40+ Things That Will Make Anyone Say “Take My Money”

By Aileen D

Forget the sales pitch. This stuff, alone, will make you want to click add to cart. Of course, finding them online is another thing. But not to worry, like us, you would do anything to secure a list of these things for your house. From giant crocheted Snorlaxes to a rocking chair fit for four kids, it seems like these items should be considered absolute essentials. Now, what’s the hoopla about these things? For one, life would be so much easier and way more fun if you had them. One giant Snorlax would do wonders for your mental health. Second, you get ultimate bragging rights. You would be the envy of your friends for having a firepit that hailed from Mount Doom. Lastly, you might be doing the environment some good if you used Desserto (cacti leather) for leather bags, belts, and purses. Now prep your debit cards and stretch that pointy finger. We will be pressing add to cart in a couple of minutes.

Be The Sleeping Pokemon

If you are a Pokemon fan, then you will absolutely love this. Might we add, this item is perfect for calming your nerves. It only took Amina of Knot Again a couple of months to crochet this six-foot-long bean bag. But there’s no denying that all that time spent was put to good use.

Image Courtesy of CYBER son / Reddit

Reckon how much this costs? Oh, it’s just 3500 USD. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s a small price to pay for our mental health. Imagine cozying up to Snorlax after a tiresome day. Not only can you train your Pokemon to fight in the pits, but you can also snuggle with him at bedtime!

Explosive Morning!

No, that’s not a science project. That, ladies and gentlemen, is actually a lamp! If we had that by our bedside, we would probably leave our light on the whole night. We might even go so far as enclosing it in a glass case. Because, who wouldn’t want to touch that fiery steam?

Image Courtesy of Miha Brani / Reddit

It doesn’t matter what age you are. We are certain you will want one in the house. It’s a great conversation starter amongst people. What do you think a nuclear explosion would look like? Because no words can describe it. But show them this, and they will stare in breathtaking awe.

Prickly Is In Season

These guys found a way to appease fashionistas and environmentalists alike. Instead of using hide as material for bags and purses, they successfully transformed cacti skin into leather. They have called it Desserto. Not to worry, cacti leather is actually soft and smooth to touch.

Image Courtesy of Nicole Zizi / Twitter

The great thing about these bags is that you can discard them once they go out of fashion. They are biodegradable – without any hint of plastic. The public absolutely stans this leather alternative! Since these geniuses have gone public, there has been a demand for 500,000 linear meters of Desserto each month!

A Worthy King

Take comfort in the knowledge that you are indeed worthy. On days you don’t feel like it, you will have this key to remind you that you, and you alone, had been chosen to rule your king/queendom. Defend the citadel. Protect your citizens and harness the powers your Excalibur affords you.

Image Courtesy of niall 3214 / Reddit

Now, opening the doors will never feel the same way again. Every time you thrust this key in and turn the lock, it will feel like you are pulling the sword from the stone. Knights will kneel before you, and dames will curtsy. You have a gifted a great responsibility. Long live the King! Long live the King!

Learn A New Word or Two

Hate sharing your water bottle, but can’t say no to friends or family? Then this is perfect for you! Fill it with water (or juice) and then place it on top of your table. Bet your snoopy friends will turn it over and read the label. That, alone, will make them drop it in fright

Image Courtesy of CJ Psalm 139 / Reddit

Diaphoresis, micturition, and acute tissue hydration are basically fancy (medical) terms for sweating, urination, and adequate hydration. So there’s really no need for you to be concerned But tell your friends that you’re unwell and that you’re in dire need of dihydrogen monoxide (Water is made up of two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. Remember H2O?). We are confident they will buy their own drinks.

Perfect for Christmas

Anyone wouldn’t want to get charcoal for Christmas. But to get our hands on some of these, we just might start being really naughty. We might even go so far as writing a list of all the things we had done wrong to give to Santa. Santa, please, we’ve been a naughty kid all-year long. Now how about giving me this sack of this coal.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / reddit

As the embers fizz out, guests poke at decaying skulls and wonder if they had seen correctly. Did you see Samantha? Could you tell me if that is what I think it is? They turn to have someone else take a look. Both swallow the lump in their throat. I think we should get our coats. Beat Samantha to it before she uses us for warmth.

