Family Members That Will Never Need To Question Who Their Daddy Is

By Luisa K

Not all kids take after their parents. In fact, it’s not uncommon for children to lack any visible resemblance to their parents or other relatives. Yet, when genes and traits do get passed down, they can be strikingly obvious! Children and even grandchildren can inherit strong traits and features carried down from their parents or grandparents. Studies claim that we are most likely to inherit our noses from our parents compared to any other facial feature. Other facial features, such as eye shape and cheekbones, are also usually influenced by your genes. Even so, as these people prove, noticeable similarities between you and your relatives can go way beyond the shape of your nose or even your eye shape and cheekbones. These people show just how strong the gene pool can be and how your physical similarities can stretch for generations down the line!

Pool Pose

At first glance, this just looks like two photos of the same little girl. Actually, the photo on the right is the daughter, and the photo on the left is of her mother when she was a similar age. There’s no denying how alike they look!

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This pair shares several similarities, including eye color and hair color. While it’s normal for kids to inherit their parents’ eyes or hair color, this mother and daughter duo also seem to share the same facial expressions and even have the same pose!

The Same Laugh

It’s funny how some people inherit very few traits and physical features from their parents or relatives, whereas other people inherit so many! Have you ever noticed how some people share the same expressions or gestures as relatives in their family?

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It’s more obvious when people have distinctive expressions or features, such as an amazing smile or a cute laugh. This cutie is a good example of that, as they share the same laugh as their parent did at the same age. We’re sure they share other similarities, too, but their laugh is definitely the same!

They Even Dress Alike!

These two well-suited men could pass as father and son, but actually, they are not as closely related as that. In fact, they are grandfather and grandson but boy, do they look the spitting image of one another! They even dress alike!


The lucky young man on the right has not only inherited his grandfather’s slick fashion sense, but he also shares his cheekbones and dimples too. It’s so lovely to see an older relative live on through the younger generation of the family!

A New Generation, Another Visit to Stonehenge

Every family has their favorite places to visit. In some cases, it’s like a family pilgrimage to visit a particular landmark or place of interest when a new arrival comes along after a couple gets married or as soon as someone in the family comes of age.

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Stonehenge might be a special place to this family here, or it could just be a coincidence that both mother and daughter were photographed in the same spot, albeit decades apart. Not only do they happen to be in the same spot at Stonehenge, but they’ve also dressed similarly and look almost identical!

More Like Sisters

Go on, admit it! How annoying is it when someone comes up to you when you’re with your mom or another more mature female relative and tells you both that you could be twins?! While it’s a compliment for the older person, the younger person often cringes at the sickly remark.


However, this mother and daughter really could be sisters! Or at least, they could have passed for sisters or twins when you compare them both at the same age. Needless to say, with their matching head of dark hair and same facial features, they certainly look alike!

Twins from Different Generations?

With baby photos, the thing is that when you look back at them years later, it’s difficult to work out whose baby photos belong to who. Parents with two or more children often comment on how difficult it can be to tell their children apart from old baby photos if they are close together in age.


These two babies definitely look alike; in fact, they could be identical twins! They’re not twins, though. They’re actually father and son, with the father on the left and the son on the right. The two photos were taken decades apart, but you could say they are twins from different generations!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Perhaps one of the biggest differences we notice today about comparing childhood photos is that today’s parents store them all on their phones or computers. In contrast, previous generations could only take photographs on analog cameras which they had to print out.


Although there are certainly benefits to storing all of your media digitally like people do today, it’s nice to have print-out photographs to put in photo frames and for times when you want to compare the similarities between mother and daughter, like in the photos shown here.

Like Father, Like Daughter

When it comes to genetics, we always assume that girls take after their mothers and boys take after their dads. But that’s not always the case, as this father/daughter duo proves. It’s just as likely for a son to take after his mother or for a daughter to resemble her dad.


This little girl in the photo on the right looks just like her dad, pictured on the left. Everything from their hair color, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, and smile are identical! Although they are dressed differently, it’s undeniable that she is her dad’s daughter!

Identical Baby Photos

With some kids and adults, you can spend ages trying to work out whether they look more like their mother or more like their father before eventually deciding that they don’t bear any noticeable similarities with either one of their parents.


