Egregious Examples of Over-Packaging We Don’t Know Whether We Should Be Angered Or Amused By

By Jana I

Have you ever ordered something online, and you go to tear open the package only to find your tiny deodorant stick buried in a gigantic box? These instances are too common, so, some people have decided to share them online. To their surprise, there were plenty of others that could relate. Hence, this became a trend: sharing your hilarious packaging.

It seems that the policy these companies uphold is “better safe than sorry.” That’s all well and good, but not if it means we need to use industrial-grade power tools to open the $7 knock-off iPhone charger we ordered off of Amazon. We think you’re going to giggle at the sheer ridiculousness of how overboard these 35 businesses went at protecting their wares. If you want to see what the fuss is all about, keep on scrolling.

Explanations Are Needed

Sometimes we feel like companies’ slogans are: “why make it easy when you can make it complicated and draining”?! That’s so fun! — NOT! If we’re being honest, if it weren’t so comedic, it would be downright infuriating. Take a look:

Image Courtesy of rickytickytavytoo / Reddit

Now, please, can someone explain this to us. We are either too dumb to understand, or this company doesn’t know what they’re doing. These copper tubing could all fit in half of one envelope, yet they sent them all individually. Are we missing something here?!

Size Matters

This next one is so hilarious and ironic; it shook us to our core. Basically, this person wanted to order a few nice, eco-friendly, reusable cups. With this in mind, we would expect that the packaging itself is not wasteful.

Image Courtesy of kristawie / Instagram

We are not sure how this big box and the pile of plastic wrapping are supposed to save the turtles. Yet, we find this whole ordeal super entertaining. This shows how we shouldn’t take life so seriously. It’s too funny not to laugh at.

Small Boxes Are a Myth

Why do companies send these tiny things in such big boxes?! We are convinced that small boxes are simply a myth. They must not exist anymore. Either that, or companies are so paranoid about protecting their products that they send them in a ridiculously enormous packaging.

Image Courtesy of FTprty / Imgur

Well, the picture speaks a thousand words. We assume this flamingo thing is a phone case. If someone compares it to the box, we are certain that it could carry around a hundred of these things. It’s such a waste; it’s mindboggling.

Why, Though?

In the past few years, people have started using bamboo and metal straws. Just recently, it became a trend to do so. Not only does it look more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s good for the environment. However, some people just never change.

Image Courtesy of TooManyTriesForAName / Reddit

This is pointless. We get that some people are stuck on plastic straws, but why on Earth would you pack every plastic straw individually and then all together in another bag. In the end, it uses twice as much plastic and is not efficient at all.

“It’s The Company Policy…”

How often have you heard a company justify their outdated and confusing rules with the phrase: “it’s the company policy”? We’re heard this refrain so much, it gives us the ick. This next one we are about to show you is a great representation of this.

Image Courtesy of magnoliasmanor / Reddit

This person ordered five bottles of hair spray at the same time, and they shipped them in 5 separate boxes. We are all aware that this was completely unnecessary. For that reason, we think these fails are super silly and humorous.

This Concealer Must Be Concealed Well

To be honest with you, ordering makeup online is somewhat of a problem. It’s super addicting! Just when you thought you were finished and had a complete set — there is another sale, another product you want, and another trend you simply must follow.

Image Courtesy of OldTownChode / Reddit

This company has wrapped their concealer into a box fifty times its size, carefully protected with lots of bubble wrap and paper. We only have one question: is it because concealer must be concealed, as well? Okay, we’ll leave now.

We Love Bubble Wrap

You can put it this way: maybe the companies love bubble wrap so much that they want to share their love with others. That’s why they send us packages filled with this marvelous invention; to share their passion and show they care about us customers.

Image Courtesy of vegetariansnowflake / Reddit

Well, at least that’s one way to perceive this. How would you explain them packing up a few boxes of tea in 30+ feet of bubble wrapping? There is no other reason we can think of. We will never understand why people think we’re optimistic, yet painfully sarcastic.

Another Day, Another Fail

Don’t get us wrong; we love the good sales and deals companies offer from time to time. Especially online. It’s so tempting to just answer to all those ads and market tricks. However, we’ve always been weirded out by people ordering groceries online.

Image Courtesy of jawnyawn / Reddit

We are not judging you if you do that. It’s just strange for us. How can you trust such a large chain to deliver unspoiled groceries and exactly what and how much you ordered. Alas, this is another fail we are delivering. At least we’re “delivering” it in one picture, not in five.

