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Find A Spot: 40+ Pictures Of Cats Falling Asleep In Trees

We had always known that cats were cut from a different breed. But we hadn’t expected them to behave like this. Why do they have such strange habits – sitting in tight spaces, kneading their paws, and sleeping in trees? As it turns out, these behaviors had been learned and passed down from feline ancestors. By hiding in nooks and tight corners, they can secure themselves from other predators. When they knead their paws on you, it’s actually a sign of endearment. And they love to sleep in trees because they are given the perfect camouflage while waiting for the ripe time to pounce! Pounce on what, exactly? Well, that depends. It could be a bird or their favorite hooman. As we said, they are cut out from a different breed. So don’t be quick to call the neighborhood fireman. It’s fairly common for your cat to hang around those in those branches.

Sweet Dreams

This vineyard has made its rounds on social media. They have been applauded for creating the best-tasting wine and juiciest bunches of grapes – all because their scarecrow is a lively kitten. It makes its rounds in the early morning and the late afternoon. After chasing the crows away, it will lay atop the vines for its afternoon siesta.

Image courtesy of @dewy cheek / N / Twitter

So if you find yourself plucking grapes in this vineyard, check to see if the bunch you had gotten is supple and bulbous. If it is furry and soft, it might be this kitten’s paws. The least we can do is leave it peacefully to sleep. So quickly release the paw (no matter how tempting it is to squeeze harder) and bid it sweet dreams.

Candy Canes and Stockings

Like us, this kitty is absolutely excited about Christmas. She had heard that Santa was coming to town. She had been promised that there would be premium-grade catnips in his bulging, red bag and mice aplenty in a fishbowl! She couldn’t wait to see him climb down the chimney and show him where the cookies are. So she nestled herself under some pine tree branches… just outside the house.

Image Courtesy of m – 0_0 – m / Reddit

If she hears the reindeers’ hooves crunch against the snow and Santa’s sled skid against the house, she will slide down the branch and then sprint towards Santa. Oh pretty please, give me my catnips. I have been a good girl all-year round! She stands on her toes and paws at Santa’s legs. Hurry! Check your list.

Favorite Position

One of the things that we envy about cats is that they love to live their life on the edge. They are always up and about, hurling objects from shelves or ruining family heirlooms without a care in the world. And finally, they will rest atop branches knowing that their actions bear very little consequence.

Image courtesy of @ Dewy cheek / N /Twitter

For one, no one can climb the tree to bring this kitty down. Dad has bad knees, whereas mum has terrible balance. Second, it’s not like they can spank her. This afternoon, all she had done was spill the milk on the floor. That’s nothing that a pint of water and a mop can’t fix, right?

Can’t See Me

Bet you can see yourself in this cat. After finding out that some guests were coming over, it parted the doors, padded over the backyard, and then slid itself between these branches. Bet they can’t see me up here. It laid its head on the branch and closed its eyes to sleep.

Image courtesy of Animal channel Co

Its owner didn’t even have to call it by its name. Granted, he is so chonky that he is nearly the size of two house cat; she was able to see him from the backyard porch. She placed her hands on her hips and then shook her head. She had always known this kitty was totally lazy and was probably now waiting for someone to come and rescue him from that tree

How About Some Piña Colada

You won’t find barmaids dressed up in slinky attire or a suited bartender who whisks your cocktails on this Caribbean island. You will find this furry feline chopping Pineapple into chunks, pouring it in a blender whisking in rum and coconut milk, and pureeing for a scrumptious serving of Piña Colada.

Image courtesy of @Dewy cheek / N / Twitter

Here he is resting just before his shift. The bar will open a quarter to 5. By then, he will be performing a round of stretches and then rubbing the gunk from his eyes. Depending on his mood, he might wear an apron around his waist, or he could serve your drinks bare like the daredevil that he is!

In Danger of Falling

Is it just us, or do cats sleep a lot…like a lot! When they aren’t testing the physics of falling objects, you might see them all scrunched up under the table, curled by grandpa’s leg, or flung across a branch. Could it be because they’re intrinsically lazy, or is it something else?

Image courtesy of Caz Hamp / Imgur

As it turns out, cats sleep about 17 hours each day to conserve energy. Pouncing on objects, surveying the terrain, and then munching on catnips takes a lot of energy. That’s basically a day’s hunt for them. That is why you will see them dozing off after having successfully gobbled up their meals.