Then there are children who are practically identical to their parents! See these two here, the picture on the left is the parent, and their child is in the photo on the right. What can we say? The child is clearly a double of their parent! It’s difficult to believe it’s not the same baby in both snaps!

Same Looks and Same Glasses!

We’re all born individuals, meaning that we are all capable of making our own decisions and forming our own likes and dislikes. Yet, sometimes we just can’t help being like our parents. While some kids are the total opposite of their parents, others have exactly the same likes, interests, and dislikes.


We think that this mother and daughter must have very similar personalities, likes and dislikes too. As the daughter has grown up into an adult, she has gradually morphed into a younger version of her mother. When you compare the daughter with pictures of her mother at the same age as she is now, they could be twins! They have the same hairstyle, looks, and even the same glasses!

Passing on the Genes

These two photographs may have been taken 30 years apart, but even with the difference in image quality, it is plain to see the similarities between this father and son! The father has well and truly created a “mini-me” of himself with his son!

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It’s funny how some kids inherit a mixture of both their mom and their dad’s looks, whereas other kids look like an identical clone of a particular parent. This little boy is definitely a “copy n paste” of his dad!

Even Facial Expressions Can Be Passed On!

Like father, like daughter, the little girl on the right is a doppelganger of her father when he was younger. She has inherited his skin tone, hair color, eye shape and color, nose, face shape, and even his facial expressions!


We’re unsure whether or not the little girl’s father still has the same facial expressions. If not, then his daughter has inherited his gene for facial expressions, perhaps without knowing. Without realizing it, this little girl can’t help but resemble her father in looks and expressions!

It’s in the Bone Structure

Sometimes physical features pass from the grandmother, miss the mother, and get passed down to the granddaughter, meaning that the granddaughter and grandmother share more similar features than the mother and daughter. But in this case, the gene pool is strong, and all three generations share striking similarities!


Those cheekbones, though! Although the grandmother, mother, and granddaughter all have similar hair and eyes – in other words, they do look alike anyway; it’s their cheekbones that are identical. They have such beautiful bone structure, and their cheekbones are enviable, so it’s good to see a great facial feature passed on!

Long Lost Families

It’s one thing to grow up observing how similar you are to one of your parents or grandparents, but what about if you were adopted or never knew your birth parents? Imagine finding a photo of your birth parents and realizing how alike you appear?!


Well, that’s what happened to this woman. She grew up not knowing who her real birth mother was because she had been adopted when she was very young. When she finally met up with her birth mother years later, she came across this photo (on the left) of her mother when she was younger and realized just how alike they are!

There’s No One Quite like Great Grandma

The woman in the picture on the right was named after her great-grandma, but the tie doesn’t end there. Despite the two women being generations apart, they look almost identical to each other! With the same name and looks as her great-grandmother, it’s almost as if she is a younger version of her older ancestor.


We’re unsure whether the granddaughter ever met her great-grandmother, but if not, then it must have been a shock and pleasant surprise when she found this picture of her late relative! Discovering how identical you appear to an ancestor must be surreal!

Looking the Same, Living Differently

These two women here are mother and daughter. We’re unsure how similar they look now in real life, but when you compare the two of them at the age of 24, the pair could pass for twins! Yet, according to the daughter, that is where the similarities end.


Although the daughter looks the spitting image of her mother at 24 years old, their lives are completely different. The mother was married and studying at med school, whereas the daughter is a carefree 24-year-old who admits to be enjoying life at the moment!

Like Grandfather, Father and Granddaughter!

Now, this is an impressive example of how strong your DNA can be! Starting from the grandfather, his looks have passed down to his son, as well as his granddaughter. Seeing them sat together in this photo only helps to highlight the strong similarities in their appearances!

Credit: Menchtech

What’s interesting here is that neither the grandfather’s son nor his granddaughter seemed to have inherited a mixture of looks from both of their parents. The son is a double of his dad, and the granddaughter is a clone of her dad, which makes them look almost identical!

It Could Be Reincarnation?

You know you look like a distant ancestor when you compare your modern-day, most likely digital, photograph to an old black and white image that is in desperate need of restoration and repair. Even though there are probably generations between them, the resemblance is uncanny!


Black and white photos tend to hide many important features on a person’s face, such as their true hair color and eye color, which can lessen the chance of you seeing any resemblances between you and them. The photo on the right might be monochrome, but even that can’t disguise the similarities between them and their young ancestor on the left!

