Vitamin D’s Effect This COVID Season

By Jessy A

With the rise of Sars-Cov-2, most people in the planet if not all, have been very cautious with their health and how to maintain a good and strong immune system. This virus attacks it and more than just keeping things clean and sanitized, the immune system has to be strong for the virus not to make you a host. Making sure you eat a good and healthy diet and making sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need is vital. 

Vitamin D is important in the lung function and respiratory. What’s interesting is that the very receptor the virus clings on to, the  Ace-2 receptor, which plays very important role in lung damage is helped regenerated by Vitamin D. When the vrirus and the receipts binds in, it makes the receptor decrease which results to a vicious cycle of making the damage worse. Vitamin D increases these receptors that help the lungs heal from damage and prevent it from entering the cell. 

Some people said all the more that they shouldn’t be taking Vitamin D because it increases the virus receptor but biology is more complicated than that. The ace 2 receptor plays a very huge role in inflammation – causes massive inflammation to decrease and lung injury exacerbates it. 

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Vitamin D is so cheap and so easy yet so many people are deficient from it. You don’t wanna take too much Vitamin D but in long term, particularly with Covid patients, it might be wise to see if this will help the patient and his or her immune system. 

There are clinical studies that researched how Vitamin D affects people who are inflicted with the virus, what would be great is to give this to the people to first responders and health worker to see what its role is in prevention.