Useful Ways To Make The Most Out of Vaseline

By J Arazi

Remove Dandruff

If you’re suffering from flaking or chronic dry scalp, take a dollop of Vaseline and massage it gently onto your scalp before you start washing. Take note that this is not a replacement for your regular shampoo.

Be careful not to use too much of it as the petroleum jelly could get stuck in your hair which may be difficult to remove. For better results, add some baking soda to the shampoo before washing. To make your hair even more luscious, you can use castor oil mixed with your regular shampoo.

Natural Shoe Shiner

If you’re having a bad hair day and you want to get your shine back, the best way to revive it is with Vaseline. By using a dab of it, you can get your groove back and make your hair look presentable. 

On the other hand, if your hair retains moisture poorly or you battle frizz, some Vaseline can help fix your hairs top layer. The same thing goes for your shoes if it has lost its shine apply some Vaseline on it to make it come anew again. 

Unstick gum from your hair

There’s nothing as annoying and painful as getting gum stuck in your hair. Worse still, getting it out is always a problem and most people resort to cutting off the affected part. It doesn’t have to be so, especially when you have Vaseline within reach. 

Image source: pinterest

Generously apply Vaseline on the gum and the hair surrounding it. With your fingers, gently try to pull it out until the gum slides free. Make sure to tug gently so you don’t rip any existing hairs. We wouldn’t want that to happen now.

Preserve Halloween pumpkins

There’s immense joy when you carve out the image you want on your Halloween pumpkin – but there’s always this wave of sadness that washes over us when you see such a priceless work of art rot.

Extending the life of a pumpkin is quite tricky the moment it’s cut. You have to balance the moisture so it’s not too little or too much as both can make it rot faster than usual. The best way to balance this out is by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the edges.  

No More Scratches

Even though it’s not in vogue anymore, we won’t blame you if you still cherish your DVD or CD collection. 

Before Spotify and Soundcloud, we used to listen to songs on CDs and they were susceptible to scratches which made them glitch. With caution, rub some Vaseline in circles on the back of the disc and wipe with clean cloth afterwards. This way, you can preserve your favourite collection forever. 


A fire starter is a must-have for a camping trip and there are several options available at your disposal. You can save yourself some money if you have the necessary ingredients to start a fire. 

Coat as much cotton balls as you can with Vaseline and light them up. This hack is very useful for backyard pits or when you want to grill. Everyone wants to be a BBQ Master and Vaseline can help you prove that. It could even be a cool party trick!

Correct dry patches

If you’re familiar with the beauty industry, you’ll know topical skin treatments used to treat rough patches and dryness can cost a fortune. We have a credible DIY alternative treatment that works just as well – rub petroleum jelly on these dry patches. 

Image source: vaseline

If these patches are on your feet, wear socks overnight or wear gloves till the next morning if they are on your hands. Whatever part is cracked will be as soft as a feather when you check it the next day. 

Distress your furniture

For some people, they prefer to distress their furniture with several chains – but why go through that stress when Vaseline can serve the same purpose? To give your furniture a distressed look, apply a base coat and some Vaseline on any area you want to be antiqued and chipped.

Image source: pinterest

Apply a handful of petroleum jelly on areas that’ll age with increased use such as legs, corners, and edges. When that is done, apply any topcoat of your choice. The result will be a washed tone that’ll look like you uncovered a treasure from aeons ago.

Ring Won’t Budge?

Often, people have been pushed to the edge all in a bid to remove a ring that won’t come off. By using a Q-tip and some Vaseline, the ring can come off without any pain as it’ll slide off eventually. 

In a situation where you are at a store and you decided to test a ring only for it to get stuck – your first port of call should be Vaseline. Or you could use some olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen.

Exfoliate Your Body

Do you know you can create a rich and potent exfoliant with Vaseline? All you need to do is to add either coarse salt or some sugar. This comes in handy if you want to save some of your hard-earned cash as we all know how expensive exfoliating products can be. 