Can’t You See I’m Busy?

There is another good reason why cats love to perch themselves in high places. They’re actually putting as much distance between themselves and family members who have zero respect for personal space as possible. Take it from this chonky cat. She is the target of so many jokes about her disappearing waistline that she is up in her favorite tree getting some much-deserved me-time.

Image courtesy of City Data

Then she will skulk away into one of the rooms upstairs or in the backyard, where she knows she can spend the afternoon in peace and quiet. She has matters to attend to in her sleep anyways. And if she sees you intruding this sacred space, she will hiss as if to say, Can’t you see I’m busy working out?

Safe Sailing

This kitty seems to be having a pretty good dream. You can see its lids flinching from time to time, and the specks of its eyes moving rapidly from side to side. Its whiskers bristle, and a smile forms on its face. Might it have met a foe to defeat, a kingdom to conquer, or a scrumptious meal to feast on?

Image courtesy of Every Day Redhead / Instagram

It lays some of its weight on its right paw, which gingerly presses against the stump of the tree. From time to time, it nuzzles its neck against the rough bark; then, it lays its head back where it’s most comfortable. This has got to be the most uncomfortable position yet, but this kitty shows no sign of waking up from his cat-nap.

Cherry Blossom Bloom

Apart from play, sleep is a universal language amongst cats. Many have bonded on the branches of this Cherry Blossom tree. Without much space, some cats resort to laying their heads atop another cat’s back. They will sleep in turn and wake the other up when it’s time for dinner.

Image Courtesy of Success Life Lounge

Isn’t that the life – lounging atop the tree, nestled in your lover’s embrace? What we would give to spend a day in the life of these cats! But one thing we would do differently is that we would spend our waking hours staring at these Cherry Blossom flowers, instead of sleeping the afternoon away.

Ripe for Plucking

One of the most awaited events on this farm is this year’s fruit-picking. You could make out the taste of each fruit as your gaze rests on each. Some are sweet, some are sour, and some, like this cat, are surly. It doesn’t want to be woken from its sleep. It will come down in its own time.

Image courtesy of Ekle It / Instagram

Guests can’t help but stare at its sheer size. So many are tempted to run their hand over its soft fur. Some successfully graze the tip of its tail. But the unlucky many are only allowed to look. After all, you can’t force fruit to ripen way before its time. You will only be met with bitterness.

Stealthy Hunter

You may see your cat sleeping often, but that doesn’t mean they’re slacking off from a hunt. You will see their ears prick up from the slightest noise. Their paws might twitch, and they may frequently change position – all of these are in anticipation of an attack on something that catches their fancy.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

Even in their sleep, they are tracking prey and predators in the environment. Sleeping in high places minimizes the risk of attacks from bigger animals while giving them a bird’s eye view of the terrain. After spotting a target, they will simply bound down the tree trunk and sprint to catch up with their intended target.

Mee-How Did it Get There

Of all the fights that Reddit user OddCrotch and his cat had, this was the worst. She had taken a chunk of meat off from his plate. She hissed while he scolded her. That’s it—no jug of milk for you. And at the sound of that, she sprinted out of the house and off into the tree.

Image Courtesy of Oddcrotch / Reddit

Of course, Reddit user OddCrotch had been ridden with anger. He was absolutely fuming. He had spent over a day prepping the dish, only to have it pried away from him in a matter of seconds. But his anger melted just as quickly as he had lost the steak. Where had she gone? He follows her trail and finds her sleeping cozily. Meeehow did she get there?

Feline Droppings

Locals within the area are cautious about walking under tree branches this time of the year. See, the trees have shed their leaves. To cats, it’s the best time to claw their way up the tree trunk and pad towards the distal ends of the branches.

Image courtesy of Billy Goat 956961 / Reddit

Residents have tried to call these kitties down, to little avail. See, these cats roam about the city and have never belonged to anyone, much less been trained to use the litter box. So when taking a walk in the park, steer clear from branches hanging overhead. What might seem like bird dropping might actually be cat poo. And we all know how foully horrendous cat litter is.

Chill Life

There is a certain point in time in one’s adult life that one crosses, that one is deprived of blissful sleep. It might have been around your 30s. For us, it had been our mid-twenties. We can’t remember the last time we looked like this – sleeping comfortably with very little couch space to support us.

