40 Clever DIY Hiding Places To Stash Valuable Items ‘In Plain Sight’

By Rekha R

If you’ve got valuables sitting around your house that you don’t want any stranger to lay eyes on, then you are probably wondering where you can put them where no one will even think about looking. Whether it’s a random object, a window sill, or a secret drawer, we can say with confidence that no one will come close to these places. Hiding spots like these are practically impossible to find if they don’t know where to look. The best part? These methods are all affordable and easy to execute. Now practically no one can take your hard-earned treasure. There are ways to minimize the risk of theft, and we’ve put together this list with 40 clever hiding places for valuables that thieves will never find for your peace of mind.

How About a Drawer in The Window Sill?

Have you ever thought about a secret drawer that’s a part of your window sill? The most common purpose for it is to store small valuables. But it can be the perfect hiding spot for valuable items. It’s not a common spot for a drawer, but this can be very useful.

Image courtesy of stashvault.com

Windows usually have a window sill on the bottom, which is a perfect place for a hollowed-out secret drawer. Many people use molding on the bottom portion to keep it from looking like a secret drawer. The molding can be removed, though, allowing you to slide a drawer out through the bottom of the window.

Hidden Murphy Door

If safety is your main concern, then a murphy door will put your mind at ease. You can keep weapons and other things safe but easy to reach, especially if there are children running around. Whatever you choose to put in there will be safe thanks to their sturdy design.

Image courtesy of consulojorge.com

Having access to all that you need without anyone else knowing about them probably sounds incredible, and with these doors, it is possible. There are plenty of different ways you can make them work for you, depending on what you need them for.

Under Cover Bookshelf

On the other hand, a bookshelf is something that most of us have or need in the house anyway, so why not use it to hide your valuables? The idea of using an otherwise boring, commonplace piece of furniture to conceal your special possessions is a smart idea.

Image courtesy of topsecretfurniture.com

Don’t buy just any bookshelf. You’re looking for something sturdy and won’t fall apart when you’re loading it up with all your valuables. Just be sure to measure your storage space carefully, as they don’t come in standard sizes as other furniture pieces do. You may want to space the shelves out a bit to conceal your stash.

Hidden Box Bird House

If you need to hide your belongings in a place that’s accessible, then a birdhouse with a hidden box in it is perfect. It can stay hanging in your garden with your important and luxurious things inside it without ever being noticed. A birdhouse is easy to make and is cost-efficient as well. 

Image courtesy of amazon.com

You can even hide important keys in it. A birdhouse is portable as well. Place it wherever you feel is safe. You can design it in a way that birds will use it, so it doesn’t look fake. It can also be used as a safe jewelry box for your precious gemstones.

Hiding Money Inside Kitchen Jars

A jar like this can be great for hiding money, especially if you can’t afford a fancy safe. These jars are also good for storing important papers you want to keep safe, like a will or birth certificate. This safe is better than some others because you can use it to store things other than just money.

Image courtesy of facilisimo/YouTube

Some people might think that an item like this is not as secure as a deposit box, and they are right. However, we are not worried about a thief stealing these jars since they are not what they’re after. So choose your hidden spots wisely and place your valuable stuff inside them in a way that nobody can predict.

Digging A Hole Into A Wooden Panel

This is the simplest way to keep your money or important documents safe is in a giant hole inside the door or window panel. All you need is a power drill. Just make sure to make the hole deep and wide enough so it can easily fit a cylindrical tube container inside.

Image courtesy of makezine.com

And after you’re done with the hole, you should consider using a piece of steel plate on top of it to add more protection to your stash. Also, you should use a really thin container like an empty water bottle or an old camera film box because these containers will easily slide in or out.

Secret Basement Access Door

To create secret access to the basement, you can DIY a door that opens up straight into the basement where you can keep your important and expensive stuff. You just need simple materials to do that. There are different types of secret access doors, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Image courtesy of Instructables

This simple DIY door will be enough to keep your stuff safe in a secret place. This is an inexpensive and easy project that you won’t regret doing. Make sure to cover it up with some matting or a carpet that doesn’t make it look like something is hidden underneath.

