Top Three Cooking Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

By Shivam B

Cooking mistakes are a common part of every kitchen – even the ones run by professional chefs! From burning your hand on a hot pan to forgetting to add salt to your dish, we have all been there and done that. But there are a couple of cooking mistakes that are just too easy to avoid if you only pay a bit of attention. So, here’s listing out the four mistakes that you need to stop making in your kitchen right away.

Forgetting to weigh the ingredients while baking 

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You always need to weigh the ingredients rather than only use measuring cups at the time of baking. Weighing ingredients makes sure you get both consistency and accuracy. Measuring cups will leave an extra margin for error while making desserts and dishes that need precise quantities. 

Not tasting the food when you cook 

It is crucial to taste the food while cooking. You need to check the dish to know whether it’s well-seasoned before serving it to your friends or family. It is understandable if you forget to taste the final product if you’re in a hurry to complete a multistep recipe. But remember to keep clean spoons near the counter to go on tasting as you cook.

Overcooking the stir-fried vegetables 

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You need a really hot wok to stir-fry the veggies correctly. Make sure the cooking oil is hot, and season the veggies before placing them in your pan. Three minutes of tossing the vegetables in hot oil will get the job done. 

That’s it! Avoid making these mistakes, and your cooking will improve considerably.