To get silky skin, simply massage this mixture on your body while having your bath. You can gently scrub it off and make sure not to vigorously rub the skin as this can aggravate it and possibly cause skin irritation.

Free Lip Saver

Are you battling chapped lips? Make it a non-issue by using Vaseline. It adds plumpness and moisture to peeling and dry lips. Take it a step further by adding some essential oil to revitalize or soothe your lips. 

If you can get your hands on fruit extracts, you can infuse that too. It gives the Vaseline extra flavour which serves the same purpose as a lip balm bought at your regular grocery store. Here’s a hack that can come in handy – If you want your lipstick to last longer, rub some Vaseline on your teeth before applying the lipstick. Yes you heard that right. Rub it on your teeth.

Gloss Up Your Make Up

Thanks to the gliding texture and metallic sheen in Vaseline, it perfectly complements most makeup products. There are several other things you can use Vaseline for – like turning a product that’s powder-based to a decadent cream or a matte product to metallic. 

By blending loose pigments with Vaseline, you have a customized blush, cream or eye shadow. You’re sure to elicit some envy from your friends when they discover how little you spent to achieve this. 

Paw Treatment

Once in a while, every dog has to battle with paw roughness just as humans have to deal with dry patches and rough. Due to their physiological nature, dogs can’t apply hand cream to soothe this problem. This is where we come in to help out by helping them apply Vaseline on it.  

Don’t worry, vaseline is animal friendly so you’re sure that your dogs won’t experience any irritation. But if you have doubts it’s best not to. Save it for human skin! For the brave ones, why not give this a try?

Extend the Life of Perfumes

Your fragrance defines you. Always remember that your cologne or perfume is your signature scent and it’s your unique identity. However, you sweat off this scent after a long day and might need to reapply it after a while. 

You use more perfume this way and you can make your perfume last longer by applying a dab of Vaseline on pulse points before spraying. 

Goodbye Back Aches

Heating pads do not come cheap regardless of the drugstore you buy them from. In a bid to seek relief, you can use a heating towel but it can make you feel uncomfortable while leaving your back clammy. 

A good remedy for back pain is petroleum jelly. Microwave a blob of Vaseline for two minutes and apply the warm scoop on your back. As it dissolves into your skin, you’ll feel your muscles relax.

Natural Wood Repair

If you have a wooden floor and it’s looking lacklustre – there’s no need to worry, with a dab of Vaseline the floor can come alive again. With Vaseline, you can remove scratches, stains, water rings and more. 

After applying a generous amount of Vaseline on the floor, let it work for a minimum of 24 hours before you polish it. Not only is this cheaper and less toxic, you’ll also receive several compliments too. 

Enhance your workout

In truth, there’s no miracle solution or cure if you want to lose weight. To burn off excess calories and fat, you have to exercise regularly and eat right. 

Here’s a hack that can come in handy – before heading to the gym, rub a dollop of Vaseline on your stomach. Get some saran wrap and wrap your entire midsection while taping the ends. The heat wrap makes you sweat more while working out which will help you lose more weight. 

Avoid soapy eyes

Whenever you think of the pain caused by soap and shampoo in your eyes, the zeal to wash your hair disappears into thin air. 

You can avoid this by applying petroleum jelly on the outline of your eyebrows. It’ll force the hair cleansers and foaming suds to the side of your face. This way your sensitive and precious eyeballs are protected. This hack is extremely vital if you’re trying to keep lathers from your baby’s eyes.

Repair squeaky doors

You don’t need to be told by now that Vaseline is one of the best lubricants out there. For some, they’ve been using toxic lubricants like the WD 40 to oil squeaking doors. If you want your door to glide silently like it used to, your best option is to use Vaseline. 

Image source: pinterest

Apply a thin coat on the door that squeaks or and it’ll go back to how it used to be when you first bought it. 

