45 Humorous Viral Food Combos, Trends, And Inventions

By Ruby M

TikTok – the video app was popular before, but it really took the world by storm in 2020 when people all over the world were at home and using the internet to cope. People used TikTok to watch and create all sorts of crazy, funny, and memorable videos of themselves and their families and pets. From filming funny and embarrassing videos of their pets to copying stunts and other crazy things and posting the results for the world to see, TikTok really does show the world the best and the worst of us. Since its launch, almost everyone has heard of TikTok, and most people have seen at least a few of the weird food concoctions, viral trends, and nutty inventions that flood the home pages of the app. We thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of the strangest TikToks that went viral worldwide. Enjoy!

Cereal and Orange Juice

Want a strange new flavor for your cereal? How about an innovative way to make sure that you’re getting enough Vitamin C? Well, if you answered yes to either of the above, we might have the solution for you!

Image courtesy of: Tiktok/ @cerealkillertiktok

Try having your morning cereal with orange juice instead of milk. Apparently, this strange concoction is at one of the tops of everyone’s crazy TikTok combos. You can give it a shot, but we think we’re going to stick with the milk.

Home Mole Removals

We have architects to make our blueprints for buildings, so nothing goes wrong. We have dentists to fix our teeth when something does go wrong. And we have doctors to treat our bodies when something’s not quite right, like when we have a mole that we would like to have removed.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ Tiktok News

If a mole is bothering you, see a doctor. Don’t try to remove it on your own at home because all of your DIY projects are complete, and you have nothing better to do. Home mole removals are hazardous and can cause more damage. Just because you see something on the web does not mean it’s a good idea!

Adding Ketchup to your Popcorn

Are you tired of the same old salt and butter on your microwave popcorn? Maybe those mushrooms in the refrigerator were in there a little too long, and when you added them to your omelet this morning, you started to have… some strange cravings.

Image Courtesy of: Twitter/ @sayitsTr3s

Maybe you ran out of salt, and the idea of eating some plain popcorn is not for you. Well, whatever the reason, here you are with a bowl of popcorn topped with ketchup, and it’s probably getting soggy. Some people tell us it’s actually good.

The Gorilla Glue Challenge

We really hope that the first person to post this video was actually faking it because we can’t understand why people would put super adhesive glue in their hair or on any body part for that matter – it’s the opposite of smart or funny!

Image Courtesy Of: Twitter/ @shapedInternet

People have wound up in the ER with orifices glued shut. They can’t remove the glue from their heads, nor can they shave it off, and it is apparently quite painful if they leave it to grow out! So if you were considering trying this – don’t.


Need to trim those nails but don’t have time to spend trimming each nail individually? Well, look no further because Jiffycuts, an invention born on TikTok, has arrived, and it’s going to save you a whole lot of time keeping your manicure in check!

Image Courtesy of: Tiktok/ @unecessaryinventions

Jiffycuts allows you to save yourself a whole ten seconds of extra work by trimming all those pesky long nails at once! It’s basically five nail clippers stuck together and a pretty unnecessary invention, but in the lazy world we live in it’s no surprise these exist!

Tacon Challenge

If you want a quick way to break your ankle, try running in heels. And not just any heels, but stilettos, the highest pair you own. That’s what the Tacon challenge is all about. The challenge is broken down into three or more rounds, and with each round, the heel gets higher.

Image Courtesy of: Tiktok/ @publicdesire

Men and women have been documented on TikTok trying this out, and many of them were, surprisingly, successful. The trouble is, many of them were not, and wound up with sprained and even broken ankles as a result of this weird trend.

Apples with Salt and Pepper

This one is a little less weird than some of the other concoctions and oddities on this list. Surprisingly enough, many delicious salad dishes incorporate chopped apples, so adding a little salt and pepper really isn’t a stretch by comparison.

Image Courtesy Of: trial and eater/ Kelly

This salty-sweet treat is actually a really yummy and healthy snack – and it’s effortless to make! All it is is chopped apples with some salt and pepper. Quick, easy, and pretty cheap – even if this combo does sound a little bit strange!

Corn Cob Challenge

Here’s one that even Jason Derulo apparently fell for. This one is only for the person who wants to inflict pain on themselves because we cannot imagine doing this ourselves. The challenge involves stocking a corn-on-the-cob onto a drill.

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ Entertainment Tonight

But it doesn’t end there. The person then, with the drill on at full speed, attempts to eat the corn. It usually fails dismally. People have ended up losing almost all their front teeth and, epically failing the challenge by not eating any of the corn!

