’t embarrass themselves further by going into the bank to ask to see the car!

Cyber Babies are Taking Over!

In this case, the fatal error wasn’t a grammatical or obvious carelessness. In fact, the advert is neat, well-positioned, and looks like a normal baby product advert. That is, of course, until you see that one of the babies has a red cyborg eye, which makes them look like a cyber baby!

Image Credit: totallynotrobots/Reddit

When whoever applied this advert to the bus exterior, nobody thought about the bus lights and how they would affect the picture of the babies. As it turns out, one of the babies looks normal, whereas the other baby has two of the bus’s lights covering their eyes and belly button!

Why You Shouldn’t Share Personal Codes!

When it comes to the internet, nothing is private. Even if your account is private and your contacts are only friends and people you know well, it’s still risky to share any personal codes online. But what’s obvious to some is not obvious to others!

Image Credit: parentinfluence.com

This social media user became angry after sharing their personal Nintendo code online when asking their connections why Nintendo codes are so long. Someone clapped eyes on the authentic code and swiped it, which meant the author of this post and original owner of the code couldn’t use it anymore!

Well it is Called Social “Sharing”

There was a time when pranksters would share their passwords and bank numbers on Twitter, claiming that Twitter sensors them out when you post them. Twitter doesn’t sensor these personal details at all. The pranksters write them as though they’ve been blocked out, like in this picture.

Image Credit: facepalm/Reddit

But then, when some users began to share their real passwords and card numbers, they were shocked to find that Twitter didn’t conceal the numbers after posting them! At least this guy admitted that he’d tried it, and it didn’t work. Why anyone would want to risk trying this is beyond us, but we admire his honesty!

What?! You’re Over 18 and Not Fully Waterproof Yet?!

Despite the fact that many brands release stylish umbrella designs, let’s be honest, nobody really likes having to use and carry around an umbrella with them. However, never before have we associated any kind of age limit with umbrellas.

Image Credit: 9gag

This girl took to social media to shame adults who are, in her words, “grownup” but still use an umbrella. Have we missed the point here? It’s as though this girl believes that adults become fully waterproof as soon as they turn 18?!

Too Many Cooks…Ruin the Candle

Have you seen those new electronic, battery-powered candles? If you don’t have a lighter or matches on hand, then these babies are the answer to all of your problems. Plus, they’re safer, too, because you’re unlikely to cause a fire with them unless you try lighting them as these women did!

Image Credit: ebaumsworld.com

When this guy gave his aunties an electronic candle, he failed to mention to his three aunts that they were supposed to put batteries in it rather than lighting the plastic wick with a match! Despite there being three of them, nobody managed to figure out that these candles should not be lit.

No, You Don’t Want Someone To Smile At You Like In This Picture!

The problem with many of the film memes you see on social media is that the image and the quote are completely out of context. When this guy found this image, they shared it on social media with a slight tone of envy, saying that they wish they’d find someone who looks at them in the way this woman looks at the guy in the photo.

Image Credit: VoldermortWithANose/Imgur

Clearly, he hasn’t watched the movie! No matter how long you’ve been single, you do not want this woman to give you this look. This scene is from the 2017 film Get Out, and when this woman gives you this look, it is not a good thing!

The Office is Not a Vegan-Friendly Show!

If you read this and hadn’t watched The Office, you would think that it’s some kind of gruesome, gory show that centers around bloodthirsty storylines. Perhaps it’s not a vegan-friendly show? Of course, we all know that it’s not like that at all.

Image Credit: parentinfluence.com

This post is either a predictive text error, or the person who wrote it has some serious spelling issues! We can only suppose that the person was trying to spell “mediocre” but didn’t get it quite right. In the end, this statement has given The Office a whole new meaning!

Did We Read that Right?!

It’s bad enough that society doesn’t offer enough help and support for residents with disabilities. What’s worse is that some thoughtless non-disabled citizens in society don’t get the idea that disabled parking spots and toilets are meant for those who really need them!

Image Credit: hmm/Reddit

It’s understandable why the authorities implement stricter regulations to help keep disabled resources available for those who carry disability permits. However, we thought this was a bit too specific. The image of, specifically, disabled, elderly, pregnant children is a creepy thought. This is why knowing a few grammatical rules and understanding the importance of commas is a valuable lesson!

Good Intentions, Wrong Holiday!