Moustache wax

In the past, the styled moustache was a hit among men, but it’s making a comeback in recent times. Try this quick trip and your friends and coworkers will think you went to a fancy barber.

Old school styles such as the Handlebar is becoming a favourite among classic men. Of course, to achieve a stylized look like this, you need to apply a lot of moustache wax. 

If you’re wary of spending a fortune on a tin of wax, you can opt for Vaseline instead as it’ll do the same job perfectly. 

Ease the pain of earring insertion

Billions of people across the world have their ears pierced and they all suffer from the same problem. The moment you remove the earrings for some weeks or months, the holes start closing up. 

When this happens, you’ll be forced to go back to the piercer for another piercing. If you notice your ear lobes closing up, apply some Vaseline on both sides of the lobes and slide the earring in. 

Remove blackheads

If you want to get clear skin very fast, pay attention to this beauty hack. Coat the surface of your face that’s covered by blackheads with a thick layer of petroleum jelly – continue adding several layers to it.

Next, use a plastic wrap to cover the blackhead infested area and ensure it stays on. Some people sleep with this mask overnight while others leave it on for a few hours. This hack works wonders and will leave your face as smooth as a baby’s.

Prevent ants from your pet’s dishes

Every pet owner worldwide have one wish – for their pets to eat their meal in a sitting. As fate would have it, our pets prefer to graze and eat whenever they want. This means their food is left in the bowl for several hours before they finish it. 

This inevitably attracts ants to the house which could lead to an infestation if care is not taken. This can be avoided by applying Vaseline on the outer parts of the bowl which makes it hard for ants to crawl through. 

Easy shaving when using a razor

Most people dread shaving due to the fact that you can knick yourself easily especially when you’re rushing to work in the morning. Even when you’re careful – or for those that brave the odds to dry shave – you can cut up your skin or you’ll be left with a reddened and irritated skin for days. 

To avoid this, apply a blob of frozen petroleum jelly which hydrates and soothe your skin while shaving. 

Stop car battery corrosion 

Car batteries are bulky, expensive, and are not easy to replace. In cases where the weather gets cold, they often corrode.

You can avoid this by pre-emptively coating your car battery with a layer of petroleum jelly. If you’ve never done this before, disconnect the terminals and use a wire brush to clean them. Next, coat them with Vaseline and reconnect them – this protects them from water droplets. 

Keep bugs at bay

Are you tired of bug bites or the fact that the bugs can’t seem to stay away from you whenever you visit the garden? Vaseline may be the solution to end this as it helps reduce the itchiness you feel from such bites. 

The moment you notice you’ve been bitten, apply a little petroleum jelly to the spot. If the jar is placed in a freezer, it’ll offer amazing cooling effects just like aloe vera. 

Loosen light bulbs 

Oftentimes changing your light bulbs could be a chore especially when it gets stuck. This simple task shouldn’t be stressful as long as you have Vaseline around you. By applying petroleum jelly, you can easily replace hard to remove light bulbs easily. 

Apply some Vaseline on the bulb’s threads before screwing it in. By lubricating the bulb, removing it in future will be a non-issue. However, ensure the jelly does not get to the contact which may adversely affect the bulb. 

Sayonara Patchy Tans

Almost everyone can agree that when they go for a tan, the last thing they want is a streaky outcome. Ideally, most people want an even golden shade and if possible, the result should look like you had a suntan. 

A patchy finish and streaks can ruin the entire process but it doesn’t have to be so. You can promote evenness by rubbing Vaseline on your hands, knees, ankles and spots that are likely to have streaks. 

Open nail polish and jars with ease

The struggle to open nail polish containers and jars is something we’ve all experienced one time or the other. A reason for this could be because it’s excessively tight fit or there’s rust around the lid. 

With Vaseline, you don’t have to look for a macho man to help you open jars and lids anymore. Apply Vaseline on the jar’s thread edge, and you’ll open it in no time. 

