Windshield Notes Left For Bad Drivers That Are Truly Epic

By Taimoor T

Let’s be honest for a second! People can be really bad at driving, and perhaps one of the biggest things that would annoy anyone would be someone who has the truly infuriating inability to park their vehicle properly. Some go even as far as take up two parking spaces without even thinking of how their behavior would make things difficult for those around them. But hey, we can give you some really cool ideas. If you want to get back to the bad parking guy whose car is parked outside your driveway but don’t want to create a scene, this article might give you some ideas of what to say. We don’t encourage following in their footsteps per se, but they had some pretty nifty ideas.

Celebrating a Poor Parking Job

Sometimes sarcasm is exactly what people need in order to be forced into shifting gears, especially those who just cannot do something as basic as parking between the lines. So this dude here had a habit of parking like a dunce for a very long time.

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Eventually, though, people reacted and went about to do something that was very creative and mildly annoying without being destructive. Clearly these guys outdid themselves and for whatever poor sap owns this car, chances are they might not be parking like this anytime soon.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is famously blind, but he’s made up for his disability by becoming one of the most popular musicians of all time. However, this guy was so mad at seeing a particular parking job that he compared the car owner to Stevie Wonder, pointing out that he must have taken driving lessons from the wrong Steve.

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No offence intended toward the blind, of course! Hopefully, ol’ Stevie wasn’t offended by his remark. After all, he was and is an absolute legend. This guy – not so much. Stevie can’t change his condition, but hopefully this guy has at last been alerted to the fact that he seriously needs to shape up his parking skills.

Total Dirtbag

It is maddening to know that there are people who would use parking spots for the disabled and not even bother about it. There’s a reason those spots have been marked in the first place, and it’s not hard to understand why you shouldn’t fill them.

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This guy, however, saw the entitled jerk hog up a spot he didn’t qualify for and informed him that his actions have been reported to relevant authorities and they will be taking action soon. We think that parking in a handicap zone is a big-no. This guy should have been more cautious.

No Roses For This One

Roses are red, violets are blue…oh, goodness. This certainly didn’t end the way we might have expected! This guy’s parking skills are so bad that the anonymous poet didn’t even bother finishing the cliched poem with any rhythm to it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/KermitTheSnail

Let us know if you want an even better ending to these charming refrains, as we do have some really nice PG-13 ideas. At least he started off with a poem to make the calm before the storm more gentle? Nice touch and also what a classic move.

Happiness Mirage

So you reach your car and just before you unlock the door you see a cute doggo looking at you. At first, you smile and then you read the content and realize that the very same doggo isn’t happy with you.

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Why would you make doggo sad? Why? We give him kudos for the drawing though. This certainly was a creative idea. We appreciate notes with pictures – they always tell the story much better and are less impactful than a mean note scribbled on a ripped piece of paper.

The Angry Potato Army

Now this one is insanely creative because it is a work of art and has definitely taken up a lot of effort. Clearly, this person is not happy to have seen their parking spot captured and chose to do something really cool. 

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These potatoes are a part of a potato clan that is not going to be nice if their overlord’s parking spot is used by an unknown person every again. He obviously has a weird thing for potatoes either he loves them or absolutely detests them.

Thief? Not Really!

Sometimes emergency situations require you to do things illegally. But hey, it is okay if you make up for that. This guy would definitely be a cool dude to hang out with given the fact that he had to siphon a little gas out of another person’s car.

But he was considerate enough to leave money by the windshield along with an explanation for his actions. The world definitely needs more of these people who have this level of honesty. The question is, would you still be uncomfortable with it?

Don’t Park Like A Jerk, Maybe?

This reference pays homage to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” song. This person is clearly a huge fan of the talented singer and used her famous lyrics to let a car owner know that their parking skills aren’t appreciated in this part of town.

You have to wonder if the person reading the note got a little bit excited by the prospects of the note before reading its snappy conclusion. Hopefully, the car owner listens, shapes up, and starts parking like a normal person.

Will The Curse Be Lifted?

This next remark is definitely the coolest because this comment comes from someone who is probably the nicest person you might come across and someone who has a very cool sense of humor. Not to mention, they’re very transparent about their intentions.