Licensed Driver

It’s funny how there are so many licensed drivers who can’t park. It seems to us that that should have been covered in Driver’s Ed 101. Now, now… we hadn’t meant to hurt your feelings. In case you belong to the detestable few, someone had thought of parking these lines up the wall – just so you can park like a pro.

Image courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Now, there’s no reason for anyone to take up two parking spaces or to park over the lines. Neither do they have to rely on rearview and sidecar mirrors. No craning. No busting one’s neck. This makes you look like you deserve your license.

Under the Sea

AweSamNeptune couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked out the car. She saw a squid propelling itself through the air. She strained her eyes and craned her neck. She saw the barest shine of a string keeping the squid in tow.

Image Courtesy of Pool Shark Pete / Reddit

It’s a good thing that there were no other creatures in sight. Just imagine if that squid encountered a plane. It will either rely on camouflage or black ink to thwart that plane off. Airline pilots would speak into the radio com we have zero visibility. Repeat. We have zero visibility.

Best Wishes On Your Birthday

If you are running out of gift ideas for a birthday celebrant, the failsafe idea is to give them some money. You would still want to present it in a way that showed you had given this token some thought. So how about using this gift card! Just don’t give it to your manager at work.

Image Courtesy of Xyrdurth 1/ Reddit

Now, this is perfect for wisecracks and meme addicts. This might be the most valuable gift card they had ever received yet. You could write a note on it to add a personalized touch. After all, you’ll only give them one of these once a year.

No More Boogeyman

Bedtime was our least favorite part of the day. Not that we didn’t like sleeping as kids. But waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to go to the bathroom was terrifying! Don’t believe us? Just what is lurking under the bed? Will we able to run for mommy’s room if we see the Boogeyman? We can’t count the number of times we decided to rather hold it in! But not anymore…

Image Courtesy of cykablya 7-1337 / Reddit

See, if you want to make a trip to the bathroom, all you have to do is cup one ball from this extra-terrestrial lamp and then carry it with you. It gives off enough light for you to see where you’re walking. But it is dim enough to reduce eye glare, especially after you have woken from sleep. Now, the Boogeyman won’t be frequenting dark spaces.

The Perfect Headline

A lot of people rely on shock-and-awe to captivate the audience’s attention. But that often isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. So this company chose to rely on basics to draw attention. They mass-produced this hat with an alarming feature in sight – color.

Image Courtesy of Homosexual Penguin / Reddit

Now, we are basically primed to look at red. Red signs, red warnings, the red light as if to say pay attention, you or someone’s life might be in danger. And in this case, it looks similar to another famous red cap. So please do your best to spread the message, and more importantly, suppress racially motivated violence.

Look What I Found

If you and your kids are the types to frequent beaches, then best buy this sand mold for them. Trust us, there won’t be a dull moment during your next family outing to the shore. You and your kids will probably shock and startle every unsuspecting tourist. Look what we found!

Image Courtesy of Taylor Roddin / Reddit

Guests will stare wide-eyed at the ghoulish skeleton staring at them. Had it been that old that it had turned into dust? They look at you and back at the skeleton. Your child quips; maybe you should report this to the local authorities. The guest stammers, yeah, I guess you’re right. And he hesitantly moves towards the lifeguard. As quickly as your kid had built it, your kid kicks his feet at the sand skeleton and lays the ghoul to rest.

Spice Up Reality TV

MTV needs a revamp. Viewer ratings might increase if they feature this reality show. We absolutely stan the idea. And if they were to continue with it, we think that only mama’s boys should qualify for the game. How come? It’s bound to be every mama’s boy’s nightmare.

Image Courtesy of Sam cahn runs / Twitter

Oh, we can just imagine the shock etched all over their mum’s faces, before they throw up their hands and meekly cover their faces with them. It seems like Johnny Boy will need a good old spanking with her shoe. After all, that DM wasn’t a nice thing to say, Mister. Now, what have you to say to this nice, pretty girl right here?

Oriental Dining

Kids absolutely love this! When dining out, anyone from the family might suggest eating Chinese cuisine. Of course, if you’re spending a lot of money, you would want to enjoy the full oriental experience. Tables clothed in red. Menus are ridden with herbs and spiced soups. And sauce dishes reveal exquisite paintings.