Remove lipstick stains on clothes

If lipstick has ever smeared your clothes before, you’ll know first hand how stressful it is to remove such stains. Apply a blot of Vaseline on the stained spot, and put it in your washing machine the same way you’ve been doing previously. 

When the wash cycle is complete, you’ll find it hard to locate the stain as it’ll completely disappear. 

Eliminate sticky shower curtains

This hack may apply more to your bathroom curtains than to other curtains in your house. If you’re suffering from sticky shower curtains that don’t slide easily, apply petroleum jelly to the curtain rods and watch it slide with ease. 

The reason this is pertinent to bathroom curtains is because of changing levels of humidity and soap scum which can cause friction on the shower curtain. 

Cure foot infections

If you’re prone to fungal infections like athlete’s foot, petroleum jelly can remedy the situation painlessly. Due to the texture of the jelly, fungus become suffocated and it reduces water loss from the skin. 

This creates a hydrophobic layer which acts as a blockade that lessens sweat which is the major cause and perpetuator of athlete’s foot. Keep in mind that this treatment is just an alternative for fungus treatment. 

Remove candle wax

Candle lovers know how notoriously hard it is to remove candle wax from various surfaces. If there’s a candle wax you wish to remove from a particular surface, simply apply Vaseline to the edges and wait a while. 

Next, wipe with a neat towel and watch it remove with ease unlike when you have to scrape hard which may damage your surface. 

A moisturizer

Did you know Vaseline is classified as a moisturizer – it does not let the skin dry out. Because of this, several people apply Vaseline on their body and face instead of salon brand moisturizers or lotion. 

It can be applied right after showering and those that don’t have sensitive or oily skin can use it as a face cream. In case you apply more than needed, you can use a towel to lightly wipe some off. 

Prevention of Diaper rash 

This hack is one that will get several parents excited and they would hit the nearest supermarket after getting a hang of it. Most young children and infants frequently suffer from diaper rash – it causes a painful rubbing and chafing on their body which causes them a huge deal of discomfort. 

Some people use baby powder to fix this while some prefer Vaseline. Those that use Vaseline say it’s more effective because of the protective barrier it creates. 

Cooling relief for fevers

Sometimes, taking menthol when you have a fever can be a little too intense. Going for store brands can be a little too pricey and in most cases, they’re filled with several chemicals you don’t know. 

On the other hand, you can keep some petroleum jelly in the freezer and when it’s cold enough, apply it on your forehead. Even though it won’t remove the fever, it’ll make you feel relieved in no time. 

Makeup remover

Apply some petroleum jelly on a pad or cotton ball – then wipe off the eye shadow, foundation, lipstick and more from your face as gently as possible. By doing this, you’ll moisturize your skin. 

In addition, you can use your fingers to massage some of it into your skin and it can also be removed with a tissue or cotton ball. Some people don’t like using it on their entire face because they feel it’s too heavy so they use it on their eyelids alone. 

Clean your cloudy glass

If you notice there’s a cloudy fog covering your glass wares after washing them – then it’s caused by limescale i.e. calcium deposits. This phenomenon only happens when the water is hard. 

In a situation like this, there’s little you can do to change the water supply. On the other hand, the cloudiness in the glass can be removed if you coat the glass with petroleum jelly. Let it sit for several days before cleaning. 

Avoid rusting of razor blades 

Men with hair can attest to the fact that they’ve had their razors rust at one time or the other.

Razors rust easily, especially when you leave it in the bathroom which is often moist and humid. This wouldn’t be a cause of concern if you make sure they’re dry and apply a light layer of Vaseline on the blades. This should be done the moment you’re done shaving.

Defog your swim goggles

Goggles are very important for swimmers as it helps them see underwater – this is only possible if they’re fog-free and clear. Here’s a hack that will help keep your goggles clear while you go swimming. 