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But that doesn’t mean that the said person is happy about their parking spot getting stolen, so they decided to curse the thief in a very unique but funny manner — even if they had to do a quick Google search beforehand. Spot stealer, you have been warned!

Annoying Orange

Okay, so here’s the thing. If you are one of those people who don’t really mind owning flashy things with even flashier colors, we are about to warn you of the consequences. Not everyone is going to fall in love with your sense of style like this gentleman (or lady).

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Clearly people from this particular neighborhood aren’t big fans of people who drive orange cars. And it is quite embarrassing and a little mean that everyone ganged up on this poor car owner. Chill out, everybody; at least the rims aren’t sparkling with neon lights!

Deep-Dive Into Parking

There are those who suck at parking and gobble up space only because they’re not good at it. For such people, a really detailed note is the best way to instruct them, precisely as depicted by this picture. That being said, you might not be quite so prolific.

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The writer definitely went into great detail to tell him where he went wrong and how the driver should park in the future. We really hope it served the purpose. By the looks of it, he could be a teacher or a math tutor.

Not An F1 Track

Some drivers are way too irresponsible and should never be allowed to drive. Take, for example, this guy, who was very politely informed by a stranger that he needs to be just a tad more careful while driving around residential areas.

How nice of whatever company that is to have a ready prepared, professional checklist of driving offenses ready to go. Hopefully, this guy has now stopped driving like he owns a bat-mobile! This note is a nifty idea and he probably uses this for people on a regular basis.

Teaching Manners

It would be so amazing if people started thinking about others before making any decisions. Drivers need to think about the size of their vehicle and the space it takes up before parking in a way that’s going to leave other drivers stuck.

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And this guy was so mad at a driver for parking like a newbie that he left a note that warranted the F word and a sardine reference. Some people just have no patience for stupidity, and frankly, we get it.

Sorry But Not Sorry!

Has it ever happened to you that you rammed your car into another car that was already in a bad shape? So this guy did exactly that, but had a really good excuse to wiggle his way out of paying for damages.

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Conventional wisdom would require you to let the guy know that their car wasn’t really in great shape, to begin with so paying for damage makes no sense. At least the guy said sorry, but somehow, we don’t think this made the owner feel that much better.

The Last Day At Work Guy

Sometimes, you can get your way out of trouble due to your inability to park decently. So this guy had just resigned from a job we’re sure he did not like one little bit and though he admits that the other person parked like a total neanderthal, he was too happy to say anything bad apart from sending a soft warning.

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At least he was in a good mood – we wouldn’t want to catch him on an off day. Sounds like whoever executed this shoddy parking job ought to take this lesson to heart; he’s escaped justice, at least for this once.

The Neighborhood With Horrible Drivers

This neighborhood is definitely housing some terrible drivers who cannot for the life of them…park like decent human beings. It’s apparently enough of a local epidemic that it warranted someone living there taking things to the next level: professionally, of course.

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And one of the residents took matters in his own hands, got some really nice cards printed and has been distributing those to drivers who are simply bad at parking. We give him an A+ for creativity, not to mention it just looks that much more convincing this way.

Smelly Car

Smelly car, what are they feeding you,. Smelly car, smelly car, it’s not your fault (imagine Phoebe singing this one). This unlucky car owner really needs to take the car to the mechanic, sell it, and buy a new one, or just follow the instructions left on the note.

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Also, except for a strange select of few of you out there (you know who you are) the smell of gasoline can never be a good thing. Honestly, we hope this driver was able to fix this mistake, not just for the sake of the rest of the building, but for their own safety!

He Needs Some Paddlin’

Remember that Simpsons meme about “That’s a paddling”? Now this guy’s parking skills are so bad that a bit of paddling is definitely going to make a huge difference. And the person warning him has even taken the time to sketch out an unmistakable likeness of the meme in order to hammer it home.

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Kudos to this guy for being so artistic about his problem with someone who has a habit of taking what he doesn’t own. We appreciate the twist to lighten the harmful words. Good job on this note, and maybe it’s time to seek a career as an animator?

Idiot Of The Month

We know that there are times when you’re in a hurry and you end up parking the wrong way. It happens even to the best of us, and it’s essentially forgivable. But hey, how can you actually park recklessly for one month straight?