Image Courtesy of Zippity Zoppity / Reddit

So it’s safe to say that we felt a tinge of envy. It seems like this kitty can balance her work-life with her nimble paws and still get a full night’s rest. How is that even possible? She’s at great risk for a fall. But she manages to pull it off every time she climbs up in this tree for a well-deserved nap.

Welcome To Her Queendom

Indoors, this kitty shares a room with two preschoolers. She spends most of the day watching over them. She paws at their arms if they attempt to climb the kitchen chair, or she complains to mum if any of them refuse to sleep. After guard duty, she runs off to the yard to get some me-time.

Image courtesy of Totally Not / Instagram

There, this queen lays between the two branches. This is her queendom, and she demands absolute loyalty from all her subjects. She only responds to them after they pay her a bow or a curtsy. Here kitty, kitty, their subjects proclaim. Then she will unveil her face by whisking her tail aside. Is it time for dinner yet?

Just A Nap

Every late afternoon, a kitty makes her way to Twitter user @malaringla‘s garden. She has seen it climb the fence and then make its way to the tree on the far end of the yard. It sits by the base of the tree, with its tail casually swaying to and fro. Then it will make its way to the top for a quick nap.

Image Courtesy of Mala ringla / @malaringla / Twitter

It just lays there, bows its head, and then closes its eyes – deep in sleep. When she had seen this kitty visit her the first time, she kept her dogs from going out into the backyard. Let it have some sleep, she thought. Then she turned about and distracted her dogs with play.

Just A Beginner

With the number of hunters on this list, you might think that every cat loves to perch itself up high. But this critter is just getting the hang of climbing. He has slipped and fallen a couple of times. So lately, he has nestled himself on wider parts of the tree such as this.

Image courtesy of @S Team Traen / Nick Brown / Twitter

Once he masters the art of climbing, it’s safe to say that he will want to climb higher branches. Soon, we will see him lunging from one level to another in search of a good vantage point – for rest and play. But until then, it’s best that he let his scratches heal.

Stop Calling the Fireman

This feline and his fur mom often get into quarrels. He often storms out of the house mid-argument, whereas she is worried that he will do something stupid. She calls out to him, but he refuses to listen, much less acknowledge her. By noon, she is declared the victor.

Image Courtesy of unicawn / Instagram

Stop calling the darn fireman! This cat hisses and scratches the arm that reaches out to him. The only resort he has now is to climb even higher, which he does. There, he is certain that he can enjoy a couple of minutes of silence. Mum is such a bad listener.

Welcome to the Pride Lands

It must be a lonely place – the perch on which this cat sits. He spends most of his time there. His eyes are narrowed into slits, and he lays still as if waiting for something or someone. Might it be his pride walking towards him? He cranes his neck forward for a better look.

Image Courtesy of Positivist dino / Reddit

The thicket rustles. A squirrel darts from beneath. This king settles back, partly disappointed that it hadn’t been his pride. He is hopeful that they will return from the tiresome journey…to the local mart. It had been their turn to take the trip with mum. Next time, it will be his.

Picture Perfect

Instagram user jasmaniandevilcat had always known that her cat was gorgeous. But she hadn’t been able to capture that beauty in a picture… at least not until now. Here, her cat lay just within reach, bathing in sunlight. She had to take a shot of the little feline.

Image courtesy of Jasmanian Devil Cat / Instagram

She flicked her thumb across the phone screen, tapped the center, and then hit the shutter. Even as she put her phone away, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from her cat. She was so gorgeous. Not wanting to disturb her cat’s sleep, she crept away and soon found the latter walking beside her. How’d I look? Her cat rubs itself against her ankle.

New Scratching Post

This kitty likes to play rough. Almost everyone in the house is wearing long-sleeves because of him. But not to worry, mum came up with a plan. She bought this kitty a scratching post. It hadn’t even been a week she when he tore it to shreds. Now, he spends his time sharpening his claws on this post.

Image courtesy of Maverick Tux / Reddit

He stands on his hind legs and then pushes the bulk of his weight on his paws. He tightens and then relaxes the muscles in each paw and feels the bark underneath his claws. Then he pulls down, feeling the bark rip apart. After a couple of minutes, he feels his claws sharper than before.

Barely Hanging

It had been a rough week for this kitty. His boss had screamed at him. He had spilled his coffee on his shirt. And he had forgotten that there was a meeting at 5. By evening, he was utterly spent. He kicked off his boots and climbed the stairs, where he threw himself on top of the bed.