Before taking a dive, apply some petroleum jelly on the goggle’s rubber rims that touches your face. This creates a seal between the goggles and your skin which will ensure it sticks to your face making it hard to create fogs.  

Heal minor burns and scrapes 

If you rush a lot or if you’re often tired and exhausted, you may be more susceptible to burns and scrapes more than you think.

You have to ensure the wound does not get infected by covering the wound and protecting it from germs. Wash the area with water and soap and apply a layer of petroleum jelly – make sure your fingers are clean. This does the same job as Neosporion but at a lesser cost. 

Avoid splatters touching your windows

If you want to give your old room a new lease of life – paint the windows. The major challenge here is trying to keep the paint off the window’s glass.

The moment this happens, it becomes a major issue as you’d be forced to scrape it off the glass. To avoid this, coat the glass with petroleum jelly before painting and wipe it off after you’re done. 

Slug repellent

Slugs with their ravenous appetites are every planter’s worst nightmare, so the best thing to do is to prevent an infestation.

Even though this process is a continuous one, there’s a solution for potted plants. Mix some Vaseline and salt and coat your pot rims with the mixture. They can’t come in because of the Vaseline as it’ll make it too slippery to climb while the salt will shrivel them up.

Avoid chafing during sports

Chafing is a big problem for most runners because they sweat for extended periods. You’ll feel raw the moment you start treating it and you’ll be left with itchy skin afterwards. 

There’s a more effective solution to this problem – apply Vaseline on the areas prone to chafing before starting your workout. The lubrication will ensure friction is greatly reduced when your skin rubs together.  

Restore your leather sofa

The first time you buy your leather sofa, the rich and smooth texture gives you a great sense of joy. This feeling fades when the leather becomes dry which will make the couch stiff making it very uncomfortable. 

Although there are several types of leather conditioners out there, why not give Vaseline a try? Use a soft cloth to rub some on your couch and allow it sit. After a few hours, use another cloth to wipe it off.  

Avoid blisters

There’s nothing worse than having blisters when trying on a new pair of shoes. Sometimes, it could be that you wore those stiletto heels longer than you should. Regardless of how you got them, you can use Vaseline to get rid of these painful blisters as fast as possible. 

Clean the area and apply some Vaseline on the blister. Next, cover it with a band-aid. The blister will soften and it won’t get infected with bacteria or germs which is very important for it to heal. 

Squirrel-proof your bird feeders

Bird feeders derive joy feeding their birds but hate it when squirrels steal the seeds. Even if you mount the seeds on pole-mounted feeders, these persistent creatures still try to get to it no matter how hard it is. 

To make this climb impossible for squirrels, coat the pole with Vaseline as it’ll make it hard for them to have a firm grip. This way you don’t have to spend a ton calling the professionals. 

Soften the crow’s feet look

Even though petroleum jelly is an amazing moisturizer all round, if you have sensitive or oily skin, it could cause breakouts. Still, you can use Vaseline to moisturize the areas surrounding your eyes. This is important if you are prone to crow’s feet or fine lines. 

Due to how greasy it is, the best time to apply this is at night before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, your eyelids will feel and look smoother. 

Avoid swimmer’s ear

A hot summer day is the best time to go for a refreshing dip, but having water stuck in your ear will ruin the entire experience. This phenomenon is called swimmers ear and it causes most of the outer ear infection found in children. 

As luck would have it, preventing it is not hard, all you need is Vaseline and some cotton balls. Dab some petroleum jelly on some cotton balls and put it in your outer ears. Ensure it covers your ear canal.

Tattoo ointment

After getting a new tattoo, you need to ensure it doesn’t get infected. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to avoid infection, you still have to ensure the tattoo does not crack and dry out. If this happens, your tattoo will fade in no time.

There are ointments made specifically to care for your tattoo, but the cheapest alternative you can ever find is Vaseline. Clean your skin before applying Vaseline on the tattoo so it doesn’t trap germs that could cause an infection.

