Vitamins and Minerals Best for Women

By Jessy A

A good and healthy diet is an integral part of a person’s life. More so for people who are active for they are burning more calories in order to have the energy to sustain activities. A runner for example is usually hungrier than a person with fewer activities. Food intake is more complicated than just chewing, swallowing, and digesting that we don’t get to absorb all the nutrients in what we eat. If we eat a healthy and balanced diet, we could get all the essential vitamins we need.


This group includes vitamin A — retinol, beta carotene, and carotenoids –, vitamin C, and vitamin E. They appear to play a role in protecting you from tiny particles your body makes, called free radicals, that can tear cells apart.

Vitamin B

There are a few types of these nutrients, and they’re all good for your body. But three — vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid — are especially important.

Vitamin D

It may be called a vitamin, but it actually works as a hormone. It helps to move calcium and phosphorus — important minerals for keeping bones strong — into your bloodstream. When your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, it will take calcium and phosphorus from your bones. Over time, this makes them thin and leads to conditions like osteoporosis, which puts you at risk for fractures.


Not that it has shown to boost exercise performance, fight depression, lower blood pressure, and many more, Magnesium has proven itself to improve mood, reduce water retention, abdominal cramps, tiredness, and irritability and other symptoms of PMS.


Calcium is needed for the heart and muscle nerves to function properly. Since it has forever been linked to bone health. And since Osteoporosis affects 9 million women, we should always make sure we are able to take proper amount of calcium needed.


Zinc has many benefits even though you only need a small portion of it to get its effects. It can help maintain a healthy immune system, keeps blood sugar stable and is good for the gut and helps you taste your food, helps heal body well, and help pay attention.

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