Two Peas in a Pod

How do you think it feels for a parent to see so much of themselves in their own children? Is looking at their children like looking at your reflection in the mirror? Or do you think it’s like when you hear your own voice on a recording and don’t immediately distinguish it as your own until somebody tells you that’s what you sound like?


We mean it as a good thing, though. We don’t notice a lot of our own expressions and habits because we’re too busy making them, so do we learn more about ourselves when we see them in our children. This father and son look identical in appearance, but it would be interesting to know if they shared the same habits and expressions too.

When the Genes Skip a Generation

We’ve already established that DNA can skip a generation, with grandkids inheriting more of their grandparents’ looks and features rather than those of their own parents. This mother shared a photo, comparing the similarities between her own mom with her daughter.


It must be strange for a parent to create a clone of one of their own parents through their children, especially if you’ve skipped the genes and don’t bear a strong resemblance to your own parents. We don’t know what the mother looks like, but we’d imagine she is equally as beautiful as these two!

Old Family Photos Can Reveal A Lot!

The crazy thing about having elder relatives, like grandparents and great-grandparents, is that we only ever really get to know them when they’re older. Few of us get to see what they looked like when they were younger, so it’s difficult to know whether we bear any resemblance to them.


When this girl’s grandfather passed away, she uncovered a photograph of his late wife, her grandmother, when she was younger, and that’s when their likeness was revealed. The granddaughter and the rest of the family suddenly learned just how much the girl and her grandmother look alike!

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

It’s all good and well looking like your family members; however, we’d imagine that if you like to be your own person and consider yourself as one of a kind, then you’re going to have a tough time accepting that you’re practically a clone of one of your ancestors!


Luckily we don’t think this woman has an issue showing off how much she looks like this older female relative in her family. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with these two. We’re not sure how far the apple had to fall, perhaps they are mother and daughter or grandmother and granddaughter, but they look very much the same!

Double Cheekiness!

When we grow up, women especially, take a strong disliking to their chubby cheeks if they have them, choosing to contour the hell out of their faces to give them more of a defined appearance. No matter whether you love or loathe your chubby cheeks now, there is no question about whether they are cute or not when you’re a baby!


Chubby little cheeks on a baby are just the sweetest thing! It can be frustrating for the baby because people just want to come up and squeeze them all the time, but it’s only because adults can’t keep away from their cuteness! This baby inherited the irresistible chubby cheeks from their parent, and what a cute pair they are!

This Man Has a Clone!

First of all, we can’t tell these two apart. Not only do they look like twins, but we are also unable to identify who is the father and who is the son. Not only does the son look like a clone of his dad, but he can also rest assured, knowing that he has inherited very youthful genes!


Admittedly, both men are dressed in the same shirts and sporting the same hairstyle with a clean shave, making the similarities blatantly obvious. Saying that, just by analyzing their facial features, you can tell they are closely related, although we would have put our money on twins rather than father and son!

Inherited T-shirt, Inherited Pose!

Not only do the adults in this picture all look very alike, their poses, and what they are wearing is also exactly the same. If we didn’t know better, it would be easy to think that it was the same father and child in each of the two photos.


However, it is not. In the first photograph, the father is sitting holding his baby while wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. The baby then grew up and had a baby of his own and decided to recreate his childhood photo of himself and his dad. He wore the same Mickey Mouse t-shirt, let his beard grow out, and even adopted the same pose!

A Double Take

In some cases, it isn’t until we enter a certain period of our lives that we begin to show clearer signs that we take after a particular parent. Sometimes we go through childhood resembling one parent, but as we get older, we begin to morph into the other parent’s clone.


We’re not sure how alike this mother and daughter appeared before. However, what is clear is that the daughter looked like a double of her mother when she was pregnant. In the photo on the left, the mother was pregnant with her daughter, and in the photo on the right, the daughter was pregnant with her child.

The Familiar Smile

Well, these two could pass for twins! The grandson shares a distinctive resemblance to his grandfather, pictured on the left. The grandfather’s genes of friendly eyes, high cheekbones, and a million dollar smile are definitely hereditary because they are all clearly visible in his grandson.