We think this translates as: “Dear Diary, guess what? Today is the 4th of July. Goodbye 2007, hello 2008.” As well as the many misspellings, such as “Dire,” “Julie,” and “good-bye,” this person has also mixed up the official date when the New Year begins.

Image Credit: parentinfluence.com

According to this, the New Year starts on July 4th, which is actually Independence Day in the USA. Judging by the handwriting of this diary entry, the owner of the diary and author of this note can not be that old so that they can be excused!

More Sugar Makes Food Less Sweet?

They say that baking is a science. By this, they mean that you have to get the quantities and proportions just right. That is, of course, unless you don’t want your cake to turn out too sweet. That’s why reviews and forums on the internet are useful. You can get honest tips and tricks from people who’ve already tried the recipes.

Credit: eatrealhealthyfood.com

This person left a review to tell others that they added one-third cup of sugar instead of the recommended quarter cup because, as they went on to explain, they don’t like things too sweet. Did this person not notice that a 1/3 cup measurement is more than a quarter cup?

WiFi? Check! Common Sense? Perhaps Not!

There is a strong argument that the internet and technology make people smarter. After all, the internet is home to a wealth of lessons and facts, and you can find out all the answers to your questions thanks to a quick Google search. But, as well all know, the internet is also full of a lot of trash!

Image Credit: funkyjunk.com

This is a prime example of why you shouldn’t trust everything you see online. It’s hard to imagine what kind of person would believe that putting a coin into a microwave for two minutes would shrink it. Isn’t the first rule of microwaves not to put anything metal in them!?

Be Careful What You Wish For

The whole point of getting something engraved is not to leave the metal plaque or trophy blank. After all, who wants to stare at a black piece of metal? Understandably, you might not be able to think up something short and meaningful to put on a plaque, but surely, anything has to be better than this!

Image Credit: brainstudy.info

When this customer sent in their request, they clearly stated that they wanted nothing on the plaque. Nothing engraved, no message, nada! Well, we have to say that the engraver did a fine job of copying this demand word for word. There weren’t even any spelling errors! We bet the customer was pleased!

Any Oil Will Do

So many women complain that they have to ask their boyfriends and husbands multiple times before they get around to doing something. This woman only mentioned to her husband that she needed oil for her car, and there he was, with his oil, pouring it into her car.

Image Credit: stupidfunnystuff1/Facebook

The only problem was that the oil was sunflower oil, not car oil. Still, his girlfriend was highly impressed, which is why she took to social media to share a picture of her thoughtful boyfriend and his mechanical skills. We hope that “bae” didn’t become “ex.”

The Cards, Cash, and UTI Dilemma!

We all appreciate that using bigger words and more sophisticated grammar usually sounds more professional and gets people to take notes. Perhaps that’s what the shop owner who wrote this note thought when they pinned up a notice about accepting cards, not cash.

Image Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

While there’s nothing unusual these days about seeing notices that stores and cafes not accepting cash – just cards is nothing new. However, we’re not used to shopkeepers sharing details about their UTIs with the public too. This store owner finished his note by apologizing for his incontinence.  We hope this doesn’t deter customers!

Tattoo Typos!

Considering that getting a tattoo means permanently marking your skin, you’d think people would pay more attention to spelling and grammar before they take the plunge. Otherwise, you could end up like this person whose sentimental tribute to her mom quickly turned into a hilarious joke!

Image Credit: dumpaday.com

Here’s the thing. When you go to a tattoo parlor to get inked, the tattoo artist really doesn’t care all that much about what they’re scribbling on to your skin. After all, people ask for tattoos of all kinds of crazy stuff, so how can they be sure that your misspelled message isn’t your idea of a joke?!

Conrad. A Traditional and Popular Russian Name

If you’ve watched the popular series ‘Chernobyl’ on Netflix based on the tragic 1986 nuclear accident, you will probably recall that many of the cast members were called ‘Conrad,’ which is a popular and traditional Russian name. We bet that was an easy script to write!

Credit: www.buzzfeed.com

And, of course, we are joking, but this watcher wasn’t! This viewer watched most of the series, believing that almost every character was named ‘Conrad.’ After this interesting conversation with their friend, they realized they had misheard. The characters were actually calling each other “Comrade.” We can’t help wondering how well this person understood the plot by the end.

Don’t Rely on ‘The Sun’ for Book Reviews

It’s funny when a publication or individual writes a book or film review, and it’s quite clear that they haven’t actually read or watched it. That seems to be the case when an editor from the tabloid paper, The Sun, wrote a review of Frankenstein.

