45 Times Parents’ Unhinged Shenanigans Should’ve Earned Them A Time Out

By Alisa S

Newbie parents in many cultures often think that parenting requires perfection. But in fact, it’s the bloopers that make parenting so special. Raising children should be enjoyable, not boring, but trying to be right all the time takes all of the fun away. So if you’re a newbie parent, ease off on the perfectionism — learn to let loose and feel the true joys of parenting.

If you think the shenanigans of your own parents are crazier than the usual, one look a this article is going to make your childhood seem normal in comparison. For sure, these parents are serious practical jokers — we wouldn’t be surprised if their stunts ended up on a compilation on YouTube or TikTok!

When your dad is a policeman

Imagine the surge of panic this young lady experienced, thinking she’s just been caught speeding and is about to be fined with a huge speeding ticket, and heaven knows what else. However, she finds relief once she sees who actually stopped her.

Image courtesy of @brooklyn_g/Twitter

As she realized the policeman is actually her father, we bet she felt her surge of panic and pressure magically melt away. What a relief! Daddy found the prank funny, but he probably also advised her to pay more attention to speed limits.

This mom had a unique Halloween costume idea

Halloween celebration is a tradition in the United States. Many people love to dress up as something or someone that they love or is totally creepy. People really go all out. One thing is present everywhere, and that is costume creativity.

Image courtesy of @TrentVincent11/Twitter

While most people choose to create or buy costumes of fictional or fantasy characters, this mom had a different idea. She decided to dress up as her own son. What a polite and creative way to tell your grown child you think he is weird!

The mom that peed on the floor

We’re not all lucky to have mothers who have a great sense of humor and have no issues laughing at their own expense. Especially the ones approaching or going through hormonal changes such as menopause and are able to make jokes about it.

Image courtesy of @ncteaser/Twitter

But Annerz here, as she tweets, is one of the lucky ones, and we bet her mom is a lot of fun and crack many jokes when he is feeling giddy. It’s obvious from this tweet that there are no moments of boredom with this mom in the house, that’s for sure!

The ultimate creative parenting fail

These sweet kids, especially the little girl, seem very disappointed, to say the least, and not only that. When time is short, last-minute solutions are a must. However, these solutions require a little bit of thinking out-of-the-box creativity, which is definitely out there.

Image courtesy of @Joe Heenan/Twitter

Yes, this is out-of-the-box verbatim. But is it creative? Well, the kids obviously didn’t agree, and you can’t blame them. We bet time was really a big issue here. At least these parents came up with something. Better than nothing…

This mamma has a point…

As funny and humorous as it may sound, the response to her son’s complaint about her not invading his privacy does actually have a point if taken literally. We bet he didn’t see that one coming before he said it.

Image courtesy of @Thiago Jota/Twitter

Let’s hope this guy has learned a lesson. Think twice and choose your words carefully if you want your mom to take you seriously. After all, moms sometimes just have those overly sensitive moments when their kids seem grown up too soon.

Way to go for this truthful mom

Parenting has never been easy, and all phases that kids go through have their own different challenges that parents must handle. It’s often hard to look at things realistically and objectively and put your fears and worries aside.

Image courtesy of @Tayhannon/Twitter

Some of the worst parenting mistakes are made through emotionally biased and inflexible decisions that eventually backfire. This mom overcame her own parenting weaknesses and used humor to share how she feels but still do the right thing in the end.

It’s not always the toddlers that embarrass us, but our parenting fails

Parenting toddlers often leaves you physically exhausted, especially if you have more kids and other duties such as work and errands. After a busy exhausting day, you can’t wait to hit the bed or at least put your feet up for some rest.

Image courtesy of @Sarah Dempster/Twitter

Patience and an agreeable positive attitude remain top priority, and everything goes when you have a toddler, as long as they are safe. Toddlers love unfamiliar objects. They can come up with creative works of art using mommy’s “bathroom stickers.”

When you mistakenly think your mom misses you

When you move out of your family home, it still takes some getting used to it no matter how much you were excited about it beforehand. It’s comforting to keep in touch on a regular basis with your family.

It’s even more comforting when your parents tell you they miss you, or mom sends you a note to show the love. Well, that’s what this young person was hoping for, at least, but mum was just playing around with her new messaging app.