Compartment Hidden Inside a Chair Seat

Imagine your dining chair or your jute furniture having a secret hidden space? Doesn’t that sound smart enough? Like who can imagine having a container underneath their chair or a stool. All you have to do is place some cushions over the top or around the hollow space so if somebody lifts the chair, the things inside it don’t make any noise or don’t seem hollow.

Image courtesy of Instructables

It is all about creativity. How far can you go with the things we use on a daily basis as being a hidden and safe spot for your belongings? You can yourself build furniture that can hold your important stuff inside it, and no one will be able to figure it out.

Diaper for Secret Storage

Who would think of picking up a diaper? Truthfully, it’s a great idea to keep your belongings safe when you are outside or at the beach, spending some quality time with your family in a public place—no need to worry about your belongings if they’re hidden in a diaper.

Image courtesy of rusticbabychic.com

Nobody will figure out that a wallet or cash is hidden inside a baby’s diaper. All they would think is that a dirty diaper is lying on the ground. If you have a baby, then storing your things inside a diaper is the best thing you can do to keep things safe.

A Tile Box

We love secret drawers, but how about a built-in tile box? Just slide or push it open. Installing a functional tile box inside your kitchen or bathroom wall can be a tricky task, so you might need a professional to help. But it is worth it.

Image courtesy of droog.com

It is hard to suspect that a tile on the wall is holding something inside it. However, if all your tiles look alike, then the chance that you forget where the tile box was assembled is high. So install the hidden space in a tile that is already a part of a pattern.

Sliding Bookcase Door

This is something we are all aware of or have seen in movies. Hidden bookshelves lead into other rooms that you don’t want people to know about or can just be a private place for you to work when you need to cut yourself out from the world or a space for your valuable things that are not supposed to be exposed out in the world.

Image courtesy of makendo/Instructables

Make sure you pick out one that matched your house so that it doesn’t look obvious that there is something hidden behind it. A bookcase is easy to access. All you have to do is slide it, but be sure to install it properly because you don’t want it to be accessible to others.

A Photo Frame With Hidden Pocket

This is one obvious space to hide your money, keys, or some secret notes, but it’s still a worthwhile place if you do it right. It all depends on how well you have placed it to not look like an obvious secret space to hide things.

Image courtesy of BajaEddCustomRodRack

Place your photos in the frame. Position the frame so that it looks as if it has been there all along. Place the frame in a prominent place to make it look natural. You can hide your valuables behind the photo. Reinforce the back with glue and silicone sealant to make sure the items are well hidden.

No One Will Even Notice This Spot

The ones struggling with the storage issue can utilize their staircase as a drawer. To not make it look obvious, you should make the cover over it, such as the carpet or matting, match the rest of the staircase. Other than that, it’s the most efficient, cheap, and convenient place for storing things.

Image courtesy of saving4six.com

They can even store books, shoes, and more other than valuables. Now, you don’t have to worry about putting everything in drawers again. You’ll be able to keep your living space neat while still storing items in a practical space.

Hide Your Sweets in a Vegetable Box!!

If you are tired of your kid’s regular munching on candies and chocolates, then we have a DIY way to hide sweets from them. Place them inside an empty bag of veggies. Kids usually steer clear of these things, so the chances are high that they would not even touch anything that says carrots or green beans.

Image courtesy of Standard_Candle/Reddit

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to stop your child from hogging the sweets. But hiding them in a place that is out of their reach is a good idea so you can have control over their munching habits. In the end, a child’s health is what every parent is concerned about.

An Old CD Case

Your old CD case can be useful if you are looking for a safe place for hiding your belongings, or it can also work as a storage space for your jewelry. But the possibilities you can do with your old CD case doesn’t stop there. Let’s find out what else you can use an old CD case for.

Image courtesy of ShakeTheFuture/Instructables

An old CD case is a versatile and convenient item that is great to have around the house and office because it has many uses. It is lightweight, inexpensive, can be used to organize things, and easily fits into small spaces.