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This guy definitely deserves to be called out for acting like a total tool and needs some serious paddlin’ for every day he parked wrong. We’re surprised his car didn’t get towed. Don’t be like this guy, he must be the most hated person in his building!

Angry Santa

So this guy parked his truck in a space that was designated for a small car. Santa was around and saw that and did not like it one little bit so he simply left a note. If Santa cannot park his sleigh there, then how could you?

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This guy is definitely not getting anything good for Christmas. He better stay away from the milk and cookies too or else he won’t get any presents. Let’s hope that he got what was due for him for the holidays.

Not A Ticket

Imagine coming back to your car and seeing a note fixed underneath the wipers! First thought would be that it is a ticket. Fortunately for this guy, that wasn’t the case, even though he deserved one or two for such a poor parking job that warranted a stranger to troll him.

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This is a pretty neat idea though. We have to give him that! We were even fooled by that paper. From a distance, it would have given us a heart attack! The message is very to the point, but maybe it’s not clear enough so that the guy who did the parking job got the point?

The Creepy Van

If you ever see an odd-looking van parked outside your home, you would definitely feel more than a little insecure. This guy was not taking any risks and just asked the owner of the creepy van to take his business elsewhere.

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That’s what you get for watching way too many creepy movies. Maybe he’s a big horror/thriller fan. Although he didn’t get a kick out of this guy’s move at all! At least he’s willing to admit that he has a penchant for being a bit nervous.

Bread + Advice

Some people don’t like conforming and even feel bad when it comes to discussing things that they don’t like. This person thought that they should politely ask the car owner to stop parking in their spot but in order to not come off as mean, gave some free bread.

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We’re sure that bread wasn’t edible after being placed there but hey they’re great for the birds right? In fact, that’s probably precisely what this prankster had in mind: summoning an entire swarm of pigeons to devour the bread and then leave a nasty surprise all over that windshield.

One Baby Wipe For Every Deviant

So this guy had his car window unfortunately smashed open and he knew that people in his neighborhood might want to take a peek if there was anything valuable inside. Turns out that there wasn’t much to steal inside the car.

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However, anticipating that there may be more than a few curious ‘customers’, the guy did leave wipes and reusable bags in case someone needed those but told potential deviants to use only one wipe. You are a legend. And a generous one at that too!

The Car That Needed Cleaning

So we’re continuing with some of the most sarcastic and hilariously bitter comments left on cars and this one really takes the cake here. Basically, the anonymous writer is trying to let the driver know that perhaps because his parking skills are so stinky, it would be the same for his car.

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So, the guy leaves a nice air freshener on the hood, which isn’t the worst thing to do…some might even call it helpful! We take our hat off to these Good Samaritans, leading by example, showing the worst parkers out there how to change their ways through the giving of gifts.

Love Was In The Air

You might never know what happens on top of your car while you’re away. Animals don’t really need a place to…you know…do their business, so a car is as great an option as an alleyway. After all, they know no shame.

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This guy, even though it wasn’t necessary, thought it would be nice to inform the car owner that a bunch of squirrels felt like getting down and dirty on top of a car they can’t even operate. But hey, when the urge strikes, nothing will stop those rodents.

A Car No One Would Want To Steal

As bad cars go, we’re sure that no one is ever going to consider stealing an Acura. Honestly, though, the car isn’t that bad. But why would you even consider setting up an alarm system on a car that no one would bother stealing?

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Imagine how annoying it would be if you were woken up at 3:00 AM by the sound of a car alarm only to grunt in your jammies something like, “Who on Earth needs to secure an Acura?” Clearly more than a few local residents agree.

Futurama Guys Aren’t Happy

It might require some effort and serious talent but artistic sketches as comments really get the point across. This guy saw someone park so badly that he or she couldn’t resist the urge to let the driver know that it wasn’t cool.

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With the help of an exasperated Dr. Zoidberg, this line from Futurama hits the nail on the head because it is spot on, and we’re hopeful that the horrible parking job expert is now more mindful of how they park their car.

The Lannisters Always Pay Their Debts

Who wouldn’t like a nice Game of Thrones reference suddenly tossed into the midst of their daily routine? One of the most-watched shows in television history has some really catchy lines and a few of those can be used to warn bad drivers.