Image Courtesy of aliciam_d / Reddit

Imagine filling that dish up and that watching the image grow clearer by the drip of soy. You wouldn’t want to overdo it. Otherwise, you might not be able to see the image. But it makes for a delightful experience on a Saturday night out. Now, how does Asian food sound?

Buy Yourself Some Privacy

Just because you’re camping in the woods doesn’t mean you wont want or need some “me” time. That can be particularly helpful if you arent in your sleeping bag alone or if you want to take uninterrupted sleep. Now, that is possible with this nifty tent.

Image Courtesy of Catt reddit / Reddit

The great thing about this family tent is that you’re sleeping just beside your mum and dad. But you get to read in the dark without having to wake them up from light sleep. Now, go ahead. Turn on that night lamp and finish the last chapter of R.L. Stine’s Night of the Living Dummy.

An Atlas of Colors

This is a sight for sore eyes. Not only is this color atlas book relaxing, but it’s a great way to explain to friends why you keep wearing the same black shirt. Have them sit before you as you flip your thumb across the pages. The book, itself, will explain that there are just as many shades of black as there are colors in the rainbow.

Image Courtesy of Anti Christ Offer /Reddit

But what are these books for, exactly? You can match printed color chips, shirts, and patches with the hue, value, and saturation of colors in the book. After all, the specificity of color design is a big tell in the fashion and entertainment industry. Just imagine telling the mechanic that you want your sports car painted 5.0 Green 6.7 / 11.2!

Wash and Dry Dishes Easily

We know. It doesn’t look like there is anything special with this dish rack. But take a look at its legs, and you will see what it can afford you. To be more specific, it allows you to place those dishes over the sink so that you wouldn’t have to wipe away the liquid pool underneath. All you have to do is wash, rinse and let dry!

Image Courtesy of Norcan 987 / Reddit

Now, tell us you wouldn’t want this in your kitchen. Exactly! We have just clicked add to cart. With those wide-set legs, you can place this dish rack over any conventional kitchen sink. If yours is a tad bit smaller, then simply make sure that the dish rack itself is directly above your sink.

Straight From the Pits of Hell

It looks like one of the fallen angels had paid this family a visit. They had gifted them a simple token to show them that their souls were bound to the god down under. It’s guaranteed to keep you from shivering in the cold, having come straight from the pits of hell.

Image courtesy of Pepe Le Meme / Reddit

Now, all that’s left are some skulls to feed the fire. When hosting a party, a bonfire would go well with Disturbed’s Indestructible playing in the background. We suggest that you host a council meeting with generals and admirals when you are planning the next world to seize.

Corner Floor Lamp

This minimalist floor lamp is perfect for tight spaces and one-bedroom apartments. It doesn’t take up much space. Just place it at the corner of the room and watch the LED lights flash a mood of colors. In case you’re wondering, it’s entirely remote-controlled. So when you feel like watching the aurora borealis from the bed, all you have to do is punch the dials.

Image Courtesy of actually oh / Reddit

So many people had wanted to buy one. But having a rad design, it boasted a price tag of 175 USD. Minimalist corner light? No, thanks. We’ll just live in darkness. You could try to create your own. It might cost you a quarter of the price.

When You Need Some Alone Time

There are things we prefer to do in private. Whether it’s practicing a speech, practicing self-care, or watching explicit content, it has to be enjoyed within the privy of our own space. Good thing this remote is tailor-made for people like us. See, it lets you listen to the TV without having to get off the couch.

Image courtesy of superp0rk / Reddit

All you have to do is plug in your earphones in the socket on the side of the remote. Then choose content as you see fit. Now, you won’t wake anyone up while watching a horror movie. All those fake scares, thuds, and quick cuts shake the walls of our house. But with this device, watching has gotten quieter.

Waking Up In Minecraft

This classic game reminds us of the 90s. But until now, players find it pretty addicting. You can do almost anything you want in this virtual reality. It’s a non-competitive game. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to look at your friend’s sandbox and compare yours and his every now and then. Oh, if only we could wake up to Minecraft.

Image Courtesy of himalite / Reddit

With this window, you can get the feeling of waking up in Minecraft reality. That scenic background almost begs us to wonder, what kind of life would we want to live today? If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. So how about it? Get to the shower and start living the life you have always dreamed for yourself.