Compartment Behind That Useless Phone Jack

In the generation of mobile phones, a landline socket is useless unless you want to use it as a secret compartment to hide your money or something valuable. This hidden spot is a gem for hiding small things if you have one inside your house or office.

Image courtesy of wannabemadsci/Instructables

Before placing anything valuable inside, just be sure that the place is clean and has no wire inside that’s active so that you and your things are safe inside from damage. You can store anything inside that compartment, and no one will ever know!

Pill Bottle As a Hidden Container

A pill bottle makes a perfect hidden container for money or small items. After you remove the label from the bottle, drill a hole in the lid with either an electric drill or a power drill. It should be just large enough to insert your fingers into the hole without much resistance.

Image courtesy of thriftyfun.com

To create a waterproof seal, simply coat the inner lid of the pill bottle with silicone sealant. By using silicone sealant instead of water-resistant tape, your stash box can be used in wet environments. The pill bottle is a very effective storage container if you’re looking for something easy to conceal, lightweight, and waterproof.

A Mayonnaise Jar? Who Can Ever Think of Looking There

Mayonnaise usually comes in jars, so it’s the perfect place to put something you don’t want people to find. The jar is satisfyingly wide, so you can stack your money inside, which is great if you have a lot of coins or other small objects that need to be hidden.

Image courtesy of familyhandyman.com

You can then close the jar and hide it in the fridge. You can paint the jar from the inside the color of mayonnaise and store your things inside. However, you can easily store a lot of paper money inside, depending on how much you have.

How About a Potted Plant?

What could be better than an easy and unnoticeable hiding spot? Nothing. A flower pot or a vase is one such example of easy secret storage for your valuable things. Hiding things in pottery is a great way to store your valuables and other items you want to be able to access easily.

Image courtesy of M3G/Instructables

Aromatic plants like roses and lavender are great for this because their heavy scent will cover any of your smells that might leak out of your potted plant. Lavender is also great for covering up any leftover smells from the items you are storing.

Hornet’s Nest or a Place For You To Hide Your Things

This insect leaves its nest at the time of migration. Why not just use it to store something valuable? All you have to do is carefully pull it off the wall and then wash it away. The nest is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

Image courtesy of CrazyClever/Instructables

You can hide valuable things in it, like cash, jewelry, keys, or anything else you want to keep safe. It makes perfect roomy storage space for all kinds of things. The best part is nobody will wonder what’s in the insect’s nest. Your things are safe inside it.

A Compartment Inside a Coffee Table

A secret place inside your coffee table is easy to build and access. To keep it away from the rest of the world, you need to make sure that you build it properly so that it’s not easy for the guests or people who visit you to predict that your table has a hidden compartment.

Image courtesy of stealthfurniture.com

The best way to build something like this is to use a wooden board. Cut it horizontally and place four pieces of electrical tape on the board. Now place the board under your table, hide it behind it, and create a secret compartment in front of the legs.

Storage Space Inside a Stuffed Toy

Teddy bears can also be one of the best hiding places for your money. Take a peep in their tummy, and you will find an empty pocket where you can keep your cash and other small items. If there is no pocket, then you can make it yourself just by cutting it and removing the extra cotton. 

Image courtesy of Hectors helpers/Instructables

The size also plays a vital role here. If you’re going to use this secret hidden space as a safe deposit box, you must get the right size that will fit most of your valuables. It is better to check out the teddy bear dimensions first before purchasing.

A Globe

One of the most unsuspecting places to hide things and is inside a globe. If you have something like this, then why just keep it there collecting dust? It can be used to store things. All you need to do is cut out a few compartments to make a hiding spot.

Image courtesy of radmegan.com

The picture in this article shows a globe that is being used to store money. This can be a great place to hide things because no one would ever know. If you have one of these lying around, why not use it to your advantage.

A Fake Water Pipe

Hiding things in a fake water pipe is another smart way of keeping your precious things safe. It’s perfect for hiding valuables that you cannot afford to lose. A warning, though: always make sure that the hollow pipe isn’t leaking water before putting anything inside!