You can tell that the pic on the left was taken some time ago by the quality of the photo. Yet, despite its desaturated hue, there is no hiding the grandfather’s physical features that have been copied and pasted onto his grandson, literally!

He Has His Grandfather’s Hair

You could say that this grandfather and his grandson share many similarities in appearance. They have the same eyes and stare, a similar nose, and the same oval face shape but what is really noticeable in both men is their hair!


It’s clear to see that the pair of them both have an impressive head of hair. Although their hairstyles are different, and the grandson is sporting a more modern-day style in the photo of him on the right, he definitely inherited his granddad’s thick head of hair.

This Mom and Daughter Even Dress Alike!

If you were skipping through these photos without realizing the purpose of their compilation, you’d probably think that these were two photos of the same woman. They even look as though they could have been snapped on the same day, the left during the day, and the right could have been taken at night time.

But you’d be wrong, of course. In life, we go through many changes, so imagine the likelihood of going through it, experiencing challenges and embarking on different experiences, only to end up then looking exactly like your mother, even wearing the exact same dress as she wore she was your age?! 

Daddy’s Double

Have you ever looked at a child or even an adult and noticed how they have the same physical features as one of their parents. Then, strangely enough, when you look again, you begin to see similarities between their parents. Is it their father’s nose they have or their mother’s? Those cheekbones could be their mom’s or their dad’s?


We think that this is the case with this little boy. Although many people believe he looks like his mom, his dad believes he looks just like he did when he was a little boy. Comparing them both at the same age – 7 years old, we can see the likeness between the father and son.

Keeping it in the Family

Some families pass down heirlooms. Sometimes family members pass down property, jewelry, and antiques. And then there are other families who pass down their favorite tricks and jokes to younger generations in their family. And this one is one heck of a trick!

Credit: Menchtech

Were they all born with flexible tongues that enabled them to perform this trick naturally? Or do the older generations sit down with the children in the family and teach them this tongue-twisting trick once they reach a certain age? Well however these three generations have acquired the skill, we think it’s cool!

Copy n Paste

The more we look at these photos of relatives, who look very similar to one another, the more we stumble across pictures of people who are the absolute doppelgangers of others in their family! We feel, looking at these two photos, that you’d be hard pushed to find a mother and daughter who look so alike!


The mom’s beauty gene is certainly hereditary, and we can see that the daughter is thrilled to look like her lovely mother. Everything from their hair type, hair color, eyes, face shape, and bone structure are identical. The daughter also added that she and her mom look like her grandma, too, although we have no picture to compare her with.

A Tale of Two Beards

What is the first thing you spot when you look at this photo? Well, the first thing we noticed, or at least the first similarity between these two men, was their beards. They have very similar hairstyles and matching beards.


Look again, and you will see that the son has inherited more than just his father’s ability to grow an impressive amount of facial hair. This father and son have the same piercing blue eyes! If baldness is hereditary, we think it’s safe to say that the son is relatively safe!

No DNA Test Needed Here

Even though this is a dad and his daughter, it just goes to show how much girls can take inherit their fathers’ looks just as much as their mothers’ looks. Looking at these two, you definitely don’t need to do a DNA test here to prove that he is her dad!


When you imagine a girl who looks like a clone of her father, you’d wonder how it could be possible. Does the girl look more masculine or the father more feminine? Yet, that’s the beauty of our genes. Our DNA can pass between genders in our family, with the females still looking beautiful and feminine and the men handsome and masculine, but the resemblance is still evident.

This Grandma and Granddaughter Could Be Twins!

Quite often, some kids do not bear any similarities neither in personal appearance nor in personality to their parents. You can search for some time, wondering who they actually look like. Sometimes genes skip a generation, linking a grandchild and grandparent instead.


We’re unsure whether this young woman looks like her own mother, but she certainly resembles her grandmother. They’re feminine but unique style, beauty, and facial features are well and truly a copy and paste job here! The granddaughter also says that she is like her grandma in personality as well.

A Symmetrical Resemblance

What most of us don’t realize is that the majority of us do not have symmetrical faces, we have asymmetrical faces, meaning that they are not exactly the same on both sides. This is why we often claim to have a “better side” when we have photos taken of ourselves.


So you can see just how similar these two women must be for their faces to match up when placed side by side. When you match the younger relative on the left to her older relation on the right, their faces align perfectly as though they were the same person.