Sometimes it’s not home sweet home

Sometimes, parents reach a certain age where they let loose completely and even go a bit wild and wacky, too. Perhaps they want to relive certain amazing past-times they loved, or they want to do something they’ve always wanted to.

Image courtesy of @uglyshinigami/Twitter

Juliet must have thought her parents had gone completely bonkers when she came to visit her family after a few months after she moved out. The doormat is hilarious and bold, to say the least. The jars though… well, we’ll leave you guessing!

That poor poodle…

It’s actually pretty hard to not feel sad for this poor little poodle. After all, animals have fur to protect them from the cold, heat, and other outdoor elements, just like we humans have clothes and shoes to protect us.

Image courtesy of @Delayni Johnson/Twitter

For this poor furball, going outside with her paws shaved is like going out barefoot with no socks and no shoes for this poor furball. That can be a great thing in the summer when the weather is warm and dry. Let’s hope her owner knows what she’s doing.

Teen nostalgic daddio

This dad has decided to stay young at heart. After all, who said that when you’re old things always have to be all serious, and you can’t enjoy the fun, little things you enjoyed when you were much younger.

Image courtesy of @Louis Keene/Twitter

We think Louis here should be proud of his dad for having the personal freedom to choose his preferences to his liking instead of worrying if something is age-appropriate or if others may judge or make fun of his choices. It looks like he could care less.

The oddly sneaky mom

Dale’s mom here is probably a mom who’s fun and entertaining to be around, at least it seems so. Besides her sneaky boldness, she doesn’t seem to mind being caught red-handed on camera and published on her son’s social media.

Image courtesy of @Dale Delrosario/Twitter

Many parents in different cultures would be so embarrassed and furious with their children for capturing them at awkward moments, especially for sharing that in public. Way to go for this mom’s individual freedom! She will do what she wants!

Mom from Harry Potter

Drako here is complaining about something he personally considers unnecessary or useless. But, if he looked at it from his mother’s perspective, with a bit more open-mindedness, he would see the positive side to it and maybe even a laugh.

Image courtesy of @Drako Tsunami/Twitter

Dear Drako, your mom is adding a touch of her own style and uniqueness to your home. That’s something that will remain as a special memory of your home and your mother one day when they’re gone. Cherish that!

The economically conscious dad

We’re not very sure if this dad has a lot of spare time on his hands, or if he’s actually always been a very financially conscious person, to say the least. Whatever the case, we didn’t even know you could swap small dried fruits at the supermarket.

Is that really possible? Or is dad here trying to pull a prank on someone? If you’re as curious as we are, why not try it yourself. We dare you! If you do, we’d love to hear your outcomes. And if we do, we’ll make sure to write about it in a future post.

The bowling shoes saga

Judging by this dad’s messages, many years have passed since he rented these bowling shoes. His son is not a twelve-year-old anymore, but probably a grown-up, young adult. It’s nice to revisit special memories of joyful childhood times.

But, mowing the lawn in bowling shoes is something else. Pretty weird and wacky, we’d say. But, poor dad probably had a hard time finding anything else to wear for mowing the lawn, so he went ahead and used the shoes he found.

The eccentric parents

There are different types of parents and parenting styles. But one of the most common parenting features that always sticks out is the extreme parental glorification of their young or adult children. However, this next one is something no one expected.

Image courtesy of @TheMartinShow/Twitter

It’s natural human behavior for parents to take pride in their kids, as long as it’s not exaggerated to the point that it becomes a burden to others and the kids. Do the Flores miss their son or are they being eccentric?

Overly protective dad freaks out

Daddy’s little princess is always daddy’s little princess. Even when she’s a fully grown woman ready to get married, this young woman’s guy was doing his best to propose to his girl in a special and romantic way. However, her dad had other ideas…

Image courtesy of @allison_barron/Twitter

How did dad get there and how did he know their location? We have absolutely no idea. But, what we do know for sure, as it’s obvious in these photos, is that dad is freaking out about his little princess getting married.