Zen Writing

This is perfect for readers and writers alike. We tend to lose time doing what we love best. For us, reading and writing can be meditative… once you get into the flow. With a warm cup of tea in hand and our laptop before us, we can write and edit drafts for hours on end. Like any meditative practice, this is best done sitting cross-legged.

Image Courtesy of mastodonte88 / Reddit

Now, how about it? You might need to do a little stretching beforehand. But it’s nothing a couple of seconds of Yoga can’t cure. Besides, sitting cross-legged can actually improve blood circulation and reduce tension within the body. In time, you will turn to writing and reading with meditative ease.

Holy Guacamole, Just What Is That?

It’s Friday night, and the missus thought of inviting close friends for dinner. She had prepped a full course and placed the plates on the table when the doorbell rang. Oh hello dear! What a nice dress you’re wearing. Then the missus ushered the guests into the kitchen. Just a foot into the room, they recoiled at the sight before them. Its arms were sprawled out and waiting to latch at anything. Holy guacamole, just what is that?!

Image Courtesy of anyamin / Reddit

Just a chandelier, really. What do you think about it? Her guests try to calm their nerves. To be fair, seeing this hoisted up before us might dim our appetite. But you have to give credit to the artist. It’s actually beautiful once you get used to it.

Need To Blow Some Steam?

There have been a lot of nifty kitchen tools that have made cooking easier and engaging. Our kids say so! Keep yourself from getting nicks by using a vegetable dicer. Make breakfast on the run (like the English do) with an electric breakfast sandwich maker. And lastly, use that steam to your advantage with this pot cover.

Image courtesy of Woman Not A Girl / Reddit

That should help make the dish cook faster. This cover traps off the heat and allows the air to recirculate without letting the soup overflow. You wouldn’t have to worry about this lid melting all over your pot. It is made of silicone. Once it hisses, you are certain that this steamboat will ferry its way to your dining table.

*Cue Grunt

How would your friends react if they saw a sea lion resting on top of your chaise lounge? They would probably do a double-take. Is that what I think it is? You turn to look at what they are pointing and say, Yep, it is what you think it is. Wait until you hear it grunt! Well, to be fair, the only grunt you will hear is that coming out from your throat as you rest your head on this blob seal pillow.

Image Courtesy of Pante Lima / Reddit

It is the perfect squishy toy or hug buddy for all occasions. It’s 16 inches long and can be given to kids and adults alike. If you want to purchase yours, search Osaka Blob Seal Plush Pillow on Amazon. Prices range from 14 USD to 40 USD. Pretty low price to pay for mental stability, right?

Parenting Done Right

Parents might have their kids share the same room and sleep in bunk beds to conserve some space. We know how difficult climbing those rails can get. There’s always a risk for falls. Any parent would be tempted to have their kids bunk on the bed in the bottom. But who would want to cramp themselves in a bed made for one?

Image Courtesy of Nintendude 3386 / Reddit

We have to applaud this couple who had this bunk bed custom-made. They have reduced the risk for falls and made it easy for their kids to get to the top bunk. Now putting their kids to sleep has become so much more manageable.

Bottoms Up!

Ever since these double-walled glasses were marketed, we couldn’t wait to replace our entire set with them. These have a temperature preservation function. That means you can pour in chilled drinks or hot tea without worrying that they will lose the perfect sipping temperature. Neither will the outer layer “sweat.” That’s less risk for spills and clean-ups.

Image Courtesy of Harionago / Reddit

Lately, double-glassed walls had been marketed with these designs. You could have We Bare Bears, Shiba dogs, or penguins congratulate you as you down the drink. A word of warning – we wouldn’t suggest that you turn the full glass upside down to see the design properly. But do that after finishing the drink.

Going To The Market?

So many Reddit users couldn’t stop commenting about how they needed cake. After all, this vintage metal grocery list is telling them it’s a household essential. From the looks of it, this grocery list is rather old. It might have been used by women before the Second World War when it was common courtesy to offer guests tea, coffee, and cake!