Image courtesy of familyhandyman.com

If you want to keep your stuff safe from prying eyes, wrap it in black plastic wrap and then tape it.  However, make sure that the tape doesn’t come off, and you can easily remove it when needed.  Hiding things in a fake water pipe is a very useful way of keeping them safe. 

Trash Can, Can Be Useful Too

It may sound somewhat gross. That’s literally why no one will ever think of searching there. If you are going away on vacation, you can use a double bin or just make a compartment inside the trash by creating a partition. But just don’t forget to remove your things before throwing the trash out.

Image courtesy of peanutbuttertoast/Instructables

It is one risky place to hide your things, so use it only in case of an emergency. Otherwise, the stakes are high, and you might throw your valuable things away. Also, make sure to wrap up your things nicely before placing them into the garbage can for the sake of hygiene.

Curtain With a Hidden Pocket

Here goes another extremely easy hiding place to execute. You can either buy curtains and sew pockets in them or buy the curtains which already have pockets. These pockets are hidden in the folds of the curtain. When you put something in them, there is no way for anyone to see it.

Image courtesy of peanutbuttertoast/Instructables

Curtains are easy to take down, fold, and put back up. If the item is too big to fit into your pocket, you could hide it in a box of some sort. If you can’t believe how easy it is, then just buy some curtains yourself and give it a try!

Thermometer or a Secret Storage Case

The old-style thermometers have a secret compartment if you open them from the center. The space is small but sufficient for you to hide your keys or paper money. These old thermometers are great for hiding teeny-tiny things or objects.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This idea can be used for hiding ID cards, business cards, or keys. The small size makes it hard for anyone to find it. It wouldn’t look like anything at first glance, so it’s not easy to overlook it. You can use a thermometer for just about anything small.

False Bottom Compartment

The best part about this secret space is that you can use any type of furniture at your place. You can DIY it or hire a carpenter. All it takes is plywood to make a partition in between the drawer or whatever piece of furniture you are working with to make that look like the bottom of the drawer.

Image courtesy of M3G/Instructables

The top of the drawer is made in such a way that it takes off from and leaves a small opening where you can make opening to hide all of your valuables. A secret compartment is a great place for small things like plates, silverware, money, or tissues.

Recycle and Reuse

Here is one more clever idea. Old batteries are an amazing place to keep your things in, believe it or not. Nobody can ever figure out that you have been hiding something inside. It is perfect for cash, small notes, key, or jewelry.

Image courtesy of thessejway/Instructables

Old batteries can be used as a safe place to hide cash, jewelry, or other valuables.  These items aren’t heavy and would therefore cause less strain on the battery’s structure. Put it out in the open or in a junk drawer. No one will think twice about it.

Fireplace That Slides

A fireplace works the same as a sliding bookshelf, or a door does. It is a concealed way to store valuable things, with the help of hinges and a firebox. It is easy to install, and the installation costs can be recovered within a few days of work.

Image courtesy of hiddenpassageway.com

It allows you to use it as a door with sliding shelves. This fireplace will give your home a new look. While buying this, the only thing you need to do is to check with the installer and make sure that it is safe and not faulty.

Toe-Kick Hiding Place

This brilliant secret spot is installed between the floor and the cabinet of your kitchen or bathroom. This place is so unpredictable to be a hiding spot for your valuable things. The toe-kick hiding place is a small space between the floor and cabinet where no one can reach. 

Image courtesy of familyhandyman.com

Though it has been a while since they’ve been introduced, toe-kick hiders are finally back as a new design in the modern furniture and decoration market. These toe kick hiders offer a unique look to your floor. They offer a wide range of designs to choose from.

Fish Tank With a Compartment Underneath

Fish tanks are another common item seen around office areas and homes. It’s a place where hardly anyone would wanna look for valuable things. That is why it turns out to be one great place to hide your valuable things underneath.