Image courtesy of Kelli Coleman / Facebook

He’s barely hanging. But thank heavens it was Friday. He could wake up late the next morning. This kitty knows that he deserves every minute to snooze. Despite his blunders, he had given his best, and he would try harder next week.

Early Cat Catches the Bird

As in the animal kingdom, coming in first improves your chances of success. That is why this cat has spent the night in this tree, to await the birds that will perch atop its branches come daybreak. For now, it is resting its eyes and hiding the excitement that flows underneath.

Image Courtesy of Iri Prieto / Instagram

It hears a bird chirp a couple of meters behind it. Its ears prick up, and it tracks the distance between him and the bird. Will I be able to make it in time? Probably not, as the bird jumps to another tree. Not to worry, thought this cat. There will be a fresh catch later.

Paying A Visit

This kitty likes to pay people a visit. Today she had graced the backyard of one of the unsuspecting neighbors. She crept silently towards the base of the tree and looked around. This seems high enough. Then she jumped up its trunk and climbed using her claws.

Image courtesy of strange _ photography_ 290 / Instagram

Careful not to fall, she crept higher until she found this spot. It’s perfect! Now, off to find ourselves some food. The branch offered her a vast view of the backyard. She would turn slowly to one side, find nothing moving there, and then survey the other end. This is going to be a long day, this cat thought.

Just Trimming the Roots

This fur mom wanted to grow her own Bonsai tree. She had bought a Ficus Bonsai because she had been told it was the most resilient type – perfect for a newbie like her. She had wanted to prune the tree’s roots. So her cat volunteered to help out.

Image Courtesy of Earth Porm

By sleeping on it, this cat was able to keep the Bonsai tree away from direct heat and draft. After mum watered the plant, this cat decided that it was equally important to lock in moisture. His body was the perfect seal. Thirty minutes should do it. Then he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Learning The Ropes

Am I doing it right? This kitty looks around to ask. Not hearing an answer, she looks back at the branches surrounding her. Excuse me, Mister Plant, I’m supposed to take a nap. Would you be kind enough to let me sleep here for a couple of minutes? Once again, she doesn’t hear a reply. Well, I’ll take that as a yes!

Image courtesy of Robert Guimont / Bored Panda

It hadn’t even been half a day since this kitten was adopted. But it seems to Robert that she’s quickly learning the ropes. Although she shouldn’t be sleeping with the plants, she’s learning to bend the rules in her favor. That sounds like every cat’s defining characteristic.

What Day Is It?

Throughout the week, this little kitty helps her mum with the chores. How? She stands guard by the crib. Whenever she senses the baby in need of something, she pads over to where mum is and runs her neck across her ankles. Something is wrong.

Image courtesy of Mudshine / Reddit

But today is Caturday. And this kitty gets to sleep wherever she wants to sleep. It’s the only day in the week where she can spend time alone. She doesn’t have to do guard duty. Nope, mum will take care of that. By nightfall, this kitty will crawl back inside to where her family is.

Who’s There?

A lot of cat owners have uploaded pictures of their cats doing the most ungodly things on Twitter. That includes attacking their fur parents, intense sessions of self-grooming, and nap time. Take this cat, who had perched himself in a tree. Within minutes he was out like a light.

Image Courtesy of @viewfrommyoffic / View From My Office / Twitter

His head dropped a couple of inches. He wakes up to the sound of someone or something snoring. Who’s there? His head bobs to answer. He looks around but sees no one there. His eyelids feel too heavy, and try as he might, he couldn’t keep them from closing. There’s always next time to find out who’s around.


Instagram user keryder couldn’t help but smirk when she saw these two lounging in the tree. There had always been a rivalry between these two. You could catch a whiff of it from afar. One stares at his brother, envious that he had gotten the better spot.

Image Courtesy of Keryder / Instagram

We would beg to disagree. If any, having a higher position should improve your chances of winning a fight. But could it be that the seat on which his orange brother is stretched out is in fact, more comfortable to snooze on? That is the most probable explanation for his beady stare.

Is That A Bird?

It looks like a scene out of a comic strip. Someone hears a loud noise overhead. A crowd gathers in the open, and someone points at something or someone moving. People can’t make out what it is. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? That’s exactly the same thing on this cat’s mind.