Et Tu, Brute, Mi Fili?

The person whose betrayal hurt Caesar the most was that of Brutus. Towards the end of his fruitful life, he says: “et tu, Brute, mi fili?” Meaning: “you as well, Brute, my son?” That’s how this person feels after ordering their Caesar salad.

Image Courtesy of Rattus_Amicus / Reddit

They ordered a salad, and instead of receiving it all in one container or simply protected by some wrapping, they got it all separately in these plastic containers and little bags. It must’ve been frustrating unwrapping it all, especially if they were hungry.

An Apple a Day, Gives a Headache If You May

Some things are just unforgivable and downright insulting. When purchasing fruits in stores, it shouldn’t be necessary to use plastic — or any packaging, for that matter. Just throw what you need in your tote bag and call it a day.

Image Courtesy of mattyfatty1 / Reddit

When we see something like this at the store, we shiver. We always remember our grandmas, who used to say: “if we don’t see it in nature, we don’t know what it is, and we don’t trust it.” This is what we think they meant. Why on Earth would you make packaging for only one apple?

We Have a Winner

The next packaging fail we’ve found takes the cake for the most absurd, yet hilarious, fail in the delivery industry. We won’t name any names, but dang! Do the companies really need to think about what they’re doing? It doesn’t look like they do.

Image Courtesy of MIrandaJennieJo / Twitter

One single label: hot water, was packed into this monstrosity of a box that could potentially carry hundreds if not thousands of them. This isn’t even remotely breakable, either. So, what’s with the obscene packaging, then? Was the warehouse overstocked with boxes they needed to get rid of?

That’s One Long Box

When we first saw this box, we thought it must be for some wood plaques or sheets. Surely it’s for a bookshelf, right? When we learned what it was for, actually, we burst out laughing. This is too good and too bad at the same time.

Image Courtesy of littleslee / Instagram

It turns out we were oh so wrong… This whole, long-boi box, is for a single, single, tube lightbulb. Do you know that famous TikTok soundbite from Cardi B: “what was the reason? What was the reason?!” That’s all we could think about.

We Changed Our Mind

Remember when we said we’ve already found the winner of this whole extravaganza? Well, we changed our minds on that one. When we think of it, all of these are number one for us. There is no doubt about it.

Image Courtesy of lauraly_22 / Instagram

We assume this person just ordered some containers and plastic/paper plates, and they received a whole dang box as a gift. This box is so unnecessarily deep it’s hilarious. If the customers have a cat, then they won the jackpot with this one.

The Less the Merrier

Sometimes it seems like it’s all about that packaging, you know? When you go to the stores in person, you might be extremely attracted to some items just because they look high quality, and like they give you a lot of the product.

Image Courtesy of mattttt15 / Reddit

The customer took a picture of the packaging compared to one tablet of the medicine they bought for allergies. Compare the pill to the actual box it comes in. It’s like the image of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the way that they are lined up.

Surprise!!! — Not

Imagine this: it’s your birthday month, and all of a sudden, you receive a big monster box at your front door. Well, naturally, you might think it’s a birthday present; just a surprise from a very important friend or significant other. Oh, how much they love you…

Image Courtesy of iPattyR6 / Reddit

This customer ordered a pair of batteries, and this is how they were sent out. We’ve read all about the transportation rules and fees the companies have to pay if they don’t follow them. Yadda, yadda. We still think it’s bonkers and overkill.

Employee of the Month

You know you are doing something wrong when even your employees take you as a joke. One employee buried himself into heaps and heaps of the eco-friendly wrapping they use to protect their products. The irony and the satire are marvelous.

Image Courtesy of bigfishdesign / Instagram

People online are debating and saying this is industrial butcher paper and stating that it is 100% biodegradable. We certainly hope so, since that’s the whole point of being eco-friendly, if we’re not mistaken. Nonetheless, great humor on his part.

Nails On Fleek, Right?

Sometimes ordering nail polish online is your only option. Retail stores often don’t have all the colors, hues, and nuances you want. That’s fine. But, if you receive a humongous box from the delivery service, don’t be confused and think that you ordered too much.

Image Courtesy of nacostello / Instagram

It kind of makes sense as to why they packaged it like this. Maybe they wanted to prevent them from breaking or leaking. That’s a fair option, yet, we can’t help but wonder if a smaller box would’ve prevented that, too.