Pickles and Kool-Aid

We can’t imagine why anybody would waste a delicious pickle by soaking it in Kool-Aid – or why anybody would want to waste a delicious glass of Kool-Aid by soaking a pickle in it! But there we have it, folks!

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ 2¢ Chick

Someone with a pregnancy craving very likely created this sweet and sour mix, right before it took over TikTok’s #weirdfoocombos hashtag. It does sound bizarre indeed, but at least all the pregnant mommies have a nice new snack idea? Go for it!

Soft Drink Dispenser

If you’re too lazy to lift a bottle and pour yourself some cola, then this one’s for you! This soft drink dispenser will eradicate all that time and effort you’d have to give picking up the bottle. Now all you have to do is get a glass!

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ @reactiontime

Although, on the positive side, this could be a great investment for hosting parties. Especially if you are trying to minimize the possibility of people spilling the bottle of soda when pouring themselves a glass! We’re grasping at straws, we’re totally aware.

Collecting Your Hair Trend

For some odd reason, people believe it’s a good idea to save the strands of hair that naturally fall out and then tape them together. Eventually, after many hairs have been collected, it resembles a hair extension. Um, no, thanks.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @cocolee379

Some might argue that this could help hundreds of women who need wigs, but the hairs that naturally fall out are often split at the ends and not the healthiest strands – so it leaves us wondering who would actually want a wig made up of “leftovers.”

The Cereal Challenge

TikTok has become famous – or infamous – for all of the weird trends that have popped up. It really gained popularity when people got bored in lockdown and used these trends to pass the time. But this gross trend certainly takes a prize.

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok Story Time/ Youtube

The cereal challenge requires two people. One person lies down with their mouth open, while the other person pours milk and cereal into their mouth. Then – brace yourselves – they take a spoon and begin eating the cereal out of the other person’s mouth. All we want to know is why?

Shaving Your Teeth With a Nail file

This one makes our teeth hurt just thinking of it. If you feel that your teeth need some sharpening, make an appointment with your dentist and have somebody qualified to take a look at those choppers! This is not a challenge we recommend.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @millenial/RDH

Dentists have called the practice of shaving your teeth with a nail file “horrifying,” saying that it causes irreparable damage to your enamel. This ridiculousness can cause sensitive and damaged teeth and even cause root canal damage. We repeat, don’t do it.

Booty Barbell Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered if your booty is shapely enough, then this is the test for you! It involves a person lying down on their stomachs on the floor and someone else putting a barbell so that it rolls over their legs.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ Daily Tiktok Trends

If your backside stops the barbell – then congratulations, you are bootylicious, and all those workouts have paid off! If the barbell rolls right over your whole body – it’s time to get to the gym and do some more squats, we guess.

Getting Cats Their Own Laptop

This is another strange trend that is a waste of money, but at least it is also quite adorable. Anyone with a cat knows the trouble surrounding their furry friends coming and plopping themselves down right on top of your computer.

Image Courtesy Of: Twitter/ @sara__pequeno

We thought that cats do this for attention – but according to TikTok users, cats mimic you, and if you get them their own laptop, they will leave yours alone. So users everywhere have filmed their kitties sitting next to them with their own laptops. A strange thing to spend your paycheck on, but we have seen stranger things in the TikTok universe.

Feta pasta and cherry tomatoes

This one we think is actually pretty normal, considering – oh, you know – Italian food and all being a thing. This TikTok recipe involves just cherry tomatoes, herbs, your favorite pasta, and feta cheese baked together in the oven.

Image Courtesy of delish.com

Apparently, in the early days of quarantine in 2020, the immense popularity of this dish led to a feta shortage. We’re not confused by this. This one is delicious, and we plan to keep making it, even now that it’s not trending anymore.

Pretending to Munch Your Pets

Okay. Like the cats getting their own laptops, this one is cute. A person plays a munching sound and proceeds to pretend to take a munch out of their pet’s ear or body part. Dogs usually get quite distressed, and even cats don’t react very well.

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok/ @user9778082695054

We don’t know if the pet thinks you’re actually eating them or if they dislike the munching sound that plays through the speakers, but either way – it’s a trend that everybody is trying. Just remember to have lots of treats, so your pet forgives you.