Image courtesy of Captain Levi Simp / @bbymishu / Twitter

Is that a bird I see perched on the branch a couple of meters away? It stills itself. Then it lunges for the bark. It misses the bird by a couple of inches. But because it had been able to land on its feet, it scrambles to pounce before the bird takes flight.

Up for Adoption?

Whose heartstrings wouldn’t feel plucked by the sight of this stray cat? Its face is all scrunched up. Its body is lithe, barely bigger than the palm of your hand, and it has scratches all over its face. It seems like this kitty has had a tough start to begin with. Might it be possible to make things easier for her?

Image courtesy of Zal!! / @_ ivn 18 / Twitter

Twitter user @_ivn18 had been tempted to adopt this stray. He had some pets at home, but he was certain that there would be room for her there too. He ran his hands past this kitty’s body, then scruffed its neck. How about coming home with me? I’ll give you a home and a family. About a half-hour later, she lay safely on the padded cushion of his sofa.

Someone Hit Snooze

Like us, cats have some trouble waking up in the morning. After all, most of them like to hunt during the night – when everyone has gone to sleep. Nonetheless, this cat seems to think that late evening and early morning are the best times to forage for food.

Image Courtesy of Cat Central 2 / Reddit

This cat woke up early to sit atop the tree. Reddit user CatCentral2 knows that his cat is really just waiting for birds. But it hadn’t even been half an hour when his cat fell asleep. It seems like it had been too early for this sleepyhead to go out for a hunt. Someone hit the snooze button, quick!

Tired for Play

We don’t know what this kitty and her mum did for this afternoon’s play, but one thing is certain – this kitty must have had fun. As you can see, she is utterly spent. Might it have been Ping Pong, Fetch, or Feather and String? We’re guessing it had been all of the above.

Image Courtesy of Andreea Ignat Elle / nstagram

As this kitty rouses from her sleep, her mum calls her to come inside. She had just cleaned the bowl. She heads towards the refrigerator where this kitty knows her mum will take the jug of milk from. This kitty hungrily licks her nose and waits for the milk to splosh all over her bowl before digging in. Afternoons are the best!

Ripe for Picking?

Instagram user natudd absolutely loves her cat. But she has one main complaint about him. He loves to beat her to the fruits in her backyard. As you can see, he has secured his seat – an arm’s length from fresh produce. Can his life get any better?

Image Courtesy of Natudd / Instagram

Pair that with milk, and he has got a dessert for every meal of the day. Natudd has tried to come up with a compromise with her cat. Just leave some for me! But the latter wouldn’t listen. It would slink away, refusing to hear anything she has to offer. Not even canned tuna would make him change his mind!

All Filled Up

Everyone was shocked to see lightning strike this decade-old tree. They were staring out at the backyard when the bolt flashed before their eyes and hit home. The tree broke in half, and everyone wondered if it would survive the damage. When the rains stopped, this kitty filled the hole to a tee.

Image Courtesy of Luna Grey 22/ REddit

It seems like there is always a silver lining to every situation. If any, that flash of electricity made this kitty a comfier nook to chill and hang about. Now, this kitty spends twice her time in the backyard – knowing that this space is meant for her. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Found Ourselves a Muse

Just when we cast our eyes overhead, we found ourselves a muse. He stares at the distance. A soft breeze billows against his head. You can make the fur underneath his chin moving. Far away. This ship is taking me far away, far away from the memories. If you know this song, you can make out this muse’s name.

Image Courtesy of Arlene_XOXO / @Arlene _ XO13 / Twitter

We were lucky to see Starlight in daylight. With his gray coat, it’s hard to make out his figure in the dark. During those times, he will prowl the backyard in search of mice and squirrels. But if you are lucky, you can make out the gleam in his eyes.

Missing Child

We were minding our business, eating cereal in the morning. The telly was on but the picture on the milk carton riveted us. Help wanted. Have you seen this cat? We cocked our heads. That’s odd. It’s like we have seen her before, resting in a tree, 4 in the morning.

Image Courtesy of Summon / #SUMMON2024 @summonless / Twitter

We thumb the carton to look at the phone number. Someone answers. We saw your ad on the milk carton. We think we found your cat. The person on the other end of the line shrieks. Oh my god, I’ve been looking everywhere for her. We exchange details and discover that this cat lived two blocks down the road.

A Fluff of Cotton

A woman spread out the blanket on which her boyfriend lay the basket. She took out some sandwiches while he filled their glasses to the brim. They talked for a bit, asking each other how their day had gone. She giggled while he listened. And afterward, they lay on their back to look at the clouds. Oh, that looks so much like a cat!