How Do We Justify This…

The deeper we go into these shenanigans, the more we are trying to justify why the sellers and/or companies do this. This person has ordered 50 things from the same seller online, all shipped to the same address. And yet, they mailed them all in individual envelopes…

Image Courtesy of basilfruit / Reddit

Yes, you read that right — a bulk order of 50 items were all sent separately. The only reason they might’ve done this is if they thought these were gifts for individual people, or it was a big order from multiple people. Whatever it is, we can’t imagine the frustration on the customer’s face.

Reddit’s Treasure

Out of all the fails we scoured the internet for, this one has the most original and hilarious OP title: “During their mating season, the masking tape must be separated to avoid unnecessary violence.” If you’re confused, read on. It will be clear in a second.

Image Courtesy of Little_Lorelei / Reddit

Why did they have to pack up those tapes individually, in small (for once) boxes, when they should’ve used bigger ones that they use when there is absurdly little to deliver. What is the oxymoron is this?! We don’t know who’s oxy, but we have an idea of whom the moron might be… It’s a joke!

Cartridge Order

Imagine working in an office and needing a few ink cartridges. You order some, and all of a sudden, a delivery of 5+ boxes arrives at the company. Your colleagues would probably be flabbergasted. What are all these packages for?

Image Courtesy of AusJonny / Reddit

Oh, nothing, don’t mind it, it’s just six ink cartridges delivered in six separate boxes. No big deal. We are never not going to be surprised and somewhat entertained by this imagery. More boxes for people with cats, we suppose.

How Do You Explain This?

So, we have understood and justified most of the images and companies before, yet this one we will never be able to. Why was a simple, sticky piece of paper sent in a huge box, with a bubble wrapping around it?

Image Courtesy of TenFresh / Imgur

Also, why was this person ordering stamps in the first place? You can get them anywhere, and save yourself the hassle of waiting for the delivery. Yet, the great mystery remains, why does the company think stamps need bubble wrap?

Toys vs. Packaging

If you ever went to the store with your parents, you were definitely a victim of this kind of packaging. Big, beautiful plastic boxes colored in vibrant hues are there to catch your eye. However, after you plead and plead and finally get the toy, you get home, and boom.

Image Courtesy of Nicoledhearted / Reddit

You are disappointed with what you find inside — just a few bits. Mere pieces of plastic stuck inside glorious, vibrant packaging. Although, according to our research, these merchandise pieces are very valuable. So you might not want to throw it out just yet.

This One is Downright Cute

We wanted to include this on the list, even though it’s a tad different than all the other ones we mentioned, but we wanted to show you anyway. This is just wholesome and cute, although the abundance of packaging remains intact.

Image Courtesy of RickyRidel / Reddit

We are kind of mad at this OP from Reddit. “Your friend wrapped you a wonderful birthday present (a card holder), and you are nit-picking at it?” How rude! Also, it’s not too much packaging; it’s the necessities, as well! We would love this gift. Give us your friend’s number! Thanks!

A Few Screws Loose

When we saw the next one, we didn’t know where to start. The tiny screwdrivers at the table, the humongous box in contrast, or the shredded paper seeping out of the box, to protect tiny screwdrivers in case they wanted to run away? Or something else?

Image Courtesy of steveabraham / Reddit

We hope we can all see how tiny those tools are and how big the box is in comparison. What were they thinking, we wonder. The tools are not something to break easily. They can not affect one another terribly, and they can’t get destroyed, so why on Earth did they deliver it like this?!

Ah, The Irony

If there is something we love more than satire, sarcasm and oxymorons is our good ol’ pal irony. Irony is what gives life that charm, that vibe, that spark that makes it interesting and entertaining. It’s there even when you don’t see it. It’s a complete mystery.

Image Courtesy of Pamdwyr / Reddit

If you’re wondering what is the irony here, keep in mind that this customer wanted to be more eco-friendly and cut down on using plastic, so they ordered reusable straws — only for them to be delivered in this much plastic.

How Useless

This one might be the most absurd one on this list. Imagine ordering a few screws, nails, or whatever you might need for renovating your house, and getting them all individually packaged in tiny, slippery, plastic bags. That would be so infuriating.

