Why Are People Adding Salt To Their Glass Of Water?

By Divya G

Developing the habit of drinking enough water during your day is not enough to keep healthy. All that water you drink goes out when you pee. Your body is not able to actively contain the water, and it will require minerals to absorb the water.

Source: @fotios-photos / Pexels

Just like most serious problems, the internet has developed a promising solution to this problem too. The fun solution to eradicate this problem is to add a pinch of salt to your water. The concept of having mineral water whenever you want is amazing.

However, adding a pinch of salt to your tap water does not magically turn it into mineral water. 

When you consume this “mineral” water, it will make you feel bloated. And there are several other harms that adding salt to regular water may do to you. 

There are no strict hard and fast rules regarding how much water is ideal for each individual to drink on a regular basis. The kind of activities you perform throughout your day has a direct influence on your water intake. You also need to take into account your weight, height, and your diet.

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On a day when you are conducting a heavy workout, it is best suggested that you drink more water than usual. Also, any kind of underlying health issue will have an impact on the amount of water our body requires.

And don’t worry if you keep running to the bathroom – there are no strong regulations regarding the right number of times an individual can pee.