A mom with fairly odd company

Some of us don’t enjoy human company, except for the closest family members such as our children or siblings and perhaps a close friend. But, when none of them are there, we prefer the company of something else…

Image courtesy of that1nkyone.tumblr.com

For most anti-social folks, a pet such as a dog or a cat, or any other animal you can think of are the usual choices. But for others, the choices are a strange variety indeed. This mom created a companion to her own liking, which was a dressed-up skeleton!

Moms impersonating sons

Some moms don’t get the point or the fun in their sons’ preferences or activities. But other moms do, to a certain point. But, they still find the young male’s behavior weird and funny, trying their best not to criticize them.

Image courtesy of thedaddest.com

So they set up witty impersonations of their sons. When acted out by the moms, they really do look wacky and hilarious. Now that’s what we call positive and humorous parenting! We bet the sons got a kick out of it too.

From smothering your kids to smothering your dog

Now, we wonder if this mom just can’t help but care enormously for her loved ones. In this case, her kids are obviously fully grown, so the doggy gets all the attention and care, which we are sure he loves.

Image courtesy of themuse.com

Aspen here is very well taken care of. Yes, a bit too much, we agree. But mom just can’t help herself, we guess, and Aspen doesn’t seem to mind the extra love and care either. She looks comfy in the flashy pink scarf.

A mother’s got to be straight honest with her grown kids

A real friend is an honest friend. And who’s a better friend than your own mother. Although moms sometimes tend to exaggerate things, they always tell us the well-needed truth whether we like it or not. That, for a lot of kids, is priceless.

Image courtesy of firstpost.com

Now, if you’re a mature person, whether young or a fully grown adult, you’ll take into consideration your mom’s statements or advice no matter how critical or useless they may seem, you never know…Parents have been through a lot more stuff than we have.

Some parents have odd ways of showing their love

Okay, so we’re not going to discuss the decision on why these parents went to Disneyland with their dog. The reasons could be so many we will be guessing all day. But, since their daughter shares this image, we do wonder what is going through her head?

Image courtesy of @cutiechaser_/Twitter

Why is the doggy getting his caricature drawn all by herself? Pretty weird if you ask us for our opinion. You can’t help but wonder if her parents only took the dog along. But, if you look a bit closer, perhaps you can find the clue as to why they don’t want to be drawn.

When moms aren’t used to virtual communication

This mom here is a newbie to modern technology communication. So, certain phrases and features have a verbatim meaning to her. She doesn’t know this statement was just about the Whatsapp group. However, parents usually learn the hard way when it comes to technology.

Image courtesy of @Dave McGinn/Twitter

Dave didn’t consider his mom’s sensibility and lack of knowledge in the virtual communication sphere. With best intentions, he just wanted to let his mom know about the WhatsApp family group. However, her response was genius and hilarious.

The dad’s way…

If your parents fall somewhere into the baby boomers generation, they’re probably not that tech-savvy, and you might, in fact, be totally used to their bloopers and many questions when it comes to using computers and modern technology in today’s world.

Image courtesy of Imgur

Speaking of bloopers, can you imagine a dad who owned a family business. During his conversation with a business associate, he wanted to say that his internet connection wasn’t working properly, and instead, he said his email wasn’t working. Lol, hilarious excuse, dad.

Whem your mom has more compassion for a monkey

Okay, so you’ve only recently moved away from home. And well, even though you’ve long desired that step in your life, you’re feeling kinda lonely, so you send your mom a message in hopes of receiving some loving encouragement…

But, instead of motherly loving and encouragement, your mom is so heart-stricken by the picture of a cute, lonely baby monkey that she misses your point and feels sorry for the monkey, forgetting that you’re probably missing home.

Well, a dog is a man’s best friend after all…

This dad is so connected to his best buddy, the family dog, that he’s become his number one priority and is always the first to get what he wants! Even if that means sitting in the front of the car while the rest of the family is in the back.

Image courtesy of @spaghemily/Twitter

One might agree that this dad’s best canine buddy makes for the perfect company as a co-driver. Who knows what the reason is. Perhaps he helps this dad keep calm and avoid road rage, or dad likes to chat to him while driving, more than his wife or kids.

When you’re home only to eat or sleep…

We’ve all been through those moments in life as teens or young adults living at home with our parents, but never actually being at home, except to sleep and perhaps sometimes eat every now and then when it’s convenient for us.