Image Credit: lewronggeneration/Reddit

Here, The Sun suggests that only some of the Gen Z generation appear to consider Victor Frankenstein as a misunderstood character. Anybody who has read the book or watched the film will know that the whole point of the story is that he is indeed a misunderstood character. Top tip? Don’t rely on this newspaper for book reviews!

We Hope She Wasn’t Studying Geography

Remember those days when you were young and getting ready to relocate to a new state and start college? This girl is clearly excited about moving out of her home and starting college, but she seems to think San Francisco is in another state? Does anyone really want to be mean and disappoint her?


It remains to be seen how she managed to get into college as somebody who doesn’t already know that San Francisco is in California. It’s also not a good advertisement for the college she will be attending, accepting students like these. Let’s hope that she’s not going to study geography.

Salmon Vanilla Can be a Killer!

You’re probably used to people taking to social media to share food pictures or to announce that they’ve ordered a takeaway (yawn). You probably haven’t heard of many people worrying over catching salmon vanilla, though, if they eat undercooked chicken.

Image Credit: trailerparkboys/Reddit

Salmonella is the bacteria that causes food poisoning! Salmon vanilla sounds like a strange but possible ice-cream flavor. You certainly cannot get salmon vanilla from eating chicken or any other type of meat or fish that hasn’t been cooked properly.

This Pool Float is Wrong is Many Ways!

Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can get plain pool floats, as well as inflatable chairs, pineapples, flamingos, and much more. Inflatable sanitary pad, anyone? We’re not sure about that one! Perhaps that’s why this store doesn’t seem to have sold many so far.

Image Credit: DjSurge/Twitter

There are so many things wrong with the design of this pool float, though. Not only does it bear a strong resemblance to a sanitary towel, a product of which most women don’t want to be reminded of, but we’re also unsure whether or not it works in the same way? Sanitary towels absorb moisture, so we’re wondering whether this pool float will make you float or sink?

Good Intentions, Horrific Design!

When you first look at this slide, you understand what the designer wanted to create, and in essence, it’s actually quite a good idea. But one look at this slide also tells us that the designer probably doesn’t have kids of their own, nor have they spent a lot of time around kids – or perhaps, people!

Credit: www.reddit.com

As kids come speeding down the slide, you can only imagine how painful it will be for them when they bump every limb against the sides and bends! There’s just no way that a kid or adult could make it from one end of the side to another without getting injured somehow. Maybe the designer is used to designing sorting devices for businesses and delivery depots?

If a Learning Academy Can’t Get Spelling Right…

Spelling is something that comes easy to some people, whereas others really struggle with these literacy rules. You could be forgiving of someone who has rushed to put together a handwritten sign to warn people against parking outside of their home or office.

Image Credit: parentinfluence.com

However, when the author of the sign works for a private learning academy where parents pay a fortune for their kids to attend, you’d think you’d put more effort into writing the message correctly. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s also a dreadful advertisement for a said learning academy. What exactly do they teach here?!

DIY Disasters are Real

Anybody who has ever tried to assemble a flat-pack DIY furniture kit will fully understand how frustrating they can be. Sometimes, they don’t even come with instructions, and if they do, they can often be hard to follow. We imagine that this was the case with this DIY disaster.

Image Credit: funny/Reddit

This homeowner was trying to install a cat flap in their door. Everything seemed to be going well until they came to reattaching the door and realized that they’d flipped the door upside down when cutting out the hole for the cat flap. Unless their cat can jump 6ft into the air, we don’t think this will be much use to them.

In Case You’re Wondering, It Means “No Dogs Allowed”

This sign shows that it’s possible to mess up even the simplest of messages if a sign isn’t designed correctly. The big issue here is that the red line blocks the image in a very “interesting” area, which leads the viewer to question what exactly is forbidden?

Image Credit: Funny Signs & Clips/Twitter

The sign, in case you’re wondering, means “no dogs allowed,” but it could suggest something else, which would just be weird! Instead of trying to be clever with illustrations, we’d recommend that a simple “No Dogs Allowed” sign in words would have been much better!

Wrong Utensil

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this box of forks. In fact, they actually look like a nicely presented set of cutlery. However, you will see that they’ve been labeled incorrectly—a case of mistaken identity on closer inspection.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

The box reads “sauce ladle.” We’re not sure how thick they think sauce usually is, but we really can’t get our heads around how you’d eat any kind of sauce of these forks. Imagine the mess if you tried eating soup with these!