Image courtesy of @ dewy cheek / N / Twitter

That’s because it is one! The woman blinks rapidly and adjusts her glasses. Oh yeah! She had mistaken it for a cloud. She rests her weight on her elbows and then cocks her head to study the cat before her. If she could, she would have kneaded those pink paws. They were terribly adorable; she had to tear her eyes away.

A Net of Branches

The camera pans out. The lead rushes to catch the villain. His stunt double stands in the back, ready to jump inside the frame the moment the lead flings himself out of the building. The stunt double is greeted with a net of branches. Not to worry, he had done this several times before.

Image courtesy of Photos By Audrie / Instagram

He has gotten used to the veiny branches rushing to envelope him—some areas of it sting. But for the most part, he lands on the ground unscathed. He purrs and looks around. Can someone give me a doughnut and a cup of coffee? Someone gives the star the treat that he deserves.

Pass or Fail

There’s only one way to get through this forest. It’s through the thicket of bushes and the harsh trail leading to this kitty’s castle seat. Depending on your offer, it can grant you safe passage to the Riverlands, or it will pull on this lever to be rid of you forever.

Image Courtesy of Sir Frosty Scratch a Lot / Instagram

No one knows what travelers should bring. Those who had successfully crossed the castle seat have never returned to tell the answer. Those who had failed were nowhere to be found. This kitty didn’t allow second-guesses or retrials. You either had what he wanted, or you didn’t.

Where’s Mommy?

It might not look like it, but this kitty is the territorial type. She has to go wherever mum goes – including the bathroom. It’s the only way she can truly be herself. When mum takes a nap in the hammock outside, this cat climbs the tree where a part of it is hung.

Image Courtesy of Subject Is Dead / Reddit

It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing out or blistering hot. She will take her place by the foot of the hammock, staying guard over mum. At times, she dozes off, and other times, she sits contently. Whoever said that dogs were loyal clearly hadn’t met this cat.

T Minus 13

Everyone in the neighborhood couldn’t rip their eyes away from this horrific scene. The kitty had no sense of danger as her limbs dangled from the tree branch. If they woke her up, she might lose her balance and fall dangerously 10 feet below. It was a race against the clock. They could make out the sound of the branch breaking.

Image Courtesy of Success life Lounge

It’s only T minus 13 until the branch would fully give way to the weight of this feline. Just before it breaks, this kitty lunges to the branch a couple of feet below. It waves its tail as if it had done an acrobatic act. Without waiting for applause, it lands on the Autumn leaves where it sides with the people. What’s going on? What are you all looking at?

Designer Wear

This kitty likes to show off the beaded necklace mum made for her. It had taken her mum over two days to make it. Some of her necklaces usually have a bell to softly announce her presence. After the necklace chimes, this kitty purrs and paws at strangers to bid them hello.

Image Courtesy of kt and taco / Instagram

Strangers coo at her. What a cute kitty you are! Oh, and look, you even have a bell! They toy the necklace beneath her chin and scruff her neck. Then she will lay by their feet or spend some time lounging elsewhere. If any, she looks a great deal more beautiful with that necklace accentuating her features.

Where Are My Car Keys

Business is booming in this recreational center. Guests would set appointments 10 minutes apart. They would come by and toss their keys at this valet attendant who keeps watch over every car in the parking lot. You’re guaranteed a calm state of mind – even their parking attendants are lounging.

Image courtesy of @Purple valen/ Valelilu / Twitter

It kicks its hind legs to rub its thigh against the rough bark. It has to keep watch; otherwise, it might receive a volley of shouts from the customers. Just then, it sees one VIP coming out of the door. This kitty springs to carry the keys to the customer and patiently waits for a treat from his hand.


When she isn’t playing with her toys, this kitty wanders outside to catch some fresh air. She might rest by her mum’s ankles or lay on the grass, bathing in the sunlight. Today she had felt like sitting on the tree branches. It had been cloudy, and the air felt cool to her fur coat.

Image Courtesy of Farah Anis Wahida @wtfarah / twitter

Mum didn’t feel the same about the weather. When it was cloudy, her fur mom preferred to stay indoors and watch the telly. It could rain, after all. That didn’t bother this cat. She knew she could sprint indoors if needed. But until she felt the first few drops of rain, she wasn’t going anywhere.