Pringles and Nutella Combo

This one sounds strange, sure. But it’s one we can get on board with. The popular chip snack, Pringles – original flavor, of course – combined with the all-time favorite chocolate spread, Nutella, kind of makes sense. We would try it.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @pleesecakes

The salty chip and the sweet taste from the chocolate create a sweet-and-salty experience for the taste buds, which we can surprisingly imagine as tasting pretty dang good. Now, Nutella and Cheetos, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t be as nice.

Spilling Water Over Babies

Fine, we will admit that the surprised wide-eyed expressions the babies make after being dumbfounded by the sudden wetness they feel from the water are kind of adorable, and does make for a few laughs. But this challenge divided the internet – some found it funny, and others found it cruel.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @mikaylamatthews

The challenge involves singing along to the song, “What You Doing With That” and jerking along to the music, “accidentally” spilling the water on their unsuspecting babies. Those poor children didn’t know what hit them! Literally. We hope this isn’t a common occurrence in any household.

Pasta Chips

A relatively new fad is the TikTok recipe foodies are raving about, and that is pasta chips. Sounds strange, right? Well, people all over the world are air frying their macaroni to have a taste of this new trend that is apparently much tastier than it sounds!

Image Courtesy Of: CNET/ Allyza Umali

They coat the pasta in olive oil, seasoning, and even sometimes parmesan cheese and leave their chosen pasta to bake in the air fryer. After they dip their “chips” in a ranch dressing or honey mustard, and they are thrilled with the taste.

Ceiling Fan Dance

This one sounds like cellphones are just going to end up flying out of windows and into people’s heads – ouch! So if you want a broken phone, then sure, go ahead and try this insane challenge. We’ll just watch.

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @e_hazey

It involves tying your phone to the ceiling fan and then recording yourself dancing while the phone moves around you. Sure, it can look pretty cool when done right, but it just makes people watching feel dizzy most of the time!

Pickles and Ranch Dressing

As strange as they sound, not all of the TikTok creations on this list are half that bad! This TikTok combo has become a widely used and easy-to-make two-ingredient recipe: pickles and ranch seasoning packets. We’re on board with this one 100%. 

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ Everyday shortcuts

Ranch-pickles make a great addition to almost any sandwich, wrap, or burger, and they are also great on their own as a tasty and relatively healthy snack! The low sugar and low carbs in this graze make it keto-friendly.

Tuna and Ice Cream Combo

You’ve heard of tuna-mayo, and you may have even heard of tuna and cream cheese, but we bet you’ve never heard of this sweet-and-fishy combo. Vanilla ice cream and tuna. Together. On the same spoon. What has the world come to?!

Image Courtesy Of; Tiktok/ @miachallina

Yet another weird food combo courtesy of TikTok – and definitely one only the brave will try. We can’t imagine it tasting anything but wrong. Strangely enough, many TikTok users have rated this odd mixture nine and even ten out of ten!

The Cha-Cha Slide Challenge

Another bizarre TikTok trend that swept the internet was the “Cha-Cha Slide” challenge. Aside from getting this well-known party song by Mr. C the Slide Man stuck in your head for hours after playing it, this challenge is actually perilous.

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok/ @sweatzzz

The challenge requires users to drive while playing the song, and as the instructions “slide to the left” play, they turn their wheel into the left lane, then the right lane, and so on. It gets really chaotic when “criss-cross” plays. This ridiculous challenge must have caused countless accidents.

Pancake cereal

This one isn’t as weird as it is time-consuming and annoying. The idea is to make pancake batter – as much as usual, we wonder – and then drip tiny drops the size of cereal bits. You then flip them. Each tiny one.

Photo Courtesy of: hummingbirdhigh.com

We don’t know about you, but we just don’t have the patience for this one. Also, for those of us who like our cereal crunchy, this probably won’t be as satisfying. But we do imagine kids would get a kick out of this.

Potato chips and yogurt

Our first question is, are you going to choose plain yogurt or strawberry flavored? Barbecue chips, or original? Sour cream and onion? Actually, we’re not even sure why we’re asking. We don’t think we’d be on board, unless it was ranch Greek yogurt dip.

Photo Courtesy of: flythecoop.tv

This is apparently a Persion snack staple. Plain yogurt and your choice of chip flavor is all you need for this TikTok snack craze. We might not post a video, but we might actually try this one, but don’t quote us on that.

Fox Eyebrow Challenge

You’ve got to see it to believe it, so thank heavens for viral videos. Believe it or not, users are shaving off most of their eyebrows and redrawing them on – it’s called the fox eyebrow challenge, and it’s sweeping TikTok.