Hairball relief for cats

Every cat owner know they have to deal with hairballs as it’s one of the unwritten prerequisites of owning one. Most cats naturally cough them up on their own but some cats struggle to do this. 

You don’t have to worry as you can help them if they can’t. Every day, mix half a tablespoon of petroleum jelly with your kitty’s food. This lubricates the digestive tract of your cat and helps them remove the hairball. 

Fix scratches on your sunglasses

In most cases it’s hard to hide scratches on the lenses of your sunglasses – this becomes more obvious in reflective or mirrored lenses. There’s no need to stash these sunglasses as Vaseline can help fix them. 

Using a tiny amount of petroleum jelly, gently massage the scratches on the lenses. Next, use a soft clean cloth to wipe the residue. Although it won’t remove the scratches, it’ll make them less visible than they were before. 

Ease the slight sunburns

Earlier on, we discussed how petroleum jelly helps in preventing tanning streaks – unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you may end up with a patch. To soothe the stinging sensation and the redness of the sunburn, hydrate the skin by rubbing some Vaseline on the affected area. 

Luckily, Vaseline doesn’t have artificial fragrances and colours that would further irritate the skin, so it’s completely safe. 

Care for chrome surfaces

This hack is very important for bike owners who need to protect their bikes as winter approaches although it applies to all types of chrome surfaces. It’s very annoying to retrieve your bike during spring only for you to find the chrome surface enclosed in rust. 

To avoid situations like this, ensure you clean off any rust you find, then apply Vaseline on the chrome. This way, the bike is protected from moisture that causes these unappealing rust patches.

Break in your sports gloves

It’s no hidden fact that sports gear are very expensive, so it is vital to take care of them the moment you get home. For instance, you have to break in sports gloves such as baseball mitts so the leather is always flexible and soft. 

If you don’t have the funds for a leather conditioner, you can use a washcloth to apply Vaseline on the glove. 

Release a stuck zipper

Have you ever been in a hurry only for you to find out your zipper is stuck? This can be extremely frustrating especially if you have a bus, train or plane to catch. By smearing some Vaseline on the zipper, you could get it sliding perfectly in no time. 

When applying the Vaseline, make sure it doesn’t stain your clothes – apply the Vaseline along the zipper’s teeth with a cotton swab.

Beard conditioner

We’re sure you’ve come across several types of beards as you move around. Some men prefer a moustache while some prefer the bushy and thick look. Nevertheless, it is vital your beard is always hydrated and conditioned so it doesn’t look scraggly and dry.  

A cheap and readily available beard conditioner is Vaseline and it can give your beards that rich luscious look you’ve always craved for. 

Give your leather wallet a facelift

The rate at which we open and close our wallets, it’s no surprise that they tend to wear out fast – cramming it into your pocket or bag for several hours daily doesn’t do any good either. Leather wallets, in particular, are likely to crack and scratch which makes them look old. 

You can give your wallet some tender loving care by using a soft cloth to apply Vaseline on it – allow it dry for an hour before using again. Your wallet will thank you. 

Restore a manicure

We all love a good manicure. Most people often bask in the euphoria of having perfect nails after a visit to the salon. It’s always disappointing when you see the polish is fading out after a few days. You can bring the shine back by using Vaseline to coat your nails. 

Image source: pinterest

This should be done right after you take a shower or bath. Your nails will look fresh and shiny and it’d last you until your next manicure appointment. 

Thwart animal escapes

Some reptiles like bearded dragons and iguanas look scary no doubt, but if you’re able to establish a bond with them, they make wonderful pets. Some of them are perfectly fine within the confines of their tanks while some are expert escape artists. 

Image source: lazada

If your lizard likes escaping from its tank, don’t hesitate to coat the inside of the tank with some Vaseline. The surface becomes slippery and it’d be difficult for them to escape. 