Image courtesy of Reddit

Most of us have heard these types of comments from our parents. Or, if you’re parents yourselves, you might make similar remarks, too. We don’t blame you. But, this dad used his creativity in the form of sarcasm and humor to get his point across.

How’s this for creative parenting tricks?

Some may argue that parental bribery isn’t a brilliant approach to raising your kids. Well, the positive parenting approach commends the use of creativity as much as possible. This mom deserves kudos for her use of creativity and imagination.

Image courtesy of justsomething.co

Another way to call this is game-play style parenting. Kids enjoy playing games, and even if they initially don’t seem to like the idea, they will feel accomplished after successful completion, which does wonders for their self-confidence and character development.

Young at heart…

This mom is totally cool and awesome. She has the freedom and confidence to be herself and not feel like an oldie who doesn’t know how to have fun and enjoy herself. We think her teen should be proud of her.

Image courtesy of @Avery_Leilani/Twitter

And anyone who thinks differently and makes assumptions, judgments, and negative remarks about this inspiring mom who actually looks absolutely fabulous among these young sportsmen should know that that’s their own issue. We love this mom’s carefree attitude.

Creative freedom is taught by example

Here’s another awesome and inspiring example of creative and fun parenting. Besides the creativity, this woman is an inspiring example of boldness and self-confidence for the children who are lucky to have her. We bet they have a lot of fun together.

Image courtesy of thedaddest.com

Yes, we also agree this is a legendary woman, indeed. Although, we do wonder what her awesomely creative ideas and shows from past holidays and events looked like. We’d love to be able to see them. Aren’t you curious?

A beautiful example of personal freedom

These parents rock, that’s for sure. Personal freedom and the capacity to joke at one’s own expense is a true reflection of a free-spirited soul and some very sound and stable self-esteem and sense of self, which is important to model to kids.

Image courtesy of @Paige Alban/Twitter

Way to go, Paige’s dad, and kudos! Your humor is refreshing to us all. You really are an inspiration to all of us because you prove that we don’t always have to take things so seriously. It’s fun to lighten up and use some humor instead of complaining.

Mom experimenting with interior design

We’re actually wondering if this mom has watched a movie set in the romantic ages of the Baroque period, or has this odd idea just popped into her head as a good invention for the bathtub. Who knows. We have so many questions.

Image courtesy of @Malaikatu/Twitter

Whatever the case may be, we can only imagine how the rest of the family reacted when they first tried to step into the bathtub. That’s a whole lot of curtains going on here. This must have been one heck of a task putting them up.

33. When your mom has more humor than you do

This is what you get for trying to be funny making chauvinist jokes at the expense of your mother and women in general. Way to go, mama Jackson, your son will think twice the next time he tries being chauvinistically funny.

Image courtesy of grownandflown.com

This is a great example of healthy anti-stereotypical parenting through humor and anti-gender-based provocation. Boys, be aware of cracking jokes based on gender. You never know when your mom or a feminist is watching, which could spark a heated debate.

Teaching with tough love

Perhaps Conan forgot to consider the age of his kids when he tried teaching his toddlers about taxes. Nope, it’s probably the tasty ice-cream temptation that took over. Taxes were just an easy excuse for this dad to eat more ice cream without paying for it.

Image courtesy of @ConanOBrien/Twitter

This funny dad probably realized how bad his excuse was for eating his kid’s ice cream that he had to make fun of himself publically. Let’s hope he also made up for the eaten ice cream and bought his kids a brand new ice cream cone.

Raising confident kids who can laugh at their own expense

Some folks might not find this way of joking around with their kids funny. However, it’s hilarious and healthy parenting to raise your kids with a free-spirited sense of humor because it’s a brilliant way of instilling self-confidence.

Image courtesy of @banter claus/Twitter

If you’re one of these types of people who don’t find this funny, ask yourself, do you have issues with laughing at your own expense? If you do, this is probably due to a lack of confidence and personal insecurities. Get over it and be free!

This dad refuses to grow up

It’s so refreshing to see an older man and father become excited like a little child. Awakening your inner childlike spirit is a great way to keep a healthy mental and physical state even when you hit your retirement years.