Image Courtesy of ACES_II / Reddit

According to the Reddit OP, there were 700 disposable screws ordered from the supply warehouse, all separately packaged in their own baggie. Not only is it frustrating, as we already concluded, but it’s also just unnecessary and silly, to put it mildly.

Buy One a Chair, Get One Bed Sheet Free

This family had simply ordered chairs. What they received might shock you, or at least leave you relatively confused. Yes, they ordered a few chairs, yet what they got was much more than just that — they got a lot more unnecessary trash.

Image Courtesy of justinduancejewellery / Instagram

At first glance, we thought this was a bedsheet, drape, or curtains. We were so wrong. It’s layers upon layers of bubble wrap. On their Instagram page, they discussed how they can use it in a nice way, and not just throw it in the garbage.

What Are You Implying?!

If Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Cat themselves saw this monstrosity, we are certain they would complain and call the manager. What does the company want to infer with this type of packaging on kitty litter orders? That it’s stinky? Is that it? How dare you!

Image Courtesy of RandomUserFour / Reddit

The cat came to inspect the suspicious packaging. It doesn’t seem to be impressed with how they delivered it. We think some complaints might be due soon. Better be careful. Though, we believe the cat will enjoy that box a lot once it’s empty.

Wow, That’s One Big Box

Well, if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you would be mistaken. Don’t feel bad; we were surprised, too. Maybe, we were too optimistic, thinking: it really can’t get any worse, right? Oh, it can, oh how well it can.

Image Courtesy of Cakalusa / Reddit

The person ordered one single SD memory card. Let us rephrase that: a customer has bought and ordered a tiny piece of plastic that goes into a device like a phone or a camera, and they received it in a box that can fit a few laptops.

Just In Case

How painful it is to see these. Equally painful and entertaining, though. We hope you are still here with us, enjoying the fails of packaging, transport, and delivery companies. We just love how (un)well the system works. It’s baffling, to be honest.

Image Courtesy of alexcl4rk / Instagram

Good thing the company made sure that nothing bad happened to the rosette mini arm and zip gear on their way to the customer. The consequences could be fatal. Otherwise, all the packaging and the plastic wouldn’t make any sense, right?


Before anything, we asked ourselves, what are these tiny, mini pans actually for?! Well, we did our research, and it turns out people use it to prepare little eggs or pancakes. We guess there are some people that love small things.

Image Courtesy of Tokin_Bs / Reddit

The thing is, they were delivered in an enormous box, as we are all used to at this point. What we are interested in more is this: do you think they use these pans to prepare some mini food for their mini pets, like hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits? We’re asking the real questions here!

Well…Candles Are Dangerous!

This one is one of the better ones, we swear. We know we say that about 90% of these images, but we can’t help it. It’s just too good and too bad to ignore. How do we choose the best or the worst? We can’t!

Image Courtesy of loonybytch / Instagram

The company wrapped a candle into this long bubble wrap. Yes, candles can pose a certain threat, yet, that’s only if it comes in contact with fire. Either way, this amount of wrapping is absurd. At least they will have entertainment for days with all those bubbles to pop.

Complicated = Better

Sometimes, we truly think companies believe that complicated solutions are better solutions. That is the conclusion we’ve come to throughout this whole article. We are almost at its end, and we can’t shake the feeling that they are just messing with us all!

Image Courtesy of Jfonzy / Reddit

Why did they, for example, send this battery in a box when they could’ve only used an envelope, and it would be more than enough?! We will never know the answer to that question, along with the many others that we posed here.

Where is It?

When we first glanced at the picture, we were confused. We couldn’t see the product in question. The title said they bought a battery, but all we could see was wrapping paper and a box. Then we realized, the battery is at the bottom of the picture.

Image Courtesy of jamiestevens3 / Instagram

It doesn’t help that the account used a filter overlay on the image, making all the colors blend into each other. Similar to the picture before, they, again, wrapped up a battery like it’s an army weapon transported across the sea.

Custom Eyeshadow Palette

If you thought about getting a custom eyeshadow palette, and you hate unnecessary, abundant wrapping, then, it’s best to consider other options. This person ordered a custom eyeshadow palette, and what they got was absurd. We can’t tell if this is better or worse than the concealer from earlier.

Image Courtesy of dananky / Reddit

We can understand the frustration of the buyer, needing to unwrap each and everyone and place it in a palette. However, we understand the company, too. Eyeshadow is extremely easily cracked and destroyed. It needs a lot of protection in order to reach the customer undamaged.