Calm poison ivy

Just as we stated earlier, Vaseline can be used to soothe bug bites. For this reason, several people use it to also soothe rashes caused by poison ivy. The first thing you should do is to wash the rash with lots of water and soap. Pat it with a clean dry towel afterwards.

When it is dry, apply some Vaseline on it the same way you’ll do on a bug bite. The area will be kept moist and the irritation and itching will reduce. 

Stop freezing of locks 

During winter, car owners know it’s always a battle to open car door locks. The solution to this problem is very easy and cheap – all you need to do is to coat your key and lock with Vaseline. 

Gently insert your key into the car’s lock. Next, coat the inside of the lock with Vaseline by moving it back and forth. This way, the moisture that turns into ice will be kept out and you can have access to your car. 

Shine bathroom faucets

We explained how versatile Vaseline is and how you can use it on chrome. Luckily, it works perfectly well for other metals like stainless steel, copper and nickel. In truth, all faucets in your bathroom are always exposed to moisture or water – so it’s ideal to cover them with a layer of Vaseline which prevents bothersome water stains. 

Clean the faucet with your preferred cleanser, then apply some Vaseline to give it protection and shine. 

Grease the metal leash of your pet 

We’ve discussed extensively on how to protect metal surfaces with Vaseline. One aspect most people forget to pay attention to is the leash of their pets. 

If you own a large dog, you need a leash with metal reinforcements or a leash made with metal to control your dog while out on a walk. Regardless of the weather, you need to walk your dog at all times which may lead to the metal part of the leash rusting with time. To avoid this, wipe the metal part with Vaseline to make it last longer. 

Keep warm as you swim

Except it is a heated pool, the first time you take a dive may be a little unpleasant. In actual fact, this experience may be so unpleasant that it’ll put you off for good – even though swimming has amazing cardiovascular benefits. 

There’s a simple way to go about it which pro swimmers have mastered – coat yourself with a layer of petroleum jelly before you go swimming. This way, your body gets to retain heat as it creates a shield against the cold water. 

Emergency makeup

In this article, we have given you several make up removal and enhancing tips you can use with Vaseline. In truth, Vaseline can also be used as the real thing too. 

Keep in mind that this should be used only in emergencies like when you’ve run out of makeup with little or no time to get another one. In a situation like that, mix some petroleum jelly with food colouring – if there’s still some makeup left, you can also mix it with Vaseline too and apply on your cheeks, lids, or lips. 

Restore dull jewellery

Costume jewellery is often affordable and they easily complement and enhance the wearer’s outfit. Most women love how jewellery make them stand out but when worn over time, they tend to become grimy and dull. You don’t have to throw them away anymore – why don’t you revitalize it with the help of Vaseline. 

First, wash them with soap and warm water. When they’re dry, add some Vaseline on a clean cloth to shine your pieces. 

Remove gum from your carpet

Most times, kids can be annoying especially when you have to tell them to do the same thing for the umpteenth time. In this case, they decided to completely ignore the trash can and choose the carpet as the perfect place to dispose of their gum. 

Image source: freepik

Removing gum from a carpet is no easy feat, but when you gently apply some petroleum jelly into the carpet fibres and gum, it’ll come off. 

Ease irritation after you wax

Although most salons target women who need their waxing services, professional athletes are not exempted as they wax regularly too. Unfortunately, there’s a stinging sensation that comes afterwards which makes the process very uncomfortable. 

Image source: beautyimageusa

If you’re looking for an effective and cheap product to ease this pain, Vaseline is your best bet. Wait for an hour after waxing, then apply some Vaseline on your waxed skin. You’ll get relieved instantly. 

Get rid of dirt in your leather purse

Leather purses are essential things to have, but with time and constant usage, they get quite dirty. Since you can’t toss it into the washer to get the dirt out, you have to find another effective way to do it. With a soft cloth, clean the stained parts with water and soap. Get another cloth and remove as much water as you can. 