Image Courtesy of tony Bologna / Reddit

We can mouth a number of people who might find this metal grocery list useful. Since it’s reusable, you can wedge it in your wallet. Take it out with you during your weekly run. Flick the tabs as you see fit. Is your pantry filled with this? Do the refrigerator shelves need restocking? Now, buying groceries has become much easier.

Create Your Own Fixtures

After seeing this image, you will want to buy a 3-D printer. Designs like this will make you stare in disbelief and probably have you rubbing your eyes. In case you don’t want to recreate the look, you could always order the Shadowbrook Bathroom 3D Faucet from DVX. In case you’re wondering, it’s made entirely of metal.

Image Courtesy of I could not in da name / Reddit

Its price tag will make you stop to reconsider, though. Set at a whopping 18,360 USD, it almost seems like a rich man’s commodity. Not to mention the water bill hike after staring fixedly at the flow of liquid metal. There are other 3D modern faucet designs we absolutely love. And just like this, they are made of stainless steel.

From Comedic to Scary

It seems that up until now, Rowan Atkinson is giving people a bucket load of laughs. He is most known as Mr. Bean, with his snuggly Teddy, expressive face, and comedic body movements. This ageless, timeless character continues to entertain in comedies. But there’s no mistaking this face as Mr. Bean.

Image Courtesy of wroetoshaw / Twitter

We know that Mr. Bean is a harmless character. But seeing a life-size cut-out of him greeting you in the door will definitely give you a scare. It’s completely unexpected! And that face of his isn’t doing us a favor. As much as we love this character, we might just boot him out of the house!

Some Mistakes Are Worth Making

Twitter user @bandaidknees had made an interesting discovery online. She was trying to browse for ballet slippers online. It’s a hobby she had always wanted to take up. But that interest quickly waned when she accidentally typed battle slippers. Do those even exist?

Image Courtesy of bandaidknees/ Twitter

Call it serendipity. But there are some mistakes worth making. It’s a good thing auto-correct hadn’t meddled with her affairs. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have discovered this pair of tanks making their way across the national territory. Within minutes of browsing, she knew it was only imperative that she secure a few of her own for the protection of her state!

A New Way to Skate

Forget figure-skating or roller-blading! This is the new way to skate. Simply kneel over these knee pads, recoil, adjust your trajectory and wait for takeoff. It’s perfect for handyman projects or for kids at heart! Imagine having your dog pulling you across the room in this makeshift sled.

Image Courtesy of Gallow Blow / Reddit

If you are using it for a handyman project, be sure to steady yourself as you drill down screws or hammer on nails. As much as this affords you mobility across the floor, there’s also a greater risk that you might botch up the fixtures. You are also at greater risk for hammering your fingers.

Needed This On the Countdown to 2020

Everyone thought that 2020 was going to be their year. After all, there’s something motivating about making new year’s resolutions. A couple of months into 2020, that optimism was quickly deflated. It had been a disaster, one after another. And everyone just wanted to make it through the year.

Image courtesy of Bringer of the Rain / Reddit

If 2020 were a party, it would have been riddled with messages like this. On the flip side, these abusive balloons aren’t just perfect for pandemics. These are perfect for a cynic or a pessimist’s birthday bash. You might just humor them. If any, these balloons are guaranteed to inflate their ego.

Read Us A Bedtime Story

Remember when as kids, we would beg granddaddy to tell us a bedtime story. We would dash for his lap because there wasn’t much room on the rocking chair to sit on. We didn’t want to sit on the floor. Forget that! Craning your neck to listen to granddad ruined the experience. It would have been so much better if we had this as kids.

Image Courtesy of Vitor Ma Gon / Reddit

It could sit around three to four children of nearly the same ages. Granddad would have to rock slowly. He wouldn’t want anyone falling out of that perch. But just to put you at ease, there’s a ledge that would cradle either kid’s legs to keep him/ her from falling out of the seat. Bedtime can’t get any better than this.

Want to Be Dormmates?

The semester is starting. For landlords and property owners, that’s a mining opportunity. They will place signages in front of the pad stating a two-bedroom apartment for lease. Inquire inside. It should be easy securing borders, especially if you have got a leased space such as this.

Image Courtesy of benjixinator / Reddit

Roommates can enjoy some privacy while sharing the flat. Whenever they need some help with their homework, all they have to do is walk a few steps over to the other side. Neither would have to worry about taking the bunk bed or securing a chair. Each space is nearly identical to the other.