Image courtesy of cichfrk/Instructables

To make the fish tank look as normal as possible, you shouldn’t use any expensive or fancy materials for making the secret compartment. You can just use regular materials found in the garage, such as thin plastic wrapping sheets and polypropylene bags or plywood.

Hair Brush To Hide Things

Most hair brushes come with a secret space already. If you check the top of it, unscrew it, and you will find a hollow space to keep your things. But it is a costly process to replace the hairbrush. It is important to know what things you can hide in your hairbrush.

Image courtesy of danktainers/Instructables

First, you need to unscrew the top to reveal the hollow space. Grab a clear plastic bag, and fill it with something that you want to hide, like cash and other small valuables. The trick is to hide these things without them being obvious. To do that, add something that can fill the space of hairbrush space, such as a sponge or cotton. 

Adding Compartment To Your Car

It is always a good option to keep some cash hidden inside your car in case of emergencies. However, keeping the money out in the open is risky. But you can install secret compartments beside your armrest or your dashboard.

Image courtesy of mods-n-hacks.gadgethacks.com

These compartments also come in different sizes depending on your car, so you can easily put one in without any problem. Put in some money, and you can sit and relax because your valuables are safe from the prying eyes.

CPU As a Valuable Things Holder

We all have things in our homes that are not easy to get rid of. One of them is an old desktop. So, to make use out of it, hiding a few things inside a CPU is one great way you can utilize the space.

Image courtesy of YaronShemesh/Instructables

The CPU of your desktop can be easily opened. But ensure you do this in a safe place because in taking apart the CPU, you may accidentally damage the other parts of it. There are many tools you can use to do this. But a popular tool you can utilize is the magnetic screwdriver.

A Bottle With a Secret Inside It

This DIY hidden compartment is easy since it’s made from a plastic bottle. All you have to do is cut it through the center and place a dry compartment in between. You can now put anything you want inside the bottle, and it will be safely hidden inside it.

Image courtesy of pictolic.com

The secret compartment also works great for hiding precious objects that you think can easily be lost, like special rings or watches. To make the compartment more sturdy, you can glue it in between the two separated halves with flexible glue.

Make Your Own Secret Wooden Box

Let’s put some creativity in and make something that is safe and unique for you to use as a secret storage box. We’re talking about a box cut out from a wooden log. All you have to do is get a log that’s long enough for you to store sufficient things inside it.

Image courtesy of brooklynlimestone.com

You can secure your box using glue, screws, or nails if you are using it at home. If you decide on something to place it outside, then use concrete at the bottom of each corner to ensure that your box is secured and not exposed to rain or water. This way, you won’t have a hard time taking it out whenever you want.

How To Recycle An Old Keyboard

By just creating a fake compartment inside a keyboard, you can hide your things without being noticed. The keyboard, being a large plastic piece, is easy to cut into and can be glued back together. This helps hide your things if a guest visits you or if you have messy roommates.

Image courtesy of rickyeatough/rickyeatough

The main point of this project is that there are no real “rules” to how you cut the keyboard apart and put it back together. Use your creativity and have fun! By creating a fake compartment inside a keyboard, you can hide your things without them ever being noticed.

Candles Can Be Used Too

Candles are a great item to hide your valuables in. How it works is you cut a square or round hole in the middle of a candle and put whatever you want inside. The wick will act as your handle for the cap.

Image courtesy of Von Malegowski/Instructables

You can use any type of candle as long as it’s not too thick. However, remember that the secret compartment is inside, so you have to plan on what you will put inside it before you start cutting. Also, remember to be careful when cutting around the candle because it is very fragile and will break easily.

A Deodorant Container

This is one product that nobody shares and is the safest place for you to keep your money or other valuable things hidden “in plain sight.” No one will ever suspect that you are holding valuable items in deodorant.

Image courtesy of Gunk on Floor/Instructables

It is a new and innovative way to keep your things hidden from nosey people. All you have to do is use the product, and after it’s finished, cut open the container and place your important things inside, and put it back on your table because nobody is even going to touch that product of yours.