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This one, for instance, is simple, but very subtly lets the car owner know that they can always expect people to pay their debts. So the person who is flirting with the wrath of the Lannisters should know that the day of reckoning might be just around the corner.

The Good Samaritan

There are times when someone hits your car and doesn’t have the decency to make amends. And then there are truly horrible people who know what happened but don’t really care and mind their own business. This person was different.

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After seeing someone backing their car into another person’s car, they laid out all the details about the incident so that the poor car owner’s life could become just a little easier. Thank you for helping justice be properly served.

I Pretend Therefore I Am

So how do you run away from a situation where you know everyone’s eyes are on you? This guy made sure that he avoided confrontation with a random stranger. He figured that was not the best of options so he went on to do something that is hilarious.

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Cruel but funny nonetheless! The guy basically pretended that he was writing his details so that onlookers wouldn’t confront him before apologizing for playing the pretend game. Also….we feel that given that spelling mistake, apparently being honest isn’t the only thing Jack isn’t good at.

The Wrath Of Optimus Prime

The famous movie franchise seems to be a really good warning as well for those who park like blithering idiots. Imagine parking wrong only to find out that Optimus has ordered his Autobots to get ready for an all-out war against someone who needs a firm lesson on how to park a car.

Image courtesy of The Sun

We like how people leave movie or TV show references on badly parked cars in order to lighten up the mood. Bad drivers also need a lesson in their driving but it doesn’t have to rub them the wrong way. We like what the person did here – good job on not using swear words!

Harsh Lesson

When someone parks in two spots, there’s a chance that their car might get bumped. That is what happened to this individual and the guy who caused all the mayhem wasn’t even sorry about it. He wasn’t, after all, the original offender.

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Turns out, the guy admitted that he wanted to teach the poor parking space hero a lesson and even chose to ruin his car as much as possible for future reference. It’s harsh, but sometimes you have to get burned in order to understand not to touch the stove!

Staying In Line

It is true that coloring activities are meant to help toddlers understand how to color right in confined spaces. And could it be that perhaps people who didn’t color enough as a child will see some serious impact to their developmental skills later on in life? This person did.

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Guess this is what we should be teaching poor drivers, since they really have trouble staying in line whether it’s parking the car or driving on the freeway where they have this weird tendency to drive literally in the middle of a line.

To The Point

When you don’t have enough time but feel it is imperative to let them know how bad they are parking, you have to do something, right? This lady is a superhero for taking a stand against a jerk who just cannot park like a decent human being.

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You, ma’am, have our respect! At least she was able to voice her opinion. Others would be doubtful or even scared to express themselves. Not to mention, she took a snapshot of herself with her sign first, boldly unafraid. Good job, girl!

Vaseline And Door Handles

This is something that is more of a tip for whoever is reading this. If you have someone in your life who has this bad habit of taking up your spot, you can always rub some Vaseline on their door handles and wipers for good measure rather than calling a tow truck.

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If that doesn’t work out, the tow truck should do the trick. At least he gave him a warning before doing it! Now that’s a gentleman. This plan is absolutely diabolical, and we’re willing to bet the driver in question was terrified into submission.

Flashy Cars Don’t Make Great Drivers

Just because you have a nice car doesn’t give you the right to park like you own the damn world. But it is not nice to ruin a nice car, so this fella decided to let the guy know how his bad parking inconvenienced him in a rather unexpected way.

The park job made the poor bystander end up wasting good ice cream before warning the Nissan Altima owner that he would have some serious paint job to do if he continued this path towards self-importance. It was high time for a reality check.

Another Inconsiderate Soul

We all know how tiring it is to shovel snow out of the driveway, so imagine how pissed off this guy was when his efforts resulted in an unknown person parking their car in the spot they probably spent hours clearing.

Image courtesy of

A simple note, effective, to the point, and hopefully forces the guy into being a little more considerate in the future. This has got to be one of the worst drivers out there. Come on, dude, winter etiquette is a thing!

The Club Of Clubs

Who wouldn’t like to see an invitation wrapped around their wipers? It could be a great way to get to know people in your neighborhood a whole lot better! Only this time, this is no true invitation, but rather, it’s a false dawn.