Double Dimples!

This picture is so cute! Here you have a proud new father holding his tiny daughter who happens to look like his double. The man has a rather unusual dimple on his forehead, which appears more noticeable when he raises his eyebrows.


Not only is this rather unusual, but it’s also even more unbelievable that this dimple trait has been passed on to his daughter too. She, too, has a little dimple on her forehead when she raises her eyebrows. She sure does resemble her daddy!

Hand Twins

If you ever watched the hit TV series Friends then you might remember the episode in which Joey goes to Las Vegas and constantly harasses a croupier in one of the casinos, claiming that they were “hand twins.” In other words, they had the same hands.


In the episode, Joey claimed it was a rare and wonderful thing to discover your hand twin, the person with whom you share the same identical-looking hands. Yet, clearly, this guy has discovered that he has two hand twins! One of his thumbs is like his mother’s, and the other resembles his father’s!

Still Identical, Even in Black and White

When comparing our faces and similarities to old black and white photos of our ancestors, it can be difficult to get an idea of how they really looked in real life. Quite often, old poor quality black and white photos can mask a lot, and they can disguise some of our most prominent features.


Yet, looking at these two photos, it is obvious that the two men are related. They share almost identical facial features and bone structures. Very cleverly, the owner of these photos has desaturated the photo on the right to show off the striking resemblance to his relative’s photo on the left. 

Best of Both

This woman has a rare genetic condition called heterochromia, which causes a color variation. Although it is normally harmless, it presents itself differently, from a variation in skin and hair color to different eye colors. Sometimes, people with heterochromia can even have two different colors in the same eye.

When the woman’s daughter was born, little did she know that her mini-me had also inherited the condition from her mother’s genes. The little girl has different colored eyes, just like her mom. See how they each have one sparkling blue eye, and the other is a dark, rich brown color?

They’re Definitely Related

We’re unsure of how these two women are related but judging by these images, one thing is for certain – there definitely is a bloodline between them. Even though the woman’s picture on the left is in black and white, it is still evident that the two women share identical facial features.


Although it is already clear to identify the similarities between the two of them, the young woman has gone one further by copying her relative’s hairstyle in the picture, which makes the resemblance even stronger! Hairstyle aside, their facial features are almost identical, so there is no denying they’re related!

Born to Look Alike

Generally, when babies are born, they might look like other babies, but it’s difficult to see any noticeable resemblance to either of their parents. Babies tend to all have the same color eyes, which is a blue or grey color, to begin with due to a lack of pigment and their natural color forms over time.


This little baby might only be a newborn, but you can already tell that they’re related to the woman in the photo, who is, of course, their birth mother. Notice the white stripe that they both have along the parting of their hair? It’s actually a unique birthmark that now, both baby and mom have in common!

The Dress Doppelganger

It’s scary but amazing how much these two women look alike! Until you know the story behind these two photographs, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s the same girl in both photos, but it’s not. In the first photo, the mother is getting ready for her wedding day.


In the second photo, the daughter is getting ready for prom night. The daughter could not look more like her mother if she tried! She has inherited all of her mother’s beauty, her beautiful hair, and it even looks as though they are the same height and weight! It’s sweet that the daughter is so overjoyed to look just like her mom in her prom dress!

Is That The Same Person?

Is that the same person? No, it’s not. The photo on the left is the grandmother, and the photograph on the right is of her granddaughter. It’s clear to see that these two share a lot of the same physical features, from hair color, the eyes, and also the face shape.


But to make their likeness even more obvious, the granddaughter decided to dress up in the same way as her grandma in this photo, and the similarities are uncanny! When comparing how they both looked at this age, dressed in the same way with matching hairstyles, the granddaughter looks like a clone of her grandma!

Little Traits Go a Long Way

It’s funny how some kids are left feeling disappointed when they don’t inherit certain physical features from their parents, such as particular eye color or their enviable bone structure. Yet, in some families, the likeness is passed down for many generations.

Credit: Menchtech

This girl realized just how much she resembled her great-great-grandfather after discovering a photograph of him. She quickly noticed that they shared the same hereditary gap in one of their eyebrows, and it just happens to be the exact same eyebrow! Apparently, her own father also has this eyebrow gap.