You don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit. Learn how

By Toby Tunwase

Most people think that the only way to physical fitness and getting the body shape they desire is through spending quality time at the gym. It is alright to spend the time you want at the gym getting fit, but this is not the only way to achieve fitness. You can stay just as fit or in shape even when you don’t leave the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is some simple research to come up with some exciting workout schedule that doesn’t require you going to a workout facility. These workouts don’t also require you spending your money on any expensive workout equipment. All you need is a floor, a willing spirit, and to keep to your own planned workout schedule. This exercise requires the use of your body weight to make your workout strenuous and adaptive.

Benefits of training at home

Getting fit without the gym

You could start with some exercise aimed at improving your cardio for at least thirty minutes per day and three days per week. This can be done by running, working aerobics, jumping rope. In between cardio you could do some strength training, taking turns between your lower and upper body: pushups, arm curls, dips, pull-ups, various types of squats, lunges, row, crunches, and, sit-ups; this exercise helps in building upper and lower body strength

If your excuse is that you are not able to afford a gym membership or lack of time for the gym, here is an excellent alternative to both reasons. You can be just as fit as you want to be, and it doesn’t require a gym.