Multi-purpose Furniture

This is a must for people who struggle to cram furniture inside their small apartments. The key is to choose multifunctional furniture pieces. Fortunately, this chair can function as a desk, a workspace, and a lounge, depending on your needs. You can even use it as a standing desk! If that doesn’t get you searching it online, we don’t know what will.

Image Courtesy of jxssss / Reddit

All you have to do is turn the piece as you see fit. The ChairPF was created by Daniel Diermeier, a designer based in Munich, Germany. It looks pretty simple. But trust us, his sketches beg otherwise. He had actually conducted research on faculty and students at the Pforzheim University. Based on their needs and daily requirements, he crafted this ingenious design.

Cookie Monster

Who doesn’t love cookies? You basically have to secure the fort when baking a batch of them. Otherwise, you might end up licking crumbles off the plate. To keep kitchen thievery, use this cookie cutter. It guarantees that the batch of cookies is baked fresh while you keep them all to yourself.

Image Courtesy of ad rock 716 / Reddit

You might be thinking; I can always just bite into cookies – leave bite marks on them to mark my territory. But that approach might leave your cookies stale and moldy after a couple of days. It’s not like you can consume the whole batch. This mold guarantees that no one will steal your fresh batch of cookies. Om nom!

You Will Never Go In The Water Again

This woman made headlines. She had been the unsuspecting victim of a shark attack. She was wading in the lapping sheets of water when she felt something bite her foot. The water around her turned red, and she tried moving her foot up the surfboard… to little avail. Fortunately, she was able to survive the attack and tell her story.

Image Courtesy of Be saad14 / Reddit

Now, if this were a shark attack, we might want to frequent the waters again. If anything, this shark bite would keep us from getting frostbite in the winter. Lounge around the house in comfort and style, knowing that a predator keeps you warm and nestles your feet.

How Does Tea Sound?

Imagine having to spend the afternoon with your favorite person and then feeling the forest grass beneath your feet. That might be not easy to do if you are living in the city. But with this moss garden coffee table, you could enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) with your buddy. Now, how about brewing some?

Image Courtesy of Puking Pixels / Reddit

You could order this online, or you could make one yourself. The grass moss doesn’t have to be enclosed within the table. An interesting alternative is to have it flow past the sides. You could find new inspiration online and recreate this coffee table that’s perfect for an indoor setting!

Living Room for Everyone

Give your cat some mountains to climb with these indoor playground designs. They will absolutely love it. What’s great about this house is that the highest shelf affords them a view of the outdoors. This should help preserve ceramics, family keepsakes, and picture frames on shelves.

Image Courtesy of Keep It Swol Some / Reddit

It doesn’t take much effort to create this for your apartment or house. But you would need to plan the design depending on the unused space you have within the room. Place those shelves away from tv sets, books, and lighting fixtures. That should make life easier for you and your fur child.

May the Force Be With You

Star Wars fans couldn’t help but take sides. Some sided with the empire, while the others gave allegiance to the Rebel Alliance. The empire noted that they had to create a failsafe weapon to advance their cause. They kept it in the quiet backyard of this man’s house. What had it been? The Death Star!

Image Courtesy of cmc335 / Reddit

This Death Star fire pit is a great conversation starter amongst fans, geeks, and Star War enthusiasts. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a noob when it comes to the franchise. Fans will fill you in on the details of Grand Moff Tarkin’s diabolical plan. The Death Star was meant to destroy an entire planet!

What’s Hanging?

This is another great piece of furniture inspired by the minimalist trend. It will only take up a couple of inches of space on your wall. You can turn it into a clothes rack, a wine rack, or a magazine holder. With these many pegs, it can carry your entire wardrobe.

Image Courtesy of Kat Of Soup / Reddit

In case you don’t have anything to hang onto it, all you have to do is press the pegs back into place securely. That’s it! Just flick or push according to your needs. But guess how much this costs. It will only cost you about 2000 euros. Good thing we don’t have many clothes.

Your Savings Account

In all the times we have used a piggy bank, we haven’t been able to fill it fully. A semester would end, and we would find ourselves hammering the piggy into pieces. Saving is hard. And failing to meet our money goals made us feel like failures.