Image courtesy of @trevenant/Tumblr

Perhaps Trevenant here still finds his father’s behavior pretty odd and peculiar, because when you’re young, you’re always doing everything you can to seem mature. However, the older you get, the more you realize the blessing of a playful spirit.

Gee dad, glad our dog made you proud if I didn’t

Savannah has probably made her parents proud numerous times, but the dog hasn’t. So we guess it’s his time to shine and be the star of the family for at least a little while. Lighten up Savannah, why so serious! It’s just a dog.

Image courtesy of @Savannah Falkenburg/Twitter

If you look at this dad’s statement only superficially, you might be tempted to misjudge him for a lack of parental sensibility and crudeness. However, he’s been trying to get the dog to win this competition for many years, obviously.

Online shopping gone bad

Online shopping has had its pros and cons since its beginnings. One of the major cons being that you can never be sure enough what will really arrive in the post and if it’s the same as the shop image.

Image courtesy of  buzzfeednews.com

Even to this very day and the times in which we’re living where everything is digital, and huge advancements in technology are achieved every year, errors such as these bloopers are still possible. Well, at least this one was pretty funny.

When divorced parents make their relationship work

Graham is horrified by the bizarre communication his divorced parents have created. However, we are actually pretty intrigued. At least they are managing to find a mutual and agreeable language to get along instead of staying bitter towards each other.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This is better than no communication at all, or even worse, a constant cat and mouse war between mom and dad, which causes harm to the entire family and leaves long-term consequences and even pain, especially for the kids involved.

Older parents staying young at heart

These parents are such a brilliant inspiration to all of us, young and old alike. As we mentioned earlier in one of the posts, maintaining a playful ad childlike spirit does wonders for your health and your children.

Image courtesy of bornrealist.com

Kudos to these two amazing oldies here. We’re pretty sure they were so inspiring and encouraging in their upbringing of their now-adult children. Now it’s time for their kids to return the favor! Although, these parents seem just fine and dandy on their own.

A daddy trying to make his grounded daughter cheer up

Although this is pretty darn sarcastic, this dad uses humor and sarcasm in a pretty creative way to help his daughter overcome a difficult moment of suffering consequences of her own choices and realize the lesson she should learn.

Image courtesy of @bailee/Twitter

This dad deserves credit for his unique and creative parenting efforts. Let’s hope his daughter realizes this too and is grateful for having such an awesome father who is willing to think out of the box for his parenting lessons and actions.

This mom really loves her cat

Well, the big old kittie probably deserves this cake. She seems pretty old and has probably been with the family for a long time. So, credits to mom for her effort, no matter how weird she may come off.

Image courtesy of Traidor/Pinterest

This mom’s kids, other family members, and friends may find her effort to make a cake resembling her cat as a bizarre and wacky thing to do. But we actually think it’s pretty cute and loving. Cats deserve attention, too.

Drunk daddy needs help…

Although overdrinking is considered bad, especially if it’s done too often and if it negatively affects the drinker, an occasional drinking ramble can be a fun and positive release to recharge. Especially if the drinker is amusing, like this dad.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Once again, a healthy and stable state of one’s mind is crucial here. If you’re drinking to let go and have fun occasionally, all is well, but drinking to drown sorrow is a very unhealthy means of escape. But, we’re not worried about this daddio.

Shining or whining?

Sometimes little children fail to understand their parents for real, but a lot of the time, especially when they are super young, they simply love to pretend that they don’t understand in order to get the desired attention or their own way.

Image courtesy of @divergentmama/Twitter

As bad and frustrating as these moments with kids can be, the key to overcoming these moments in the best way possible is using humor, just like this mom here did. Keep your cool. Laugh it off! This is the only way kids will get over themselves.

Let’s hope the teachers have a sense of humour!

Let’s hope a teacher doesn’t have a drinking issue for real because they would most probably take this as a serious provocation to their personal life and private problems, which they prefer to hide from their students as well as friends and family.

Image courtesy of @dripped out muppet/Twitter

But we’re pretty sure these parents know their child’s teachers well enough. Whichever the case, we found this hilarious because it actually makes fun of both sides, the student and the teachers, too. We bet most teachers loved these gifts.