Room with a View

Apartment living is great. They’re less maintenance than a house, they’re often more cost-effective and usually come with a great view! One of the best things about having an apartment, though, is the balcony! You need a good balcony!

Image Credit: CreepingXxstoryX/Imgur

It’s not that this apartment block doesn’t have balconies. It appears as though every apartment has its own balcony. The only issue is that there isn’t any way of accessing them! Perhaps the people who live here are tiny or have mastered the art of climbing through windows to get on to their balconies. 

What in the World?

Ok, we get it. Some people really don’t like elevators. Some hate the feeling of being stuck in a closed space, the feeling, or the fear of something happening since elevators are really technical. We just hope these people don’t find themselves in one such as this.

Image Credit: mildlyinteresting/Reddit

We have stared at this picture for a while, and it makes no sense what the designers of this elevator were thinking. None of the numbers are in a logical order, and some of them are even skipped. All we know is, this is an elevator hater’s worst nightmare.

Bleeding Platypus

Tea diffusers are such a great idea and are perfect for when you just want to make one cup of tea – so much more convenient than making a full pot! You can even buy novelty tea diffusers now, too, making tea time even more fun!

Image courtesy of hmmm/Reddit

This platypus tea diffuser would be ok if the holes for the tea to seep through were positioned somewhere else. As they are, they make the platypus look as though it’s bleeding badly. Teatime with this diffuser is like witnessing a horrific shark attack! 

One Smelly Engagement

Another cute engagement story of how the soon-to-be groom asked the life-changing question on one knee, just waiting for his bride-to-be’s response. They were clever to use popcorn decorations, seeing he “popped” the question, and it looks like she said yes!

Image Credit: MARRY ME ****IT/Reddit

Well, we assume he “popped” the question rather than”pooped” the question. If you gaze at the card, you will see that they added an extra ‘o’ where the engagement ring is, making it “poopped.” We hope they were able to make light of the situation with all the stinky puns they received.

What’s the point?

This mom wanted to organize the things she uses every day by compartmentalizing her coffee and tea. However, she couldn’t handle how they both looked the same, so she had to add her own personal touch, not in the most graceful way possible.

Image Credit: metro.co.uk

However, what is the point of doing this if the jars came with specific labels? She just had to cross out the nice, printed lettering and add her own messy handwriting. Maybe she just wanted to distinguish them better. However, if that was the case, then why didn’t she just buy plain ones.

Safe Background

Well, if this isn’t one of the most dangerous design flops we’ve ever seen, then we don’t know what is! Honestly, since the window is still in one piece, we bet the kids that practice here are true ballers if they’ve broken it.

Image Credit: ecitworks.com

However, we also don’t know how many times this window has been replaced or broken before this picture was taken. Seriously though, the designer had one simple job. This is definitely a chance to practice your technique. Either you swish it or miss it!

Cucumbers as You’ve Never seen them Before

In any kind of publishing business, they say that the writing is important but equally as important as the editor’s role! Everything here is spelled correctly, and the photos are appealing. We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen cucumbers that look like that.

Image courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

We all make typos and silly mistakes when writing sometimes, but when you write the brochures for supermarkets, which are likely to get picked up by thousands of people, you’d surely give them the once over or get someone to do it for you! On the other hand, how many people do you think have gone into this supermarket, asking for the “round red cucumbers?”

Not McLovin’ It!

When you’re on the road, traveling, and you begin to start feeling hungry, it’s such a wonderful feeling when you spot a McDonald’s sign! Finally, a place to stop and get something quick and tasty to eat and drink. We sense that excitement through this sign.

Image courtesy of sciencefiles.org

The unmistakable McDonald’s ‘M’ is positioned next to the big, bold, ‘Yass,’ which is a good interpretation of how hungry, thirsty passersby feel when they spot that famous red and yellow sign. Somebody definitely should have checked this over first. The ‘M’ is positioned a little too close to the ‘Yass,’ making it look like they were trying to spell something else.

Is That the Right Show?

Looking at the picture of the show due to come on TV next, it looks as though it’s some kind of cookery program. The show’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, also leads us to believe that it’s some kind of reality food show, where maybe the presenter goes round reviewing good and bad restaurants.

Image courtesy of HelloMyNameIsEmily/Imgur

The show notes below give us a short plot summary of what the next show will be about. Would you have guessed that ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ would be about t figurines coming to life and eating garbage? We bet not! There seems to be some sort of mix-up with the show line up here!