Three Effective Tips To Manage Your Anxiety

By Shivam B

Anxiety is identified as a persistent and intense feeling of unease, dread, tension, or worry. Though most people suffer from generalized anxiety, some individuals have specific challenges like health anxiety. It is a form of anxiety that makes people believe they have a serious and undiagnosed medical condition. Such anxiety can impact both your physical and mental health. Thus, managing it effectively should be a priority. Below are three helpful tips to help take control of your anxiety. 

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Don’t Google your symptoms 

Only a doctor can give you a proper diagnosis if you are feeling any kind of discomfort. But looking for answers in Google about all your signs will only add to your anxiety. Google will only catastrophize your worries, so it is better to steer clear.

Let relaxation techniques help you 

Meditation, mindfulness, and some deep breathing exercises can help calm your nerves to a great extent. Mindfulness is especially a good idea when your anxiety is spiking because of the thought of symptoms going on in your mind. 

Shift your focus momentarily 

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Though distracting yourself is not the best solution to each issue, it’s a viable solution when dealing with spur-of-the-moment health anxiety. So, try to distract yourself with a computer game or your favorite movie. Or, try chatting with someone that you love like a good friend. 

Though these tips will help you to a great extent, these are not the only solution. It would help if you saw a mental health professional to keep your health anxiety in check.