Image Courtesy of: Youtube/ ET Style

This challenge was inspired by individuals trying to create eyebrows in a shape similar to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who have a foxy eyebrow look. Just be sure not to shave off your whole brow when trying this one, ladies!

Oreos and Orange Juice

This pairing was probably created by the same person who clearly has too much orange juice to know what to do with! You’ve heard of twisting, licking, and dunking an Oreo into milk, but have you ever wanted to switch that up?

Image Courtesy Of: Twitter/ @sk8ercoups

Well, neither have we! But apparently, some people are bent on tarnishing childhood memories by dipping the Oreo in orange juice instead of milk! The world is full of many different taste buds, but we can’t imagine this tasting good!

Apple Pie and Cheddar Cheese

This is pretty much the cooked version of apples and cheese (another strange-sounding combo, but this one actually tastes pretty nice). Apple pie with melted cheddar cheese on the top has been sweeping the TikTok nation. It doesn’t look particularly appetizing, we know.

Image Courtesy Of: Melissa Hahn/ q985online.com

But it probably is not half bad! Many pastries have sweet apples, and many of them are filled with cheese – so this is the best of both worlds. Unless you’re very specific about your pie, this could be the taste you’ve been craving.

Cheetos and Milk

We can’t figure out why TikTok users can’t simply have cereal and milk and keep a classic breakfast meal as is. Sometimes things don’t need to be switched up! But here it is, yet another strange take on cereal.

Image Courtesy of: Reddit/ u/gennelliexox

This time, the milk hasn’t been replaced with orange juice, but the cereal has been replaced with Cheetos. Cheetos – a cheesy snack combined with creamy milk really does not sound all that appealing. We imagine people like it, but we’ll stick to plain old cereal and milk.

Shower Thermometer

Who else dreads the cold rush of water that hits your body when you first turn on the shower? First too cold, then too hot. And in some cases, you have to play around for quite some time before the water is just right, and it can get quite chilly waiting!

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @new_inventions

Well, not anymore. With a shower thermometer, you can wait for your water’s temperature to heat up to just the right warmth and not have to risk burning yourself to feel it! Your thermometer will do that for you. This one we definitely like!

Falmin’ Hot Cheetos treats

More Cheetos, but this time the Flamin’ Hot kind. The trend involves simply replacing rice crispie cereal with crushed Cheetos. We have to applaud the creativity of this snack invention. This took some real thought and an actual recipe.

Photo Courtey of: spoonuniversity.com

We have a confession: we are absolutely willing to try this if you happen to have any leftovers. It sounds weird, especially since some people put Nutella on top, but it doesn’t sounds terrible. We will try most things once.

Easy Delivery System

Now we aren’t sure if this person cleverly created a way to receive their goodies whilst keeping a social distance from delivery workers, or if they wanted to avoid taking the stairs up and down every time they had a delivery.

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok/ @christiancoe69

Either way, this is a pretty innovative way to easily and efficiently collect packages, parcels, and even food deliveries without having to leave your apartment! Kudos to the inventor of this nifty trick. We hope the delivery guys were on board!

Standing Keyboard

You’ve heard of a standing desk, well now here’s a TikTok invention for everybody who doesn’t want to replace their whole desk! Stand up and keep your blood flowing while still productively typing up those long and time-consuming emails with a standing keyboard!

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok/@unecessaryinventions

We’re not sure what you’ll use if you ever actually decide to sit down to type away at your computer, so you might as well keep standing! If these are real, we wonder if there’s a standing mouse that goes along with it!

Marshmallow Makeup Brush

Sometimes you’re all set to get glammed up for your up-and-coming Zoom event or even to meet up with friends in real life, and as you pat your face with moisturizer and want to start with your foundation, you realize – oh, no! I’m out of clean sponges.

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ Marshed

Well, no more burrowing through your used disposables or having to use tissues to apply your makeup! Just head on over to your sweet stash and grab yourself a marshmallow! According to TikTok users, it will make the perfect substitute! Sure…

Watermelon Mustard

This one sounds disgusting. How can watermelon and mustard be even remotely tasty? Well, surprisingly enough, many individuals who have dared to try this odd combo have said it tastes delicious! We’ll take their word for it! We’ve heard of weirder combos.

Image Courtesy Of: Twitter/@blogilates

Apparently, the peppery undertones of the mustard compliment the sweetness of the watermelon, creating the perfect flavor of salty-and-sweet. Although we suspect you have to be quite brave to try this one out, it may just be rewarding in the end.