Image courtesy of

Starting with an invitation, the note ends up admonishing the beetle owner for being the biggest ass in town for parking like an even bigger ass in the club belonging to the “Park like an ass club”…creative! At least he’s an honorary member of something.

The Artsy Guy

So this guy took inspiration from the 1999 cult comedy Office Space to drive home a point which we hope was understood. Of course, the person leaving the note might want to take the opportunity to sharpen his drawing skills, but that’s beside the point.

Image courtesy of

The film’s reference really covers a very mundane moment of people parking like clowns along with a really great artistic description. That stick man was a nice touch — at least he tried his best to inflict as little hate as possible!

Sympathy And Curse All In One Deal

So this car owner’s bad alarm ruined the whole night for his neighbor, who first offered a few words of wisdom that were genuinely heartfelt and seemed as if those were coming from a good place. Then came quite the plot twist.

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The next portion of the note was the man cursing the car owner and his pet just so they can experience the misery he has been experiencing for what we think…has been going on for quite a while. Get it all out!

The Liam Neeson Fan

If you’ve seen the film Taken, then you know that Liam Neeson’s character has no money, but has a very unique set of skills that would make the most degenerate people on earth cower in fear. And that was the intended reaction here.

Image courtesy of

This guy wasn’t happy with how this car owner parked like a maniac so the owner (and we’re sure he is a total bad-ass) ended the note with a warning that wasn’t graphic but effective. We wouldn’t want to see him on his off day.

The Bad Parking Card Guy

This guy took things to a whole new level by informing the car owner via a business card template note stating that they really need to learn how to park. In fact, it would seem this guy’s parking skills are so out of whack that he ought to abandon driving altogether.

Image courtesy of

Okay, so maybe getting this rather professional print job might have cost a few bucks but hey, at least it was clear and to the point! We think that the drivers who received this need to take a bus or any kind of public transportation.

The Broke Soul

Sometimes, it doesn’t rain….it literally pours. Life gives you lemons and then grapefruits, so yeah….we’ve all been there right? Sometimes, people aren’t bad drivers, but they would be perceived as such by traffic enforcement. And that’s where this person felt the need to speak up.

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This guy stuck a note on his windscreen as a call for sympathy given the fact that he had no money, already had three parking tickets and was waiting for his new sticker to arrive. Hopefully, the traffic warden showed some mercy.

Y’er A Meme Now

Remember those Y U NO memes when the world was a far better place than it is today? Wow, isn’t this remarkably simple and even archaic meme format a really nice way to show anger and frustration at someone who simply cannot park normally?

Image courtesy of

This meme is intelligent, and manages to convey anger along with humor at the same time so it gets a 10/10 from our side. It’s still less angry compared to other notes that we’ve seen. The guy (or girl) who left the note must be a millennial or a younger person.

The Ice Door

There are times when the temperature drops so violently that your car doors refuse to open for you. But that might not stop the traffic warden from issuing a ticket, since they wouldn’t know why you parked your car like someone who’s not good at parking.

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For such cases, the comment is a good way to give a heads up and avoid all the drama. At least there was nothing he could do about it and he was honest about it! Ah, the joys of living in places where winter is truly something to look out for.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes it’s pointless to waste your breath and creativity on people who don’t have it in them to learn a lesson in the first place. This guy simply told the nasty offender to stop blocking the pavement by parking horribly.

Image courtesy of

But we’re not too sure if it was that effective, given the fact that the car owner’s tendency to block the pavement means that he has zero attention span. It seems perhaps that something a bit more creative might have really caused the learning to sink in, no?

Carving Out Of Snow

Known for being as much a source of joy as it is of aggravation, snow can be a really good thing, given the fact that you can create so much out of it. This guy saw the opportunity to use snow for a public service message aimed at one person.

Image courtesy of

Effective, clean and harmless. But hopefully, it has made things clear to the guy who needs to start parking better. At least it wasn’t drawn with a permanent marker, that’s one pro! The question is, will he receive the message before it melts?

Be Scared Of The Monster Truck

You would be absolutely stupid if you think that you can mess with a monster truck owner and get away with it. This guy apparently owns a monster truck and has warned the car owner that taking out his spot might result in his car being squashed like a can of Pepsi.