Image Courtesy of bogleech / Reddit

Fortunately, you could shrink that piggy to accommodate your current financial status. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ten-year-old or an adult. We are certain you have got some change in your pocket. Fill that piggy up and take pride in the fact that you had been able to save some money!

Self-service for Pets

Like our kids, we have trained our pets to take care of themselves. After all, fur parents have to go to work every now and then. Before leaving, we often recite a list of things we have prepared for our fur children. I have prepped the food bowl for you. If anything happens, run to Emily. She will call for help. And if you get thirsty, just get some water from the kitchen tap. Now be a good girl and give mommy a kiss!

Image Courtesy of The Head and the Fart/ Reddit

To be honest, this watering hole seems fancier than our kitchen tap. It has a lever your fur child can easily turn with his/ her snout, and a sink to keep the water from pouring out of the dish bowl. It also accommodates your dog while he/she is drinking so no one will trip over him.

Forgetting Something?

This is a post-it of sorts. It is perfect for folks who are busy and are always on the run! When at work, you won’t have to fret about having switched off the iron and stove. Had you done that, or will you be greeted with a waft of smoke and ashes billowing in the air? Ah, rein in your imagination. You have got it covered!

Image Courtesy of guy likes toast / Reddit

Place it in front of the door or in front of the mirror so that after checking your make up, you will look down at your feet and do a quick mental checklist of the following things. Thanks to this doormat, you can get your millennial life in order.

How About Feeding It?

It’s always a day in the park with this goose on your desktop. Its neck is craning towards your hand, and its beak is begging to nibble something. Give it a snack or two. In case you don’t have worms, water snails, or seeds, give it your set of keys!

Image courtesy of Shut Up and Take My Yen

That should keep it from nibbling on your wires. It’s pretty loyal. And once you feed it, you will find it standing guard by your side for most of the day. It may roam around every now and then, but it will find its way back to your desktop.

Got A Gift For Dad

Dads are pretty difficult to give presents to. They are self-reliant people and usually low-maintenance. As kids, we had thought of giving our dad a wrench set. But we thought a handwritten letter was way better. A wrench set is ergonomic, whereas a letter is heartfelt. This gift, however, characterizes both!

Image Courtesy of Foolish Cheese YT / Reddit

It doesn’t matter if dad doesn’t use nightlights. This is too adorable for him to refuse. It will tickle the handyman’s imagination in him and give him a trickle of light for when he has to go to the bathroom. As you can guess, it is made of LED light, so it shouldn’t consume too much electricity.

Taking Up Sorcery

There are a lot of perks of being a sorcerer. You can bring kingdoms to their knees, place kings on the throne, and protect the people you love. Might we add that you must have a pretty interesting room – filled with potions, smoke, and fizz? Your table will be overloaded with formulas of potions and paperweights such as this!

Image Courtesy of Radioactive bunny rainbow / Reddit

In case you need to make gold out of inert minerals, all you have to do is chip off a piece of this paperweight, drop it into the cauldron, and stir. You will have a couple of bullions of gold in less than a second. It is also beautiful to look at – kind of like having the sunset within the palm of your hands.

Ever Watched Totoro

If there is a timeless classic amongst kids in Japan, it is Studio Ghibli’s list of movies. Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke – all of these have superb aesthetic details. Not to mention, these have enchanting plotlines and poignant lessons to impart.

Image Courtesy of submersed spring / Reddit

Studio Ghibli fans saw one amusing feature on My Neighbor Totoro’s DVD case. When laid horizontally, the DVD would reflect Satsuki and Mei’s silhouette in the stream. That sets the mood for this timeless classic. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, we suggest that you do so soon!

What’s That Smell?

There is nothing sexier than a man who smells like he has just come back from hunting in the wild outdoors. Now, you won’t have to grunt and sweat and put in too much work catching bunnies and deers. All you have to do is rinse and lather up with this soap.

Image Courtesy of Oddity Mall

And you will smell like every woman’s dream fantasy. Men, you will reek of crackling campfire, warm whiskey, and smokeless gunpowder. Get one. Hell, get a year’s supply of Fire In The Hole, Hair of The Dog, Blazing Saddles, and The Gambler from Outlaw Soaps! It is guaranteed to be explosively awesome!