Flexibility Challenge

This odd challenge has users showing off their flexibility by raising their legs as high as they can, sort of like their leg is the arm on a clock. The further around the “clock” your leg goes, the more flexible you are.

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ TikTok Devotee

If you ask us, it is a bit odd, but so are most of the challenges on this list, and so are most of the challenges on the TikTok app! But hey, if you’re flexible enough to get your leg all the way to 12 or past it, then good for you!

Mustard and Carrots or Apples

Okay, so much like the apples with salt and pepper, here’s another healthy option for those munchy mid-day snack cravings. Mustard and carrots or apples have a bitter-sweet-tangy taste which quite frankly isn’t so bad! We admit it – this one we’ll keep.

Image Courtesy Of: Twitter/@bobcobble

That is unless you don’t enjoy the taste of salad or mustard salad dressings! Then this combo probably sounds as odd as the ones above it. But to us, this is also one of the least weird combos from TikTok on this list!

Fake Dimple Trend

As we’ve seen with the fox eyebrows, fashion has a huge impact on TikTok challenges, including this one. Dimples are all the rage right now in the fashion world. And because not everyone is born with them, people have started creating their own.

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ Best TikTok Compilations

Faking dimples is done by sucking in their cheeks and pressing on them simultaneously. This creates the faux indents that everybody is apparently dying to show off right now. We hope no one falls in love with them for their dimples – because that will be a short-lived romance!

Portable Bathroom

If you’ve ever felt the need to have an en-suite bathroom but don’t want to spend all that extra time and money, then this is the solution for you! A full-on portable toilet system that you can keep anywhere you want!

Image Courtesy Of: TikTok/ @lyu474

Take it with you to work so you don’t have to use those shared toilets, have it next to your bed, so your morning bathroom time is that much faster. We’re laughing to ourselves over this one, and we can’t help but wonder what’s with the fish?

Curvy Butt Hack

Here’s an inventive little hack to give yourself a more shapely look in your favorite pair of jeans – all you need is a pair of pantyhose that you don’t hold very dear and a pair of scissors to take advantage of this little trick!

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ 5-minute magic

Put on the pantyhose and cut a hole at the back. You might want to follow one of the many TikTok videos to make sure you’re doing it right. Then, put on those comfy jeans, and you’re good to go – don’t forget to record it for your next viral video, #weirdhacksoftiktok!

Thor Challenge

Before the times of TikTok, an engineer named Allen Pan made his very own ‘Mjolnir’ – the hammer from Marvel’s Thor, a hammer that only Thor can lift. People traveled from far and wide to try lifting it, but they could not succeed. 

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ RX Mindset

Now that TikTok exists, a crazy new challenge swept through the gymnast users: the Thor challenge, which involved weightlifters trying to lift a very heavy barbell as if it were Thor’s hammer. The perfect way to break your back!

Bathrobe Hair Curler

Want the perfect curl in your locks but don’t want to damage your hair using a curling iron? Or maybe, you loved your curler dearly, but it broke, and you can’t get a new one right now? Whatever the reason, here’s the answer!

Image Courtesy Of: Youtube/ Alex Gabour

TikTok users have been sharing a hack that involves wrapping your hair around a bathrobe and leaving it overnight. The next morning, your hair is supposed to have the perfect curl. We doubt it lasts very long, though, without hairspray or gel.

The 360-Degree Pet Shower

Does your pet run and hide at the mere mention of the bath? Is it challenging to get them to stay still so that you can run the water over them and get this bath time over with? If you answered yes, Tiktok inventors have the answer for you!

Image Courtesy Of: Tiktok/ @cooltechnology2021

With a 360-degree pet shower machine, your pet’s bath time will be much faster and easier for both you and your furry friend! No more having to turn the showerhead or hose so that it cleans their bellies – this contraption will do it for you!

Pairing Chocolate with Tomato

Chocolate and tomato soup, cherry tomatoes dipped in dark chocolate, and even sundried tomatoes and chocolate – these strange recipes sound like something that came out of a child’s fun day in the kitchen. They don’t sound tasty at all!

Image Courtesy Of: Niki Laskaris/ spoonuniversity

But apparently, the combination of chocolate and tomatoes is quite a revered mix and it is even used frequently in the kitchens of many professional chefs. So it’s no wonder the TikTok users of the world caught wind of it.