The Benefits Of Water For The Body

By Toby Tunwase

Water, they say, is life.  Staying hydrated daily is a necessity, but unfortunately, a lot of us aren’t drinking enough it. Many vital functions in the body need water. These functions include flushing out waste from the body, regulating body temperature, and helping with brain function.

Photo by Nigel Msipa/Unsplash

Here are the many benefits of drinking water:

It helps form saliva

Water is a significant component when it comes to saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that are essential in breaking down food, and it also keeps the mouth clean. Drinking water in place of sugary drinks also helps to prevent tooth decay.

It protects tissues, spinal cord, and joints

Drinking water lubricates and cushions the joints, tissues, and spinal cord. The body can suffer from joint pain if there is a lack of a sufficient water supply to the body.

It helps the body remove waste

The body needs water to sweat, urinate, and defecate. It also allows your kidneys to remove harmful and toxic debris from the blood.

It helps digestion

Photo by Johnny McClung/Unsplash

Drinking water before and after a meal helps your body break down the food you eat with more ease, and this allows nutrients to be absorbed in your body.

Weight loss

Drinking lots of water can aid in helping you to lose weight. When you drink water, you feel satiated (have a sense of fullness). In addition, it increases metabolism, which causes more calories to be burned.

Every person should drink enough water in order to stay hydrated because even mild dehydration can cause headaches, and severe dehydration can result in losing consciousness. So, take a bottle of water with you on the go, and keep track of your water intake.