Image courtesy of

We’d go ahead and wager that the lesson has been learned. After all, that threat is pretty grave – we definitely wouldn’t want to be in this guy’s shoes! He’s fixing to tango with the wrong kind of car owner, that’s for sure.

Sarcasm At Its Best

Why oh why would you park in the middle of a line? We mean, you do know the concept of two lines in a parking lot, right? This person must not have understood this most basic concept, and it’s nothing short of baffling.

Image courtesy of

It is unbelievable that this car owner parked right at the center of a parking line, so a passerby or a disgruntled car owner perhaps drew a parking spot which was basically a highly intelligent form of sarcasm which we’re sure was not understood. Because if it was really understood, the car owner wouldn’t be parking like an idiot.

Yo Man….Stop Doin’ It!

Sometimes it is better to use the whole windshield to get the message across. People would mostly look at a note and throw it away without reading the contents. The person seeking to punish this driver was taking no prisoners.

Image courtesy of

This guy used a bold marker to let the car owner know (by referring him as dogg) that it isn’t cool to continue parking in his spot. We understand that’s lingo for “bro” but this man wasn’t using the word “dogg” in a friendly way.

You Should Feel Bad

It isn’t nice if you continue parking like a horrible person if you drive a really nice and expensive car. This affectee of poor parking was very angry that his neighbor kept parking in two spots and recommended taking up parking lessons.

Image courtesy of

We understand the frustration because the guy’s grandma will find it hard to park the car when she comes over. And honestly, judging by what kind of car it is, they really could use that money somewhat more wisely — towards investing in their own knowledge.

Grumpy Cat Is Not Impressed

So why would you offend Grumpy Cat? This person must own 10 cats and talk to them every day if their first thought was to use a Grumpy Cat reference to best warn this errant driver. Or maybe they actually hate cats?

Image courtesy of

This person drew a really nice picture of the famous cat to let the owner know that their parking skills aren’t appreciated at all before going on to warn that if it ever happens again, Grumpy Cat will be bringing in a tow truck. Imagine the cat driving the truck itself!

Sarcastic Shaming

Sometimes you can’t help but use profanity and a bit of vulgarity to send your message across loud and clear. But that isn’t the only option. Look at what this family came up with when a driver showed poor driving skills on a regular basis.

Image courtesy of

Clearly this is the best recipe to help deal with such situations…a touch of anger, a whole bowl of sarcasm and a proverbial back of the hand to make the other person’s ears turn red. Knowing they’ve inspired hate might just be the kick they need to change their ways.

The Hero This City Deserves?

Not all bad parking jobs are a bad thing, you know! Or perhaps you should always take something positive out of something that is not really cool. The secret to remaining upbeat is finding the silver lining even in a crummy situation.

Image courtesy of

Take, for example, this guy, who finally got the chance to live like a movie star and slide across the hood of a car whose owner just doesn’t have the time to park properly and therefore gets what he deserves. It is awesome, we agree!

The Not My Fault Guy

Guys, it’s totally fine if you accidentally bump into someone’s car. It has happened to all of us. Owning up to it, particularly if you’ve actually caused charm to the vehicle, is the right thing to do and a big part of showing you’re an adult.

Image courtesy of

But the worst thing about some drivers is that even if an accident is their fault, they would never own up to it like this guy, who thinks that he is entitled to compensation from the guy whose car he hit whether or not that guy parked like a jerk.

Insensitive Remark

Being deaf and blind did not stop Helen Keller from becoming a successful author and an even greater humanitarian. In fact, she’s one of the most inspiring figures in modern history for the incredible things she did despite her handicaps.

Image courtesy of

While she left us over half a century ago, she’s still spoken about with a lot of respect and great reverence. So this guy using a Helen Keller reference is not a nice thing at all, but yeah, we do admit that it is a little funny. But hey….please don’t bring great human beings into such comments. Be a bit more creative please?

Hogging Up Spots

It really ticks us off when someone parks in a way that they simply gobble down more than one parking spot. Every now and then, you might bump into someone who would not simmer and curse you in an undertone when you park like a total tool.

Image courtesy of Amazon Inc.

For this person, the guy left a note that is full of sarcasm which we find really funny because the reference is so on point! It’s a good reminder to put things into perspective, and to know that you may have gotten away with it this time, but that won’t work everywhere.