What Is The Best Temperature For Sleeping?

By Shivam B

If you are awake late into the night, there can be a lot of reasons behind it, like too much coffee that leads to a racing mind. Also, a room that does not have the right temperature for sleeping can be one of the reasons for restless nights. No one wishes to sleep in a sweaty or hot mess or as a human ice cube. Considering that, finding the right temperature for sleeping is essential for your health.

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Factors That Can Impact Your Sleep

By now, you must have known that sleeping well is most important for your health. When it comes to sleeping well, the stakes are always high. Poor sleep quality can lead to many chronic illnesses like heart diseases, depression, type 2 diabetes, etc. In addition, how cold or hot your room temperature is, plays a significant role. Let’s see what the best temperature for a night of good sleep is.

Looking For The Right Temperature

Dr. Dasgupta and Dr. Sampat say that temperatures from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is a perfect spot. But with that, you have to consider other parameters as well. If you have any particular health condition which makes you feel cold, it is vital to change the room temperature accordingly.

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Final Words

Maintaining a cool room temperature is essential to eliminate unnecessary health problems. Also, it will help you sleep properly and feel ready the next day to handle anything. Thus, make sure that you maintain the temperature of your bedroom at the perfect level for you.