When you’re done, rub some petroleum jelly to protect the leather and restore the texture of the wallet.  

Protect doorknobs while painting 

It’s easy to paint a door but the complication comes when it’s time to paint around the doorknobs. You have to be careful and patient to do this but in most cases, you may end up splashing paint on the doorknobs even when you cover it with painter’s tape.

This can be completely avoided if you apply Vaseline on the doorknob before painting. After painting, wipe Vaseline and stray paint off the doorknob.

Remove every temporary tattoos

Like we discussed earlier, Vaseline does wonders for permanent tattoos, but not everyone is willing to get one. 

Hence, some prefer to opt for temporary tattoos but some are incredibly hard to remove even after weeks. If this is what you’re battling with, oil based products like Vaseline should do the trick. First, exfoliate the area before scrubbing it. Next, clean it and apply Vaseline on the tattoo – with time it’d break down the tattoo pigments. 

Shine your belt buckles

Even though they are vital to parts of our outfits, belt buckles are not appreciated enough. The problem is that they tend to dull and they become discoloured since they are mostly made of metal. 

Just like other accessories, Vaseline can restore their lost glory. Clean the buckle with soap and water, next, use a soft cloth and Vaseline to bring back its shine. 

Tame Those Tresses

Instead of using mascara, you can use Vaseline to lengthen your lashes with ease. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and works just as well as mascara.

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This also applies to your brow. If your brow gel happens to finish at the least expected time, petroleum jelly should come in handy. It is a must-have for all sexes and it can give your face a more polished look that will send your confidence to the roof.  

Softer Nails

Softening the cuticles is no easy task and a lot of people would not think twice before going for cuticle oil. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the skill level of a pro, you can mess things up faster than you think. 

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The worst case scenario is to have cuticle oil dripping on your clothes and messing up everywhere around you. To avoid this, simply apply Vaseline on your cuticles – not only does it freshen it up, but it also adds moisture that dries up your nail beds. 

Face/Body highlighter

Most highlighters found in the market today are a little too intense. In some cases, you won’t get the radiance you want which defeats the purpose of getting the product. In some cases, the options staring at you are overwhelming: stick version, liquid, powder and cream. 

A good way around this predicament is to add a little Vaseline to your brow bones instead of highlighters. To give you that feel-good factor, apply it to your cheekbones and on your upper lip too.  

Easily take off false lashes

In today’s world, if you haven’t fixed your lashes, then your fashion statement is not complete. With a pair of lashes on, you are transformed into a supermodel of your dreams – but the struggle lies in taking them off. 

This situation can be fixed with Vaseline – simply apply it on the lash line’s strip. It would weaken the glue, which in turn will loosen and allow you peel off the lashes with little or no pain. 

Beat the Rudolph Nose

It’s annoying when you’re down with a cold, as you have to battle with the chafed area between your upper lip and nose. Blowing your nose constantly can be exhausting but you can reduce the pain by rubbing some Vaseline beneath your nose. 

An irritated and sore nose will only make your sickness worse so try to lessen the pain by applying Vaseline to it. Some people claim that rubbing petroleum jelly on the bridge of your nose can also do you a world of good.  

No More Stains

There isn’t enough proof that Vaseline removes stains from garments, but it does this quite well with beauty stains. Skin stains from painting nails or do-it-yourself hair processes can be fixed by lightly coating the affected area with Vaseline. 

You can place it around your hairline or your cuticles to avoid leaking or staining due to dye or polish. This way, you also get to save some much-needed cash or clothing. 

Ease windburn

It’s not just summer people suffer from nasty skin burns, it happens during winter too. In fact, it’s even worse and more painful especially if you participate in cold-weather sports like skiing or ice hockey.

Even though Vaseline can soothe the pain if you’re suffering from such, you can avoid this by applying some on your face before you head out. This way, there’s a protective layer covering your face or any part of your body you want protected.